Mr. Kane: She called to tell me she was going to Barcelona

Kenneth: What did she say?

Mr. Kane: I'm going to Barcelona

Scott: Jesus Christ, you are a great driver!

Mallory Kane: [slams into a deer]

Mr. Kane: You just get here as quick as you can.

Mallory Kane: I'll try. Keep your eyes open.

Mr. Kane: I haven't shut my eyes since you were born.

Paul: I've never done a woman before.

Kenneth: Oh, you shouldn't think of her as being a woman. No, that would be a mistake.

Kenneth: This'll take no time at all, it's like a paid holiday.

Mallory Kane: This will take no time at all, starting when?

[last lines]

Rodrigo: Shit.

Coblenz: In the auction business they have an expression called the "halo effect". Do you know what that is? It's when an object or work of art is more desirable because of its prior ownership. It's very rare when it happens, you know? Maybe once in a lifetime. Gotta catch it when you can.

Mallory Kane: [circling him]

Coblenz: Look, I got plenty of drama in my own office.

[first lines]

Mallory Kane: Shit.

[deep breath]

Aaron: [sitting down] What the hell are you doing out here? I had to drive all night. I'm hungover as shit. And you're really starting to cut into my vacation time, so can we go please?

Mallory Kane: You're with State, right?

Rodrigo: Ah, yes.

Mallory Kane: You like it?

Rodrigo: I like the idea of me doing my job more than the idea of someone else doing my job.

Mallory Kane: Just keep your head down a few more minutes and you're out of this.

Scott: Great, great. How are *you* gonna get out of this, may I ask?

Aaron: I can't believe I met you a week ago.

Mallory Kane: Eight days.

Studer: What's in this for you?

Rodrigo: Besides my money? A new life. And a new wife.

Aaron: This your idea of relaxing? Wine and gun maintenance?

Mallory Kane: There's another glass in the kitchen.

Aaron: You gonna leave your name and number afterwards?

Mallory Kane: I don't even know how to play that. I don't wear the dress. Make Paul wear the dress.

Kenneth: Well, I'll ask.

Scott: Oh my god, there's a deer in the car!