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  • For the first time in nearly 3 years i can finally say something that's modern and in this century has made me laugh i cant get over how amazingly blunt the jokes are in the show , and that's what i think the writers went for in this film BLUNTNESS , every joke in the film hits you like a ton of bricks there isn't one scene that didn't have me in fits of laughter it was just fantastic. Jason Bateman again showing the world he can act and telling his critics to go swivel on his middle finger by how great he was in horrible bosses.

    I personally rated every single actor in this film as Grade A , the acting was just superb! If you want a good laugh and a good night out go and see horrible bosses , best 8 pounds 50 I've ever spent! Oh on a side note , something totally off topic! As the film ended in the cinema i got up and went down the stairs leading out of the cinema , i looked back for my mate who was taking his time , and everyone was still sat down watching the blooper reel , when it ended everyone saw me alone at the bottom of the stairs noticed my T-SHIRT and i quote my T-SHIRT SAYS! FAT PEOPLE ARE HARD TO KIDNAP.

    Entire cinema laughed! :) Great day Great Film , Great Audience.
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  • Those who think Hollywood is no longer capable of creating a funny comedy for adults need not worry, as "Horrible Bosses" is proof that that increasingly rare phenomenon can still happen.

    "Horrible Bosses" is one of those comedies like the classic "Ruthless People," in which an outrageous and dark premise works because of good writing and an ensemble that knows exactly how to handle the material for maximum comedic value. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day play the requisite straight man, alpha male and dumbass, respectively, that male buddy comedies need, while Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell (sadly underused) play the titular bosses. All of them have a field day with their roles, and Aniston especially stands out because of the film's decision to cast her against type as a slutty, foul-mouthed sex kitten; you can almost hear Aniston sighing with relief as she gets to play something other than the cute-as-a-button girl next door.

    As with most comedies, whether or not you think "Horrible Bosses" is funny will probably depend simply on whether or not you think the actors are funny. Charlie Day, for example, will likely drive some people crazy -- I thought he was hilarious.

    Grade: A
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  • Just got back from a press screening. Horrible Bosses is an easy to relate to comedy that keeps you engaged and amused all the way. Some great scenes involving crude/sexual/racial humor that catch you off guard and have you rolling. The plot is a little forced, as was the ending, which is partially forgivable in the case of a comedy, as long as it makes you laugh. Seeing Kevin Spacey play asshole boss brought back fond memories (Swimming With Sharks), he pulls it off very well. Jennifer Aniston very outside her standard girly role, and it was awesome. Charlie Day was amazing, and resembles his character in always Sunny in Philly (personal fav). Overall, not quite for the collection, but definitely worthwhile a trip to the movie theater!
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  • Murder. Car chases. Scandal. Rape. Conspiracy. Blackmail. Revenge. These are usually the key words to a suspenseful drama, but in this case are applied to a dark comedy that is relentless, chaotic, and just as funny as advertised. Horrible Bosses is the type of movie that would make Danny DeVito proud, as it blends a fun plot full of fun twists with standout comedic performances, plenty of surprises, and the inability to ever become predictable. Unlike most recent R-rated comedies, this film is raunchy without truly crossing the line, profane without becoming redundant and outrageous without becoming tedious. Don't look now but this movie is legitimately funny, and among the better comedies released in quite some time.

    Horrible Bosses is about three average joes (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis) that are stuck on their job with awful bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Ferrell) all for different reasons. After all three reach their breaking point, they decide that their lives would be better if their bosses ceased to exist. What follows is their hilarious efforts in finding a way to get it done without getting caught. The premise was promising and thanks to a fresh script by Michael Markovitz, John Daly, and Jonathan Goldstein, the potential was indeed delivered—although not in the ways you'd expect.

    The cast is hands-down the standout reason why this movie works. As a matter of fact its also its one minor flaw because we have tons of talent that were not utilized enough because some of the performances were so hilarious in the minimal material given. The bosses themselves were convincingly awful, especially the always-reliable Kevin Spacey as this sadistic, manipulative, and extremely cruel president of a company. Colin Ferrell and Jennifer Aniston step out of their usual roles and surprisingly deliver plenty of laughs with their own cruelly aggressive mannerisms. The main three also provided plenty of laughs and played off each other perfectly well, with Charlie Day being the best of the three. Day's experience with the mildly-dark "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" definitely shows off here, as his whiny and high-pitched voice perfectly matches his character persona and offers the most laughs and one-liners.

