Molly: You don't even care about school.

Triple A: No, I just don't only care about school.

Molly: It's fun your mom thinks we're boning.

Amy: It isn't you who has to deal with their awkward looks when I say that I'm going to the library with you and I'm actually going to the library with you.

Motivational Voice: Fuck those losers. Fuck them right in their stupid fucking faces.

Amy: We'll probably just do a Korean face-mask.

Charmaine: I don't need to know all the words.

Amy: Time for us to do what we do best.

Molly: What's that?

Amy: Motherfucking homework.

[Amy is being put into a police car by a cop]

Amy: Shotgun! Just kidding. I don't have one.

Jared: Prepare to get bashed! In a fun way, like consensually bashed, I mean. Consensually bashed, it should say. Prepare to get consensually bashed.

Triple A: I'm incredible at hand-jobs but I also got a fifteen-sixty on the SATs.

Molly: You can make yourself cum using only your mind? That's like the one thing my mind can't do.

Molly: Amy, do you know how many girls are gonna be up your vagina next year? Every time I come visit you, you're gonna be scissoring a different girl.

Amy: Dude, scissoring is not a thing.

Molly: Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Amy: It's not a thing.

Molly: Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Amy: I'm not knocking it, I'm just saying it isn't a thing.

Molly: How about you don't knock it until you've tried it?

Theo: Can I see you again?

Miss Fine: Good luck at Google next year.

[Miss Fine leaves as Triple A approaches]

Triple A: Did you fuck Miss Fine?

Molly: We haven't done anything. We haven't broken any rules.

Amy: Yes we have. We have fake IDs.

Molly: Fake college IDs, so we can get into the library early.

Amy: Name one person whose life was so much better because they broke a couple of rules.

Molly: Picaso.

Amy: He broke art rules.

Molly: Rosa Parks.

Amy: Name another one.

Molly: Susan B. Anthony.

Amy: God dammit.

Principal Brown: There's nothing more exciting and daunting than the blank page. Oh, that's good. Maybe I'll do a book of quotes.

[He starts recording on his phone]

Principal Brown: There's nothing more exciting or daunting than the blank page.

Triple A: Can you not call me Triple A at college next year?

Molly: Sure... Annabelle.

Triple A: Ew, fuck. Not now.

Molly: You failed the seventh grade twice.

Theo: Rule of threes.

Jared: Can I get a "what what"?

Amy: Oh my god.

[Amy and Molly pop up in the back of Pat's car, using their hair as masks, and scream]

Pat the Pizza Guy: What the fuck is this?

Molly: We ask the questions!

Molly: Dude, you were so scary.

Amy: If you were actually a criminal, you'd be the best criminal in Los Angeles.

Molly: We missed out. We didn't go to parties because we wanted to focus on school and get into good colleges.

Amy: And it worked!

Molly: We are not one-dimensional. We are smart and fun!

Molly: Nobody knows we're fun.

[Amy shows Molly how to use mace]

Amy: Mace. Listen, it is very important that you keep the safety...

[the mace sprays past Molly's face]

Molly: Oh. Amy!

[Molly runs out of the room]

Amy: This wasn't on. Don't touch your eyes!

Molly: This is not a time to celebrate, let's go to a party tonight.

Gigi: I'm a Golden Starfish!

[Falls into a swimming pool]

Molly: Gigi, where the fuck you going to school next year?

Gigi: Don't judge me. It was my fifth choice: Harvard.

Amy: [about Jared and Gigi after they arrived at school] Here comes the 1%.

Jared: Sorry I'm late. Traffic was nuts.