In the child's bedroom the rotating lamp features a clown with a knife, a nod to the first killing in the original film.

The date the film was released in the U.K. & U.S.A. is the day Michael Myers was born. October 19th.

The role of Allyson, Laurie's granddaughter, became somewhat of a coveted role. Multiple popular actresses including Lucy Hale and Emma Roberts met with Danny McBride to personally talk about the movie. However, the studio decided that they wanted to go back to the roots of the first movie and cast an unknown actress, similar to how Jamie Lee Curtis was cast in the original.

Jake Gyllenhaal helped convince Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her role of Laurie Strode for the film. Jake Gyllenhaal is a family friend of Curtis' and is dubbed by her as an unofficial godson.

As with the original Halloween (1978), Michael Myers is listed in the credits not as "Michael Myers", but "The Shape".

The film's producer is Malek Akkad, who is the son of Moustapha Akkad, the producer of the original 1978 "Halloween." Moustapha Akkad was murdered, along with his daughter Rima (Malek's sister), in the terrorist bombing of an Amman, Jordan hotel in 2005. Jamie Lee Curtis has recounted how the first person whom she saw when she came to the set for the first day of filming the 2018 film was Malek, whom she remembered as a 7 year-old child visiting the set during production of the original film. She added that seeing Malek for the first time since his father's death immediately brought her to tears.

On the tv, a newscaster can be heard describing the events of the original film as "the babysitter murders". This was originally the title Carpenter wanted for Halloween (1978). It was only changed to Halloween after the producer Irwin Yablans thought up the idea and to release it near Halloween. The rest is history.

From the original, HALLOWEEN (1978), only Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle and P.J. Soles return. P.J. Soles plays the teacher. John Carpenter returns as an executive producer and is credited for his music score.

Released coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of Halloween (1978).

Danny McBride said that this film was originally going to be filmed into two back-to-back movies but decided to scale back and leave it with one film. "We were like, 'Let's learn from this, and see what works, and what doesn't.'" explained McBride. "But we definitely have an idea of where we would go (with) this branch of the story and hopefully we get a chance to do it." McBride still has hope that he will move forward with his planned sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis revealed to Chris Hardwick on his podcast that she performed the sounds of the baby crying when Michael walks through the house after slaughtering the resident with a hammer and grabbing a butcher's knife from the kitchen.

In 2017, when promoting Alien: Covenant (2017) on the Empire Film Podcast, it was joked that Danny McBride would also be starring as Michael Myers due to his large build, to which McBride immediately shot down, "Oh god no! Mike's supposed to be a terrifying creeper with good posture, not Homer Simpson!"

In the early phases of preproduction, the film was said to be not a "remake" nor a "reboot" but a "recalibration" of the character Michael Myers. However, after co-Writer and Director David Gordon Green and co-Writer Danny McBride took over the project, these two stated that it would be none of the aforementioned, and that the film was going to be a direct continuation of Halloween (1978).

Halloween (2018) was the biggest horror movie opening with a female lead, biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55 and biggest opening for any of the Halloween franchise films. It was also the second biggest horror movie opening ever - after It (2017.) It was also the second biggest October opening ever (after Venom.) (Stats as of October 22, 2018.)

John Carpenter claims this is the last Halloween film, even though there are contractual obligations for a sequel, and the screenwriters are already considering one.

Jamie Lee Curtis credits the film as living up to the original.

Jamie Lee Curtis had immediately hit it off with co-Writer and Director David Gordon Green, crediting him as reminding her of original 1978 Halloween director and suspense master John Carpenter.

A radio call coming over the police band mentions a "disturbance at 707 Meridian", a tribute to the real life original address of the Myers house in Halloween (1978) before it was moved a few blocks down.

The gas station is almost an exact replica of the gas station prominently appearing in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), down to the ice box outside.

Throughout the film, several characters talk about Cameron's (Dylan Arnold) dad "Lonnie" and what a troublemaker he was and continues to be. In the original Halloween (1978), Lonnie Elam (Brent Le Page) was a sixth grade bully who constantly harasses Tommy Doyle (Brian Andrews), the boy Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) was babysitting. He would later be scared by Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) outside the abandoned Myers house.

