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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The plot is very predictable even though there are a load of mistakes when referencing the earlier movies.

    Marcus and Mike went to the academy together, and somehow Mike got pulled out to do an undercover operation without Marcus knowing!?

    Rather than just having the two lead characters, they've brought in a team for them to work with which takes the emphasis from them. It's like a cop version of Blade Trinity.
  • This is one of those sequels which we did not need. A bunch of endless shooting, unnecessary chases, senseless action. This is all there is to this movie. The acting is boring, the writing is horrible and story is even worse. It is heartbreaking to see that this movie has a rating of 7. It is an insult to cinema. Save your time and money. STAY AWAY from bad boys FOR LIFE!!!
  • A terrible movie. Script horrible! Numerous goofs! Did they get paid for this? Not even entertaining. No acting....just fooling around. Plot? Copied and predictable. I'm nauseated.
  • I love these films and this is nowhere close to the 1st two. It doesnt even feel like a BB's movie. Its sluggish unfunny with a tv movie feel about it. The chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is not there as nearly every joke is flat and feels like its trying REAL hard. The original cast just looks tired and in most scenes it feels it. Its a darker movie that drowns in despair for large part of the film and Smith and Lawrence dont have the comedy sparring of old to balance it out. Believe me this is not a 10, its barely a 4. For me its BB's 1 and 2 and thats when it ended. Sadly
  • misfitone382 February 2020
    I never thought I would say this...but I wish Michael Bay had directed this. Maybe the earlier entries hold something dear to his heart and he wouldn't have allowed this to go off the rails.

    The biggest casualty is the riffing between the Lawrence and Smith, which practically rips the soul right out of the franchise. The laughs from the first two movies came from the strong chemistry between the two leads and how they could argue in the middle of gun fights, car chases, etc. Here they just sound like an old married couple who have grown tired of each other.

    The other casualty is the action scenes. The great Sam Peckinpah once said of the violence in his films that he wanted the audience to feel the impact of getting shot. Modern day use of CGI and such does the exact opposite. It feels more like you're watching somebody else play a video game. While some praise the visuals, I criticize its effect of pushing the viewer further away rather than drawing them in.

    This could have been like Lethal Weapon IV and had some fun with its theme of the loose cannon dealing with aging. Instead its more like Beverly Hills Cop III and becomes a sad entry in an otherwise solid franchise.
  • jamiemorton-8970014 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this would be bad. I wish they would of advertised it as a reboot. Martin lawrence my favourite bad boy is a retired 8 monrh pregnant woman with estrogen overload. Any time action happens/ fights break out the bad boys are blocked by the feminist backup team. A two hour snore fest.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Man, this movie completely sucked balls. I can't think of a worse movie I've ever seen. Easily the most predictable movie ever. Will Smith gets badly shot 10 minutes into the he gonna make it through?!?! Aw, man, no way...he made it! You don't say! Martin Lawrence..."No, no no, I'm not helping you any more Mike Lowery...I made a promise to God...No, no, no...I'm retired" - I looked over at my buddy at one point and I said "Uh...I think he's gonna help". It was really that pathetically predictable.

    And, wow, Martin one point on set, the crew thought they were going to have call the paramedics because Lawrence was having trouble inhaling -- a pizza! He's so fat now, he jumped in the air for an action scene and got stuck! I'm serious...on the running/action scenes, you won't see Lawrence for more than 5 seconds straight, most likely due to being out of breath. I think he took the Cypress Hill lyric "Fat boy on diet, don't try it" to extremes! At one point when Lawrence was walking away on a wooden floor, It sounded like an orchestra of squeaky nails and groaning floorboards playing him out of the room!

    Back to the "plot"...Lawrence whines throughout the movie about a promise he made to God. It seemed unlikely than a rather non-religious, non-churchgoer like Lawrence would be risking losing his friendship (and his friend's life because he was in danger) based on some mumbling he did while that buddy was in the hospital. Of course, Lawrence broke his promise to God at the end anyway because he did the Mr. Miyagi ("No fighting, no fighting, no fighting...ok, go ahead and fight") and predictably went back into action again. So dumb.

    Rewind to the start of the "movie", Smith and Lawrence are driving like lunatics, being chased by cops, driving backwards through red lights and heavy traffic...they're trying to make you think the boys are in a dangerous situation...just to find out that Smith was driving Lawrence to the hospital to see his newly born Grandson. What?! They were driving full speed on a public beach for crying out loud! Risked many lives, including the lives of cops and women and children, just to hold a frickin' baby?! If it was so important, why wasn't Lawrence at the hospital when the mother was first admitted?!

    Then, a few minutes later, someone who turns out to be Mike Lowery's, well, um, no-black whatsoever Mexican son (yes) is doing some sort of criminal deal and he gets guns pulled out on him. Guy standing right in front of him with a gun, another guy standing off to the side. You'd think these guys with the guns would be pretty jumpy/trigger-happy at this point. But what happens? Well, he pulls out a knife from his belt and with hypersonic speed, stabs the guy in front of him with the gun and then stabs the guy to the side who had a gun on him. Who in the hell is so slow with a trigger that they're not going to be able to fire on someone who's pulling out a knife and taking time stabbing your friend?! Even the guy in front of him...really bro, you can't get off a shot before someone reaches to their belt and swings at you with a knife?! If not...Was Will Smith's son a superhero or something?! How could he move in fast-forward speed like that?!

