Ken Sagoes: I would tell my friends, "If you're going to the movie to see me in "Part 4", go straight to the movie theaters, don't get no popcorn, don't get no drinks or nothing, 'cause my ass will be dead by the time you sit down."

Renny Harlin: I'm from Finland. What do I know?

Robert Englund: Wes taught me to respect the genre and I'm glad I listened.

Clu Gulager: I didn't get a blow-job on the set, if that's what you mean.

Stephen Hopkins: The idea of a thousand maniacs raping a nun, that's always good stuff.

Mark Patton: [On Nightmare on Elm Street 2 having gay themes] If you're being called the 'Homo Nightmare on Elm Street' by a million pre-pubescent boys on the net, then a bunch of grown men had to of known what they were doing.

Brooke Theiss: I'm in goo in a cockroach cast and they're paying me to do this!