While the film ignores all previous sequels and reboots, it pays homage to all Halloween films, as had been intended by co-Writer Danny McBride.

Became the highest grossing halloween film in the franchise in its opening weekend

At seventy-years-old, Nick Castle is the oldest actor to play the character of Michael Myers. He is the third actor to also play him more than once, behind George P. Wilbur (who played him in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) and Tyler Mane (Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009).

Jamie Lee Curtis returns in this film. She portrayed Laurie Strode and has been in five films. Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), Halloween: Resurrection (2002), and this film. She was also the voice of the "Santa Mira" curfew announcer and telephone operator in Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982), but was uncredited.

Director David Gordon Green said in interview for Collider that first cut of the film was two hours and fifteen minutes long, and that both the "fat" of the film and entire scenes were cut out for pacing and length. This explains why there are so many deleted and alternate scenes in all the trailers and behind the scenes footage for the film.

While John Carpenter intends with his involvement for this to be the last definitive Halloween film, specifically featuring antagonist Michael Myers, talks with co-Writer Danny McBride and co-Writer and Director David Gordon Green on possible sequels are not out of the question, with the concept of creating a rounded trilogy.

Two kids bump into Michael before he grabs the hammer from the garage. One kid is shouldering a toy boombox a tribute to a scene in Halloween II (1981) where Michael (Dick Warlock) is bumped into by Dick Warlock's real-life son (Lance Warlock), carrying a boom box.

Jamie Lee Curtis previously tied with Danielle Harris for the second most amounts of appearances in the Halloween films. Now that Curtis is to star in this film, she and Donald Pleasence are tied for most amounts of appearances.

Filming lasted 28 days, in and around Charleston, South Carolina.

Among the programs shown on the TVs are an episode of the 1983 series voyagers and the film Repo Man.

Allyson mentions that Halloween is a school night. Halloween in 2018 was in fact on Wednesday, a school night.

On September 15, 2017, Jamie Lee Curtis announced on Twitter that she would be reprising her role as Laurie Strode in the film, set forty years after Halloween (1978).

When Danny McBride was promoting Alien: Covenant (2017) on The Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick and asked on this unusual project for him, McBride responded-"There's more to life than dick and fart jokes. It's fun and, quite honestly, pretty terrifying to verge into new territory. Now it's accidentally even more terrifying not because of this character, but the history of this franchise and reputation of remakes. We wanna do something special-I mean that."

While Vicky is babysitting Julian, she is wearing a white shirt with yellow sleeves. In the original Halloween (1978) Tommy Doyle is wearing pajamas with a white top and yellow sleeves when he lets Laurie back in the house as she is chased by Michael Myers

This is distributed by Universal Pictures, their first involvement in with Halloween, since distributing Halloween II (1981) and Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982).

This is the first Halloween movie to be shot digitally instead of on film.

When Oscar sees Michael, he calls him Mr Elrod. In Halloween 2, Michael's actions are mistaken for Mr Elrod's.

Released forty years after Halloween (1978), thirty years after Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), and twenty years after Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998).

The music is composed by John Carpenter, his son Cody and his godson Daniel Davies. The trio had previously collaborated on John Carpenter's Lost Themes and Lost Themes II albums.

"There's a stealth efficiency to the way an actual trained killer works... Movies tend to dilute that quality with dramatic pauses and dialogue, which a true predator would never waste time doing. That efficiency is what I took to the part of Michael Myers." - James Jude Courtney

Sophia Miller, the actress that plays "Young" Karen Strode in the film cut 13 inches off of her hair for the role. She donated the hair to an organization that makes wigs for children who have hair loss.

The third sequel in the original series to ignore a previous timeline from the franchise: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) and Halloween: Resurrection (2002) both ignored the timeline established in parts 4,5 and 6. This film goes one step further by also ignoring Halloween II (1981).

