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  • jjohns57-186-88606111 December 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    What I loved best about this movie was the fact that it took place in New Orleans. From the surroundings to the music to the characters seemed pretty authentic to me having visited a few times in my life. I am in love with the south but a northern city boy at heart.

    As far as the move goes it was just okay for me. It is in sorts a weird thriller/drama/mystery type of movie. The characters were good and I especially liked Lake Bell and Josh Lucas. Terrence Howard played a weirdo but complimented the overall movie.

    This movie is about the murder of a young woman, a mentally challenged brother that was blamed for it, but really a plot to cover this (is what they make you think it is about) and a lonely detective that cannot let the past go and grows to love this woman he trying to help (dead of course).

    Overall, 5 out of 10. There are far better ones out there in this genre but wasn't as bad as some I have seen as well.
  • Set in New Orleans, this film is a strange mixture of genres -- part film noir and part ghost story. Josh Lucas plays a detective, guilt-ridden over the shooting of an innocent boy by mistake. He is assigned to a stakeout in an empty house across the street from a suspect, Terrence Howard, who is possibly implicated in a number of bizarre serial killings. The detective soon discovers that the stakeout house has a reputation in the neighborhood of being haunted. A young female musician was murdered there several years earlier, allegedly by her own brother, who has been placed in an asylum for the criminally insane. When the detective discovers he is able to see, hear, and even touch the ghost of this murdered woman, played by Lake Bell, he realizes that she can only find rest if he can find her real killer and thus set the brother (Nick Lashaway) free. Deborah Ann Woll (of "True Blood") and Sharon Leal play friends of the murdered woman, and as such, their own lives may be in jeopardy. Cary Elwes stands out as the villainous owner of a country club that may be a front for drug trading. The movie is an atmospheric indie thriller that manages to be both suspenseful and moderately entertaining, thanks to sterling performances from Josh Lucas and Terrence Howard. Thus far, its only DVD releases that I'm aware of have been in Germany and Australia. Hopefully, it will be available in the U.S. before long.
  • The opening scene reveals the problem with this film - if it was a home-made film, ala the Blair Witch project, it might be more forgivable, but even indie films should be able to do better camera work than this, better directing. It's particularly tragic as a supernatural mystery film in New Orleans sounds so good and the scenery was downgraded by the truly poor production - almost as if the director, cameramen and production crew were entirely trashed throughout filming. I liked the plot, the casting and though I'd watch a film just for Josh Lucas, here his acting was spotty (fading in and out of character, too blatant to be passed off by the character development that did happen) he was far outmatched by Terrence Howard. Deborah Woll and Cary Elwes are fun in their supporting roles and it's always good to see those two. Lake Bell is very pretty - not going to win any acting awards for this - but she didn't ruin the film. I'd say the cast must not have been overly inspired - hope nobody else gives this director a shot. What a shame because this could have been a much better film. Still, definitely worth watching if you're going to bed anyway and are watching it for free.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's as if they took a plot from James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels and mixed up the names a bit and actually made a pretty decent movie. Terrance Howard is brilliant as the neighbor across the street who spouts Shakespearean 50's noir into a mini tape recorder. It doesn't take long to figure his importance in the plot. He & Josh Lucus carry the load in this one. Lucus serves it well as the very good but very drunk most of the time cop, because I shot a kid by mistake during a ampt up perp chase that he mistakenly walked in behind me on and I must drink mass quantities of bad liquor to hide my quilt but I still dream about it so set me up again bar keep! He sees the ghost while on a stake out, thinks its his drunken hallucination. He soon realizes it is the ghost of a murdered, beautiful singer (Lake Bell, doing her best) who begs him to solve her murder. He is also suspicious & therefore checking out Terrance for some reason or another. They become friendly and the serial killer keeps killing and Lucus begins his sobriety to find the murderer of the pretty girl, then stumbles along into the serial killer killings. With a number of characters, including Gary Elwes trying hard with the southern accent as the heavy. We have a number of suspects for both crimes. But, we all know who's who & what's what. The movie moves into a nice little film noir type mystery the bobs and weaves like the best of them. The director moves it along, doesn't waste space or time, the photographer is pretty good, sometimes the lighting gets a bit off, but nothing serious, the script is top notch I thought. Sure a few flaws, but an enjoyable who done it!