    Seth Gordon's resume as director has been an interesting one; ranging from the enjoyable Fistful of Quarters to the weak-weak Four Christmases. In here, he keeps the pace constantly quick, constantly throws a crazy scenario to pit our heroes in, and never gives you a chance to breathe and realize how preposterous this movie really is. The movie's raunchiness is matched by its grim sense of humor—you need a dark strong heart to laugh at some of the mean-spirited shtick that is embedded in the 100 minute timeframe. In this movie, nobody is safe, and you never know just what might happen next. Unpredictability is essential in comedy, and the best part of Horrible Bosses is how it can remain one step ahead of you while still giving plenty to laugh about. We are laughing at our heroes but secretly we are definitely rooting for them too. Yes folks, you will secretly be hoping that they do indeed do the dirty deed.

    Bottom Line: The talent pool runs deep here, and is the main reason why the film works. Luckily for us and the cast, they also got to work with great pacing, a fun script, and fresh dark humor that can inject life in this dismal summer season. The underrated talent of Sudekis, Day, and Bateman continue to quietly shine in Hollywood as they are hilarious from the first second to the closing credits. But let's not forget the triple-villain team of Aniston, Spacey, and Ferrell, which infused even more humor (and craziness) into the comedy. To sum it up, the film works in its dark manner, as Horrible Bosses never takes itself seriously, but you'll be too deep into laughter to notice the difference. The movie is dark as the movie earned its R rating easily, but if you can handle it you are in for a uproarious ride. Keep an eye on this one, as it is one of the best summer surprises in recent years.
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  • andyudis26 June 2011
    Lots of twists and turns in this surprising comedy. At first you'll think you know what's going to happen -- but wait, and watch the movie to the very end, including the credits. Several in this extraordinary cast (perhaps especially Jennifer Aniston) step outside their "comfort zone" and display aspects of their personalities and acting skills that may surprise you. I find it difficult to impossible to say which actor is "best" only because so many of them are extremely good.

    The "R" rating for this movie is for real, and is about the language in particular (when you have a character whose very name can't be mentioned in the trailers and reviews you know you're in that territory). Many qualities of this movie (including the screenplay, the directing and editing, and the superb original score) had to come together for it to be as good as it is -- and they do.
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  • MovieBuff2610 July 2011
    2 words can describe Horrible Bosses and those two words are Must See! Horrible Bosses is definitively a change from those predictable comedy movies and you will get your money's worth if you go and see it.

    The cast is this film is just so extraordinary it's to hard to pick one favorite. I loved Charlie Day's character in this film as he is always fun to watch. Jennifer Aniston's character was so sexy to watch that any young man would show some interest. As it was said before it was good to see her do something new and she nailed every sexy/dirty line. Another character I loved partially because he usually never does comedies was Colin Farrells as the coke head boss. He really went out did himself for it and it shows.

    The script in this movie was so well done and had some really raunchy and crude things in there but it was acted and portrayed so well it made it even the more better. The dirty and sexual dialog was hilarious, it was hard not to laugh and it showed they weren't afraid to hold anything back.

    This movie is a great summer flick and I highly recommend this comedy. The cast and their characters will really get you going and they might shock you a little but it will be all worth it in the end.
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  • melseele18 January 2013
    I loved this movie! It kept me laughing through the whole movie. I loved that Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston both played characters outside their norm. In fact, when I first say Bobby, it took me a moment and another scene with Bobby for me to realize that it was Colin! I read that Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughy, and Ashton Kutcher were all considered for this movie and I am so glad that they weren't part of this movie. All of the actors in this film were perfect for this movie and the acting was superb! This is a movie that should be watched for the entertainment factor and when you just need a great laugh. Plus, who can't relate to having a horrible boss and dream of getting rid of them? If you enjoyed this movie with Jason Bateman, then I recommend that you watch The Switch, which he also stars in and is another greatly entertaining movie.
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  • TourettesPersonal30 September 2011
    Horrible Bosses is too crazy for a dark comedy. We all know killing your boss is a cruel idea but in this film they're making it a joke. Despite from its cruelness, Horrible Bosses isn't horrible at all. It's undeniably hilarious. Too much fun by the performance of the cast. Horrible Bosses doesn't have a lot of gumption to its dark premise but it's all about the comedy. This is just a little comedy that you will enjoy all the time.