First film in the franchise to truly use different masks. Each having slightly varied cracks, wrinkles, hair style, etc. Contrast to the original which people thought used different masks to show different emotions but only had the one

Producer Jason Blum claims to have never worked on a project as anticipated as this film.

Filming began on January 13, 2018.

Danielle Harris has said in a live internet Q&A session on her social media that she attempted to "put in a call" to include Jamie in the film in some capacity, however the producers were not interested and vetoed this.

During the trick or treat shots, a trio of children can be seen together wearing a skeleton costume, witch costume, and jack o lantern mask. This is a nod to Halloween III: Season of the Witch, in which the Silver Shamrock company's skeleton, witch, and jack o lantern masks are the driving plot device of the film.

The film premiered at TIFF (Toronto international Film Festival) in Canada in September 2018.

The working/production title on set was "Uncle Orange."

Michael Myers is 61 years old in this film

After failing to develop a new Halloween film in time, Dimension Films lost the production rights for a sequel, which reverted back to Miramax, which then joined with Blumhouse Productions. In May 2016, a new installment was officially announced, with original co-creator John Carpenter's involvement as a composer, executive producer, and creative consultant. Principal photography commenced on January 13, 2018 in South Carolina, and concluded on February 19.

The opening credits are done in the style of "zooming in on a jack-o-lantern" like the original two movies, but the pumpkin is smashed, and slowly reassembles itself as the camera zooms in.

When Allyson is walking with her friends in the beginning, Dave says her family should just put up a Christmas tree on Halloween. When Laurie and the police come to her daughter's house to take them to safety on Halloween night, Karen is wearing a Christmas sweater.

In September 2009, before pre-production was shut down, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer (writers of My Bloody Valentine (2009)), wrote a script and even talked Tyler Mane into returning to play Michael Myers. Shortly after pitching the script, the company shut down production, saying the script was good, but there wasn't enough time for the project to be finished in time.

The scene where Allyson walks down the street with Vicky and Dave mirrors the original Halloween (1978), in which Laurie does the same with the Annie and Lynda.

Initial promotional photos for the film displayed Jamie Lee Curtis with the same short haircut she had worn in previous roles, including Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998); in the finished film, she has long hair as Laurie had in the original Halloween (1978).

Producer Jason Blum and his distributing company of Blumhouse's first major horror icon film.

Much like Scream 4 (2011) , this movie features the main series heroine Laurie Strode return to her hometown where she attended high school, and where her high school friends were killed. Laurie's teenage female relative and her mother are prominent characters, and killings occur again. In Scream 4 (2011), franchise protagonist Sidney Prescott had returned to her hometown, where her teenage cousin Jill and her friends are targeted by the killer get-up of Ghostface, which Sidney had dealt with before. Scream pays heavy homage to Halloween.

Illustrations of Dr. Samuel Loomis appear amongst Aaron's (Jefferson Hall's) collected files on Michael Myers.

No filming took place in South Pasadena, California, the main filming location for the original Halloween.

The first Halloween film in the franchise to be released in October since Halloween 5.

Working titles included "Halloween Returns" and "Halloween H40: 40 Years Later".

Actor James Jude Courtney, who plays Michael Myers, consulted with real-life killers on how to kill people to make his performance believable. In his own words 'Michael has been locked up for 40 years so he's had a long time to think about killing but obviously he's still efficient and driven so I wanted to make sure people see that in my performance'.

Leigh Whannell expressed interest in playing Michael Myers.

This is the third film to simply be titled "Halloween", after the original 1978 film, and Rob Zombie's 2007 remake.

The following weapons that Laurie uses are a, Smith and Wesson Model 66, Mossberg 500 Cruiser, and the Winchester 1873 rifle.

Tony Moran and Tyler Mane, the only actors to play a fully unmasked Michael Myers, were not approached to make an appearance.

Production for Halloween 3-D was shut down on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 because The Weinstein Company ran out of money. They had just received the first draft of the screenplay on Friday September 25 and shooting was supposed to start in November to end in time for Director Patrick Lussier to start shooting another film from a prior engagement in January, Drive Angry (2011) with Nicolas Cage. In May of 2014, Todd Farmer confirmed that neither he nor Lussier were involved in the project any longer.

