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  • This pair of vignettes for Pure Taboo exhibit markedly better stories than usual for the label, providing at least in this case quality drama beyond just XXX content.

    Title scene is a fine two-hander, with solid dialogue and acting by Eliza Ibarra and Lucas Frost, both rising to the occasion.

    They portray co-workers, caught up in company politics, with frequent references to partners as their bosses implying we're dealing with a law firm. Frost accuses Ibarra of causing colleagues to be fired or passed over for promotion, to achieve her own climb up the corporate ladder.

    Their angry conversation turns to sex, as Eliza seduces him, with a satisfying twist ending to the scene after soiid humping for the fans to watch.

    Joanna Angel directs herself in the supporting segment titled "No Peeking", in which she bamboozles husband Stirling Cooper into falling for a substitution: she blindfolds him and substitutes nubile teen Lilly Lit for herself making love to him.

    Angel has nefarious motives, and though somewhat predictable (especially in the context of Pure Taboo format), the scene has an effective resolution.

    Just to confuse fans, there's another Pure Taboo segment titled "Power Play", starring Derrick Pierce and Kiarra Kai, released on a DVD titled "One Man's Trash", unrelated to the content here.