    The beginning of the film shows how horrible their bosses are. It's pretty reasonable why they wanted to kill them. But what's fascinating here is how the main three had a perfect chemistry to their horrible bosses. Especially when it comes to Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston. Charlie Day made his role too innocent to get sexualized by Jennifer Aniston. He's like a child being harassed by a pedophile. Jason Bateman plays a hardworking man and Kevin Spacey is teasing him like a bully. Kevin Spacey is perfect for this role. Jason Sudeikis and Colin Farrel does their thing.

    The entire film is all about the laughs and the fun. Nothing else to say about the filmmaking. The movie is just funny. It doesn't have a knack to get serious in some parts. Its darkness is always hilarious. By the way this is a comedy. It's supposed to fun all the time. Yes, like even murder is funny.

    Horrible Bosses is not the kind of film that tries to be the best. It's just a little fun comedy. It's a movie that you'll still enjoy even if you've seen it many times. It's funny enough. It's clever enough. Most of the fun goes to the performances. At least Horrible Bosses is one of those better comedies that we are getting recently. It's just fun.
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  • There have already been two major comedy releases this summer, in the form of The Hangover Part 2 and Bridesmaids, but Horrible Bosses puts both of those to shame. With ease.

    Director Seth Gordon (The King of Kong) has put together an absolutely fantastic dark comedy, full of hilarious dialog, raunchy humor, and an exceptionally strong cast. The real treat of the film, much like 2009's The Hangover, is the in the execution. So many aspects of the film come together in just the right way, with exceptional comedic timing, that you simply can't help but to enjoy the ride.

    Horrible Bosses stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis as three good friends who all have the same problem: they hate their bosses. Albeit for different reasons, of course. Bateman's boss, Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey), is an egotistical jerk. Day's boss, Julia Harris (Jennifer Anniston), is a sex-craved maniac, while Sudeikis' new boss, Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell) is a coke head. The film gives the audience plenty of good reasons to hate these bosses, which helps to relate to the friends' idea of murdering them.

    What starts out as an off-joke one night between friends blossoms into something more dark and sinister than one would think, with the three friends actually going out of their way to dispose of one another's bosses. They can't handle their work environment, and the film's script gives very good reasons as to why switching jobs really isn't an option. This is key in relating to and believing in the script.

    Despite what the trailers may lead you to believe, most of the time within the film really isn't spent establishing the murders. Instead, the jokes are found within the concept, giving the three actors plenty of time to entertain you. You're not watching three men plot to murder their bosses; you're watching three men ponder the plot of how to murder their bosses. There's a fine distinction here, and the script does a great job of establishing the difference.

    Seth Gordon does a fantastic job directing here, adding a layer of intensity to the dark subject matter. The script is nearly perfect, offering the right amount of dark and crude humor with a great amount of solid, unforgettable laughs.

    Outside of those two concepts, Horrible Bosses really shines in two great ways. The three stars of the film, Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis, have fantastic chemistry here. The three play off of one another in such a manner that you can't help but laugh. Each is bringing a drastically different character to life (though arguably Bateman is still playing the same man he plays in every movie), and their interactions are key to the audience enjoying the film. The group truly works well together, much like a great ensemble should, and we only hope a sequel is quickly green-lit.

    The other amazing component of the film is the supporting cast, which couldn't be more perfect. Spacey is clearly enjoying his dark, disturbing role as an office jerk, spending much of the film steam-rolling anyone who gets in his way. Every so often you can even catch a slight hint in Spacey's eyes that he's enjoying himself. Maybe a little too much.

    Colin Farrell completely disappears into the role of Bobby. His despicable manners and attitude toward other human beings is absolutely hilarious. He's nearly unrecognizable in the part, and it's fantastic to see a role where Farrell is out of his comfort zone.

    And last, but not least, is Jennifer Anniston's Julia Harris, the sexually harassing, foul-mouthed and loathsome creature. She spends much of her time on screen making one sex joke after another, and it's great to see her playing a character completely unique to her past. Horrible Bosses is easily Anniston's best film to date, though that might not be saying much.

    If you've enjoyed movies like The Hangover or Bridesmaids, you'll love Horrible Bosses. It is simply the best comedy so far this summer, and deserves to be seen in theaters. It's a must-own once it hits retail shelves. Horrible Bosses is one movie not to miss this summer.

    Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Reels
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Got to see this as a free preview - had no expectations - for some reason thought it might be good. From the get go it was terrible. The characters were empty stereotypes - the plot ridiculous - the humour vacuous - for god sake, can they really not produce some better? All the stereotypes were out in force. There was the executives - all white. Their beautiful wives/babes/babe-courier, all white - the token black in the roughest bar in town - all black. The car auto pilot (taxi driver) Asian.

    The only humour was slapstick and bad slapstick - sticking someone's toothbrush up your arse to reek revenge typical. The 'shock' elements were women saying dirty words out loud - wow. Ground breaking.

    Don't waste your money, tooth enamel on this movie - go outside dig a hole, and then fill it in. A far better use of your time.
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a good comedy with actors such as Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx. Actually all the cast is suitable and funny.

    It's about 3 friends who have unsolvable problems with their bosses (if you count Jennifer Aniston wanting to have dirty sex with you, a problem). They decide to do something about them and all hell breaks loose.

    The script is well-developed. The jokes are impossible but funny nevertheless.

    The actors are funny and serious at the same time. Overall: recommended.
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, I went to see this movie for a friend's birthday cause he wanted to see it desperately. I gotta say, I would've been better off letting my friend just in the theater while I spent my 98 minutes peacefully reading a book at Barnes and Nobles. This has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen! Let's start with the plot: three guys hate their bosses so the best thing to do is quit/find another job? No. Report their bosses? No. Ah that's right: let's murder them. The three main characters were annoying and over-the-top. They were too stupid to actually be believable. The dialogue was just an endless stream off curse words, sex jokes, and dirty humor which is typical in "comedies" these days. Last time I checked, comedies were supposed to be oh I don't know funny! The movie also had no "heart". The writers wanted this movie to be simply another dirty, raunchy comedy with absolutely no substance! The writers could've given the "evil bosses" a reason for the way they acted. It could've been a movie about understand different points-of-views and people's experiences but was simply a movie about three guys who want to commit first-degree murder because they don't their bosses. There was absolutely nothing funny about that concept at all.

    What's up with Jamie Foxx's character who served no purpose than to be the stereotypical black guy with a criminal record and the street cred. And while we're on the subject of stereotypes let's not forget the movie's ode to outsourcing with the Indian guy "Gregory" operating customer service for a built in GPS. He "saves the day" (go see the movie if you really really want to).

    My advice: don't spend a dime on this movie. Sneak into, wait for it to come out on DVD, whatever...this movie was the worst. It was over-the-top, disgusting, cartoonish and incredibly unbelievable. Suspension of disbelief is one thing but this...oh man.

    One redeeming quality: I liked Jennifer Aniston in this movie. Too bad she wasn't America's Sweetheart in this role.
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  • whistlerspa19 November 2011
    This is a part review. Part because we only watched the first 50 minutes.

    I try to watch entire movies of course but this one was just - disgusting. Why is it that every new Hollywood 'comedy' these days seems to feel the need to push the boundaries of bad taste ever further. Some of the language and sexual content matter of what we saw was really over the top and quite sick.

    The scenario is that three guys hate their respective bosses because they are bullied, sexually harassed and the third is uncaring about the staff which is in contrast to his dead father. Kevin Spacey was good as the bully, Jennifer awful as the sexual predator and her prey's whiny sissy voice was cringingly agonising. The third boss seemed just - well idiotic.

    It was so disappointing to hear the language that Jennifer Aniston spouted in the first 20 minutes and the motel scene with the three guys was extreme sleaze. The final straw for us was when they met a potential hit man (if that's who he turned out to be) called motherf****r which got repeated over and over in the scene.

    That was enough for us - we left.
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  • I had high hopes for Horrible Bosses. It started out well. The first 15 minutes made it seem like it would be really good. The premise was alright and the first few minutes set up the rest of the movie well. Unfortunately, the joke writing was bad. There were a few funny lines, but they were interwoven into a tapestry of mediocrity. I'm pretty biased though because I don't like Charlie Day's shtick. He plays the exact same character as he does in Always Sunny, a really stupid guy who talks a mile a minute and if you listen carefully there's a few jokes in there. I don't enjoy that. I don't really like Jason Sudekis either. I find him bland and he plays an extremely dull character in this as well. You could take him out and the movie would still be mostly the same. Jason Bateman's character seems to be aware he's in a bad comedy. He doesn't really seem to like Sudekis or Day and treats all the wacky situations with a sort of slightly angry distaste.