Right before the father (Brien Gregorie) and son (Vince Mattis) find the crashed bus and escaped Smith's Grove patients, the son is telling his father about how much he enjoys his dance classes. Prior to his involvement on Halloween (2018), director David Gordon Green spent almost a decade working on a re-imagining of Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977), about the horrors going on inside a revered dance academy, eventually leaving the project due to budgetary restraints and legal concerns. An updated Suspiria (2018) was eventually made - directed by Luca Guadagnino, who'd personally hired Green to direct the film first when he was working on it as a producer - and released a week after "Halloween".

'Trick or Treat Studios' obtained the official costume licensing rights for the film. Both Nelson and Vincent Van Dyke joined their design team, who used toolings from the screen-used mold of Michael Myers' mask to adapt it for mass market sale.

This is David Gordon Green's first foray into the horror genre.

Michael and Laurie are not brother and sister in this version

The yellow lined checkered squares at the institution contain the most dangerous patients: hence Michael (James Jude Courtney) among three others during Aaron (Jefferson Hall) and Dana's (Rhian Rees') visit being seen contained in one.

Lucy Hale was rumored for a role.

Judy Greer's Ant-Man (2015) co-star Paul Rudd had his first staring role in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

This is the second horror sequel/prequel to have the exact same title as its original, in this case Halloween (2018) which follows on Halloween (1978). The other one is The Thing (2011), being a prequel to The Thing (1982). Both the original films were directed by John Carpenter.

Michael Myers' tenth appearance on film, which, if you discount dream sequences in Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part V, equals the number of appearances of fellow horror movie icon Jason Voorhees.

With this film there are now 4 distinct Halloween timelines 1. Halloween 1,2,4,5,6 2. Halloween 1,2, H20, Ressurection 3. Halloween 1, 2018 4. Remakes

Laurie uses a Winchester to defend herself against Micheal. It is interesting to note, in the original 1978 film, the young Laurie and the children she babysits are watching Howard Hawks' 1950 classic film version of The Thing (which John Carpenter would remake in 1982). Winchester is not only Hawks' middle name, but he also named his production company Winchester Films. In the 1978 version, Carpenter shows the Winchester Films logo before the opening credits of the 1950 The Thing. Carpenter acknowledges Hawks as a major influence.

The song that is playing when the boy and his dad notice the bus crash is a western version of the song that Laurie sings throughout the original movie, this song can also be heard during the end credits

Virginia Gardner was born the year that, Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), came out.

This Halloween is the 11th film of the saga. It succeeds the reboot and subsequent sequel done by (Rob Zombie) released in 2007 and 2009.

Halloween had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, 2018, as part of its Midnight Madness section.

Roth Cornet nicknamed the movie "Grambo" after watching the first trailer.

Officer Hawkins is playing a pinball game featuring Back To The Future on it, Halloween and Back To The Future both play the song Mr. Sandman in some of their movies as it plays in Halloween II (1981), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998),Halloween (2007),Back to the Future (1985), and Back to the Future Part II (1989)

The doll house at Laurie Strodes is similar to the house Michael Myers grew up in.

Laurie's previous children, each retconned out of existence, were named Jamie and John. Her child here, Karen, starts with the next letter in the alphabet.

Janet Leigh, the mother of Jamie Leigh Curtis was an original scream queen , starring in Alfred Hitchcock's classic film " Psycho"

The film bears strong plot & character similarities with fellow popular horror franchise instalment: Scream 4 (2011). Both feature the recurring female protagonist (Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott) contend with the masked figure of their past targeting their 17 year old female relative (Allyson Strode, Jill Roberts), and their teenage friends. Scream has featured the original 1978 Halloween in their first instalment (Scream 1996), as various references to the Halloween film series. In Halloween H20: 20 years later (1998) Scream 2 (1997) prominently is featured, as well as references to both Scream films of the time.