    My favorite part is when the police team is gathered and is strategizing and they need the employee work schedule of 3 different bars. The computer guy is asked to break into their networks. He says "Boy, Joey's bar really needs to upgrade their network", he clicks about 3 keys on the keyboard, and voila...not only Joey's schedule comes up, but all 3 bars! How did he hack into 3 different networks at once?! He did he hack into ANY business network with just a few keystrokes?! How did he bring up the 3 work schedules from 3 different companies on 3 different monitors in a matter of seconds and with just a few keystrokes?! And if Joey's network was so bad...what does it say about the other 2 business networks...he got into those quicker than Joey's!!

    The movie is filled with one-liners that don't land, crying and religion from Lawrence, and numerous "I'm gonna kill you after I say this one thing..." then that person gets shot from behind type of thing. If Smith's and Lawrence's enemies had simply cut the chit-chat, the pair would have been dead at many points.

    At the very very end...Smith decides his no-black-in-him-whatsoever-son deserves a 2nd chance (after killing a half dozen FBI agents, one being one his best friends, and other cops with a sniper rifle) and the pair hug and make up. Ugh, I wanted to barf so bad. Then we find out the black Smith was, get this, on an undercover team infiltrating a Mexican gang...what?! They couldn't tell he wasn't Mexican?! How in the world did he pull that off???

    This movie stunk like rotten cabbage. Cliches galore. "Hip" cops even though they're over 50 years old a piece. Predictable. Bad acting. It's little wonder they brought this out in January instead of July. Like I said...Might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

  • Bad boys for life was shot over the weekend by a group of special needs high school sophomores. No need to worry that you are missing the plot because there isn't one.
  • Very cheap CGI and very bad acting coming from Lawrence ruined 2 hours of my life. I really need to forget this dumb movie. Probably likable to people with lack of good taste.
  • johnwick-2551121 February 2020
    Two old men, the energy is not the same. It was boring right from the start and using cheap cgi made it even worser.
  • Will Smith and Martin Lawrence steal the show with other talented actors and some eye candy along the way with good budget action. I cant give away too much but this movie was great and lived up to the hype of Bad Boys 1 and 2 respectively.
  • I can't remember the last time I saw a movie this bad in the theatre. I didn't smile once. Bad humor. Lawrence has never been funny and now he's so old and fat, he can barely move. Watch as they cut away every time he takes more than four steps; probably because he was out of breath. Smith is as usual Smith but he can't do anything with the 4th grade script. The action scenes are boring and stupid. Any rational adult claiming to line this should be ashamed and embarrassed. For the knuckle dragging Fast and Furious fans only. What an abomination.
  • roxerone27 March 2020
    Just Bad , like realy bad, like realy realy bad. Bad story, bad directing compared with realy bad jokes.
  • The Bad Boys chemistry is still intact. Fun story with lots of LOL moments. Enjoyed it more than expected. There were some editing and/or directing issues at times, but the action and laughs made up for it.
  • atxlsgun25 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Mike Larry supposed to be a rich kid with a trust fund...I thought he was a cop for the action, nostalgia, etc. Then they throw in this storyline of before they were partners. Doesn't make sense he got the job for the action, nostalgia, recognition. Not the money, he dresses like a drug dealer because he is a rich kid not because of his time "undercover"
  • Bad acting, worse jokes, terrible script. Martins acting was so cringy, i felt like punching myself.
  • This was a disappointing movie all around. The action, jokes, and even chemistry between Martin and Will felt forced as if they were going through the motions. The director seemed like he was trying to be Michael Bay but couldn't quite make it. Marcus was even more of a vagina (censored it) than usual and gets less action than ever before. The ride together mantra that seems constantly repeated throughout the film made it feel like I was watching a boring version of a Fast and Furious movie. Make no mistake I love the Bad Boys franchise. But this film is a weak watered-down version of Bad Boys. If they do make a part 4 which they are alluding to I certainly hope they make it better than this one.
  • yea it's never going to be as good as the second one. However, I feel it's better than the first and the story holds well. Good action scenes, few emotional scenes and of course the comedy of these two together. It's a bad boys movie! Easy watching and fun!
  • This movie had a variety of greatness to it. The storyline was awesome and seeing old characters from the other movie as well as good comedy, action and emotion. Everything you could want from a bad boys movie. I enjoyed it
  • Where do I start?!?

    I felt like I was watching a new fast and furious movie for 80% of it. The writing is among the worst I've ever seen. Total shambles and I am very surprised Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would agree to make this movie.

    The plot was dreadful and the delivery not much better.

    I am completely baffled by the good reviews this movie is receiving.

    Being how much I hold the first 2 movies in high regard (especially number 1). This one absolutely tarnishes its legacy for me. If you are a big fan of the first 2 then don't expect anything like that with this one.

    I give it a 2 stars for the few bits of humour and nostalgia the movie had. I don't recall ever being more disappointed with a sequel.
  • I am impressed, for a sequel is very good story. The spirit of the film was on the right place, perfect Saturday night film.
  • tahir-6700028 January 2020
    Amzing move value for money. Action comedy story no comment on them well done so far best move in 2020
  • The worst movie I watched in the past ten years. Over the top situations, dumb and unappealing characters, laughable plot...without the laughs to go with it. I would have gladly walked out of this unbearable display of cliches had I not been with my wife.
  • Filmcapss21 January 2020
    Incredibly fun and stylistic, the soundtrack is amazing and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are just amazing as usual. Along with that this time the story actually has stakes and consequences which the first 2 didn't have. Bad boys just thrives as one of the most fun franchises ever.
  • Bad Boys for Life is an incredible action packed comedy to enjoy for the whole audience who wanted the new Bad Boys movie. It's more action packed than the second, and it's hilariously funny. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back together, and nailed their main characters again. Vanessa Hudgens did pretty good working with the main cast members, and she's hot. And it's a good thing that I never forget this quote from the second film.

    We ride together, we die together. "Bad Boys for Life".
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