    I watched Bridesmaids a few nights ago and enjoyed it way more than Horrible Bosses. That movie also had story line problems, but it had a lot of funny parts. That's all I want a comedy to do, make me laugh. Horrible Bosses didn't really do that for me, as the vast majority of its never-ending dialogue falls enormously flat.
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  • I actually created an account just to state how terrible this movie is.

    The characters are bland, and there is no reason for me to care about there lives at all. The plot rushes in to the murder theme without building up any hatred towards the bosses.

    The main characters are whiny uninteresting losers with very little at stake.

    The bosses characters are equally flat. NO real tension is ever built up.

    I gave up watching the movie after 45 minutes after not a single laugh

    The plot is thin whit less.

    Save your time and money and avoid this movie.
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  • What makes something 'funny' is the focal point of comedic philosophy. Do you enjoy racial humor? Sexual innuendos? Poop-jokes? Silly curse words? Sardonic Family Guy-like, non-linear one liners? Lots of things can be funny. But all jokes are not created equal.

    There is nothing worse than watching an unfunny comedy; something strangely unsettling about staring at a 90 foot screen, just praying for the movie to end and knowing in the back of your mind that you will never get this time back. Why did I not just walk out? Because it was 105 degrees outside and there was a nice air conditioner. Seriously. That's why I didn't leave.

    I will not say that I did not laugh at all, because that is untrue. There were a few times I made audible chuckles, mostly because of Charlie Day, but 3 laughs in 2 hours is not worth a $7.50 matinée.

    There were a surprising number of cameos, like from Ron White, that dude who plays Bunk from The Wire, and several other easily forgettable performances by famous people I typically like in films. But just because I like peanut butter, and mayonnaise, and pickles, and feta cheese, and oysters, and raw Kobe beef, and orange sorbet does not mean that I'll add all of them in a bowl, mix em up, and hope something good comes out of it.

    Charlie Day was alright. Kevin Spacey was unforgettable. Jason Bateman was just bad. Jason Sudeikis was the worst.

    Jennifer Aniston was hot.

    So, why was this movie so bad? Comedy is a complex art form. Not everyone can be funny all the time. They can't all be winners. Not all Led Zeppelin albums rock the same. This is a case where seasoned actors and proved writers combine in a cacophony of crap and the result is remarkably unfunny. 2 stars (for Charlie).
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  • There was hardly a laugh from my fellow watchers all the way through this film. To say this was a comedy is the biggest laugh this film will get. I could give you loads of reasons why this film is so poor but to be honest its already wasted 98mins of my life and I don't really want to waste any more, avoid this film at all costs!

    It seems I have to do ten lines of text before I can submit this review so I it looks like I really do have have to waste more of my life on this earth reviewing this film. If it was a compared to a planet it would be the moon, cold,humourless but pretty (thanks to a semi naked JA). Its a shame the film set had oxygen (unlike the moon)then perhaps this film would not have been made.
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  • I had high hopes for this movie. The cast is promising enough, and the plot looks interesting. However, the comedy fails to deliver. The jokes are lame, the characters fake, and the movie tries to save itself with Jennifer Aniston portraying a very dirty character (yet fails miserably). I can not believe an actor like Kevin Spacey accepted this script. Really disappointed.

    It starts of alright, but gets worse as the movie progresses. By the end of it, you're hoping the next frame is the credits. The film tries to generate laughter by spitting out dirty jokes...which only makes the audience feel uncomfortable, wondering why on earth they bought a ticket in the first place.
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why several notable actors -- Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Donald Sutherland -- would sign in for this one is amazing. Don't they know someone they know might see this? It was like, "Okay, we convinced JA to play a really slutty character, talk dirty and take off her clothes. Now, write a story around that." Well, they didn't do a very good job. Three guys have problems with their bosses, so they decide to kill them? I guess the charming part is supposed to be that they are bumbling, foolish would-be murderers.

    No character to root for in this one, no motives that anyone can get with. Laughs, mostly at other people's expense. Slow, boring -- embarrassing for the actors and their families.
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  • The fact that this movie is currently rated 7.1 out of 10 is disturbing. I have sat through some terrible movies in my lifetime, but this one actually took the biscuit. Not only did it take away two hours of my life it actually made me feel physical pain, and not from laughter I might add.