British true crime podcasters Dana Haines (Rhian Rees) and Aaron Korey (Jefferson Hall) use an unmarked Tascam DR-40 digital audio recorder.

All of the police vehicles have the sign of Warren County. Warren County is where Western Kentucky University is located, This is where John Carpenter went to college.

The device that plays Dr. Samuel Loomis voice (performed by Colin Mahan) is a Sanyo TRC-8300 Memo-Scriber.

Dr. Loomis in Halloween (1978) and Laurie Strode in Halloween (2018) say the same phrase "That's the idea" in reference to a containment action against Michael Myers.

At the very end of the film after the credits you can hear Michael Myers breathing through his mask

Many things that Michael did in Halloween (1978), Laurie does in Halloween (2018). Michael is shot off a balcony in the original, but upon inspection, his body disappears; in the new version, Laurie is thrown from a balcony by Michael, but when he checks her body, she has disappeared. In the original, Michael found Laurie hiding inside a wardrobe closet; in the new version, Laurie thinks Michael is hiding inside a wardrobe closet (only he is not). Laurie also appears from the shadows behind Michael in the newer version as Michael did to her in the original. Finally, she stands outside a school looking from across the street, just like Michael did to her.

First film in the series in which Michael kills a young child

Body count: 19. (The bus driver, and guard (who tells the boy to run) (Hawkins later mentions that Michael Myers overpowered them in his escape), the boy and his father, a replay of the murder of Judith Myers from the first film, the gas station cashier, mechanic, the two journalists in the bathroom, the old woman in the kitchen, the young woman stabbed through the throat, Vicky, Dave, Oscar, Hawkins, Dr Sartain, the two deputies and Ray). Of these, only Hawkins is not killed by Michael Myers. Eight of these deaths occur off-screen. Whether Michael Myers dies is debatable, as you can hear his breathing after the credits.

The Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) Silver Shamrock costumed trick or treaters can be seen passing Laurie as she discovers Michael in the upstairs of a house.

In the scene where Allyson is in class, Laurie is seen stood across the road through the classroom blinds, practically identical to the 1978 original when Laurie looks out the window and sees Michael. This is one of multiple scenes In the movie Laurie mirrors Michael from the first movie.

After the filming was completed in February 2018 and first 135 minutes long cut of the film was put together, it was test screened to an audience sometime in April. Following the one or more test screenings, it was decided to re-shot some parts of the film and most of all change the ending, mostly due to reactions of audience on the original ending. New ending was filmed in June, and this is the one which ended up in the final film. According to the leaked script and test audience reports, original ending had very different and much shorter version of the final confrontation between Michael and Laurie. After she wounds him by shooting some of his fingers off and goes around the house trying to find him, they eventually end up outside the house where Laurie tries to shoot him but realizes she's out of bullets so she takes her own knife and gets into knife fight with Michael during which she cuts him in the arm the same way he cut her forty years ago, but he also manages to stab her in the chest, and as he's about to stab her again, Karen shoots him in the back with crossbow arrow, heavily wounding him. Then while she and Allyson are carrying wounded Laurie away while she's begging them to go back and kill him, wounded Michael goes into the woods and then ends up at the clearing near Laurie's house where her mannequins are and sits down against a tree, heavily breathing and as it's implied by the script, possibly even finally slowly dying. Trailers for the film, specially the earlier ones, and behind the scenes footage show some of the deleted and alternate scenes from the film, like Dana's shower scene where Aaron scares her by wearing Michael's mask, but they also show several parts of original ending, like Michael and Laurie's knife fight. Some of the other deleted scenes include Allyson finding a dead butchered dog hanging upside down on a tree, alternate death scenes for Aaron and Dana, Laurie and Karen talking in Haddonfield Community Center, Allyson comforting Laurie after restaurant scene, extended scene of Laurie on her gun range, Allyson sitting on the school bench and talking with Cameron and Oscar, police arriving to the school dance and arresting Cameron. Some other scenes were also added during re-shoots, like Laurie giving Allyson the money she got from Aaron and Dana, and flashback scene where Karen tells Allyson about her childhood and growing up with Laurie training her to be ready for Michael's return.

