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  • Girlfriends Films apparently throws vignettes randomly into the sequencer machine to come up with these DVDs, not compilations in a retread meaning of that term but rather haphazard programs.

    This 11th edition (I just received the 59th one for my collection, and counting) has icon Deauxma as well as the lesser-known Kelly Kline both serving double duty, playing different older characters in two vignettes each. It's more confusing than interesting to see them pop up again, going through the same tedious Sapphic motions (smooch, lick, suck, finger, repeat) over again.

    Lengthiest segment, lasting nearly an hour, has Kelly and young Lauren Lee out shopping in an MOS S.O.L.I. (sorry for the inside movies jargon/acronym action), then heading to the bedroom Girlfriends Films cliché style to try on their duds and hump. Neither actress is beautiful and to call this filler would be an understatement.

    No sooner does the orgasm session end than Kelly is back as a different character in what might be termed a generational IR exercise. An uncredited older lady kisses Kelly goodbye and leaves, allowing Kelly to hump young Black girl Melrose Foxx. Ethinicity may have changed but the content plays rather closely to the previous Kelly hour. Sloppiness and confusion reign supreme as actress Melrose is billed on-screen as just "Suzi" or spelled differently in the scene by scene Menu on the DVD as "Suzy".

    Deauxma is quite soft-spoken, but carries big tits as she reigns in book-ending segments to open and close the show, each time cast opposite utterly beautiful actresses (only amplifying the decidedly horse-faced countenance of the label's resident Road Queen. Kayla (see: "Women Seeking Women 11" has an uncredited NonSex role as a young woman living with Big D. (as usual, their relationship is left unstated) complains that a fellow student made unwelcome advances to her.

    Deauxma visits the perpetrator while the girl's mother is away from their mansion, tells blonde Sam Ryan to stop it, and then humps her instead. Big D. wields a mighty strap-on dildo much to Sam's pleasure, but not before squirting up a storm. I especially enjoyed how Sam, a personal favorite of mine, artfully dodges being hit by the liquid emanating from D's pussy, be it urine or mere Poland Spring left up to the discretion of the fans.

    D. climaxes, pardon the pun, the DVD by appearing as a different MILF, this time living with her frequent Girlfriends teammate Brianna Love. She lends a sympathetic ear and shoulder to Brianna's tale of unrequited crush on fellow schoolgirl Jessica, and then assuages B's romantic yearnings by sensually humping the sweet young thing. The only question here is which actress is more beautiful: Brianna or Samantha? I love them both, especially when they're cast in better roles than here.