    The plot was so far from reality, so inane and so predictable that it was irritating rather than humorous. The jokes consisted of American toilet humour and forced slapstick. There was nothing new, intelligent or funny about this movie. If this film was meant to be a comedic satire then it failed on all levels, but I believe it was just a dumb movie.

    If this is what passes for "good humour" then the world is in trouble, serious trouble. What happened to the days when writers had an IQ and wrote sophisticated and genuinely funny movies? I haven't seen a box office "funny" movie from the 2000's that has been anything other than horrible inane American toilet humour, which isn't even funny. It's just stupid! If you liked this movie than I suggest you go watch Idiot Nation and see where you and this world is heading!
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  • I went to the cinema with my wife having quite high expectations primarily a result of frequent radio advertisements and probably artificially unbiased opinions of radio show presenters that "This is a very funny movie".

    Unfortunately the reality was different, but fortunately not "Sucker Punch" different.

    The story evolves around three friends that they face three different versions of "Horrible" bosses, to the degree that justifies plotting to murder them and turn three seemingly innocent good guys to criminals.

    The idea surely can deliver a lot of humor, but unfortunately falls sort.

    The comedy is just too over the top to become hilarious. The closest situation to reality was the one between spacey and bateman. Jennifer Anniston's persona was so unrealistic that it failed to become funny, and collin farrel was heavily under played resulting to somewhat fall on the side.

    There were a few laughs don mistake me but in general i laughed less than the times that i thought "Why do they have to be so crude and that what funny has become now days?" Cant say i hated the experience..i just got a bit disappointed due to false expectations.
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  • Saw a screening for this last night and I just loved it. It is hysterical from the very beginning and all the way through. Definitely stay for the credit roll.

    You can figure out what the basic plot is. Three friends who all have the worst bosses and they plot to kill them. Of course, why they hate their bosses and how they go about their plan is the meat of the story and a huge riot.

    I truly cannot say who was funnier because all the characters played off each other so well. Jennifer Anniston totally steps out of her "norm" and does a great job, too. Totally worth seeing for lots of laughs.
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  • grantss24 October 2015
    Far better than I expected. On the surface it looked like a typical juvenile comedy. Also, it stars Jennifer Aniston, so you know it's going to be fairly shallow. However, it turns out to be hilariously funny, with some great comedic performances. Plot is decent, direction is fluid, though there are scenes which seem overly slapsticky or contrived.

    Performances are mostly spot-on. Jason Bateman and Jason Sedeikis don't put a foot wrong and Charlie Day is bearable. Supporting cast are excellent, but looking at the names it is hardly a surprise: Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, plus Donald Sutherland and Bob Newhart in minor roles. Jennifer Aniston is very funny in her role, as well as steaming up the screen.

    Great fun.
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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The bosses are excellent but the trio of leads dreadful in this pedal to the metal comedy that floors it from the start but doesn't get far with these three flat tires. Lotsa screeching but little traction.

    Nick, Dale and Kurt bemoan the fact that they love their jobs but hate their bosses. Unable to quit and move on they decide to hire a hit man to off them but that goes un hysterically wrong and they are left to do the dirty work by themselves. They then spend the remaining hour plus trying to whack them in a series of poorly timed dark humored bits that fall for the most part flat on their face under the slipshod direction of Seth Gordon.

    As the villains of the piece Kevin Spacey, Jenniffer Aniston and especially Colin Farrell as a coke head CEO with a green belt fulfill their part of the bargain with flying colors. Jamie Farr faux hit-man also registers but Jason Bateman's Nick is without spark, Jason Sudeikis' Kurt's smarmy confidence off putting and Charlie Day's Dale aggressively abrasive Bobcat Goldwaithe resurrection one annoying harangue from start to finish. There is no chemistry at all between these three stooges and the adolescent logic they employ as each clearly ignore what the other one says. I realize fifty five is the new forty but these guys act like thirty five is the new fifteen.

    The extent of Gordon's erratic and anally fixated direction looks like he outlined a scene turned his camera on and let the three say whatever came into their droll minds; the result being blank stares, unctuous cool and whiny hissy fits. In the credits Gordon parades his ineptitude even further by showing outtakes, one of which features the zany Farrell in a drug store dealing with a pharmacist. In its truncated version it is far funnier than most of the dead wood floating through the body of this picture magnifying to an even greater degree the horrible decisions by the makers of this slop.
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