When Allyson walks down the street with her friends, Dave claims to have heard that Laurie Strode was Michael Myers's younger sister; however, Vicky says this was made up by other people to make themselves feel better. This is a clear jab at Halloween II (1981), where Laurie was famously revealed to be Michael's baby sister, a fact that even she was unaware of. Writer John Carpenter later admitted that he wrote the script for Halloween II primarily for the money; he had included the family relation between Laurie and Michael simply as a plot device, something which he later regretted. Since this film ignores Halloween II, the record is set straight again.

The body under the ghost sheet and pumpkin in the fish tank are a nod to the murder of Lynda Van Der Klok in Halloween (1978), who Virginia Gardner's character Vicky in this film bears similarities. The carved Halloween pumpkin was beside the Wallace master bed during Lynda's death.

Laurie finds Ray's dead body on a shelf in the closet in Halloween (2018), drawing a parallel to where she finds Lynda's body in Halloween (1978), on a closet shelf.

Laurie Strode's drive in the film to have Michael escape so she may kill him is a direct throwback to Dr. Samuel Loomis' obsession with destroying Michael Myers from the original and all its respective sequels.

The neighbor that Michael kills was named Alice, who was talking on the phone to her friend Sally. Michael also killed Alice Martin in Halloween 2(1981), while she was talking on the phone to her friend, also named Sally.

Michael's escape following the bus crash leaves various criminally insane patients wandering about in the rain, as a father and son happen upon the scene. The scene mirrors its predecessor of 1978's Myers escape from Smith's Grove Sanitarium, in which he stole nurse Marion Chambers' station wagon.

Dana's (Rhian Rees') bathroom stall encounter with Michael Myers pays reference to Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), in which mother Claudia has a a restroom encounter with Michael.

3rd time in a Halloween movie where Michael is burned. He was burned in "Halloween 2 (1981) and Halloween Resurrection (2002)

In the flashback scene where young Karen, played by Sophia Miller, is shooting the bolt action rifle you can hear the word "GOTCHA" as the rifle bolt is racked. This is foreshadowing to the end of the film where adult Karen, played by Judy Greer, says, "GOTCHA!" as she shoots Michael Myers.

There are deaths that mirror the previous films: -Dave was pinned to the wall with a knife (Bob, 1978) -Kevin was choked by Michael who was sitting in the backseat (Annie, 1978) -Dr. Sartain's head was stomped flat by Myers (Howard, RZ H2 2009)

Some scenes contained Easter eggs to Halloween II (1981): Michael being run over resembled Ben Tramer's demise. The owner of the house with the motion sensor lights is named Mr. Elrod. The woman with the curlers killed by Michael with a hammer is meant to resemble Mrs. Elrod. One of the boys Myers bumps into is carrying a boombox, a nod to the scene from the movie. Allyson and her friends talk about Laurie being Michael's sister only for it to be debunked. The climax of the film had Myers being burned alive.

When Michael kills the woman with a hammer, she is wearing hair curls, a red bathrobe, and there is a cutting board with ham and the iconic large cutting knife. This Nods the to scene in Halloween 2 (1981) where Michael steals the knife from Mrs. Elrod, a woman in Curls and a bathrobe, as shes cutting ham on a cutting board.

Ray (Alysons father) discovering the two cops, who were killed offscreen by Michael in the cop car, is similar to Halloween 5 (1989), when Tina discovers the dead bodies of Deputy Nick and Tom, in the cop car who were both killed offscreen, by Michael with a pitchfork.

In the gas station scene, whenever Jefferson Hall as Aaron Korey walks in the garage and finds Michaels Myers victim bludgeoned, there is a vehicle on the lift that has the name "Jimmy". Jimmy is the paramedic who has a interest in Laurie Strode in the original Halloween II (1981).

The manner in which Michael kills Dr. Sartain by crushing his head apart, is similar to Rob Zombies Halloween 2 (2009), when Michael kills Howard by crushing his head to a bloody pulp.