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  • sweetie2617 April 2012
    This show is excellent and should never have been cancelled, what is fox thinking, just because the USA audience didn't tune into it like the others, they should consider European and other continents. I watched all 3 seasons back to back and find every single episode entertaining. Bring it back fox. The plot is excellent and it is also educational at the same time, it definitely make me look at peoples body language more and reading their face expressions whilst talking to them. I also wished they didn't write Ben out of the episode 3 and if my memory serves me right most part of episode 2 as well. The writers did an excellent job coming up with these ideas for all 3 seasons, well impressive.
  • Hi all, i see i have the honors of a first review. Offcourse so far I've only seen complete season 1 and waiting for 2.


    Well you can read here on the board, were its about. The lightman group is a company that specializes in indeed deception. The entire concept was totally NEW to me! So when i saw the first episode it was surprising how that was worked out.


    Off course most of us know Tim Roth as a splendid actor! A few of his movies (Reservoir Dogs, and as bad guy in Hoodlum,Pulpfiction) made him a good actor. Offcouse this does not mean the perfect must have to make a good series. He plays his part as little bit expected really well! He is strange,provoking and daring. The other roles are very well divided too the all get a portion of attention. Nobody stick on the background it does not evolve constantly around Tim.


    A very surprising formula if you ask me. It is totally new the entire concept. I mean we all know the tons of CSI,NCIS ectra series to tell you the truth the are coming out of my nostrils. This is NEW innovative if you ask me. And just well done!

    Enjoy this series, it is very interesting and refreshing! If you like movies like Seven,The Usual Suspects this is your ticket. Each episode is surprising and not always very easy to understand the "plot".

    Loveing it, cannot wait for the second part!