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  • Hui Bat-Liu interrupts a guy at a stream so he can brush his teeth. Four girls attack the guy and him. They are lead by a man. The box he wants is empty. Cut to town and Hui Bat-Liu encounters the beggar girl who is picking pockets. . The bad guy chases down and fights another guy but again the box is empty. Got Siu-Bo is the head man who wants the papers. He kills people by squeezing their forehead.

    The movie is only for hard core fans. The only copy I could find seems to be a VHS source made into a digital file. There may be a laser disk source somewhere because the subtitles are both Chinese and English. Here the subtitles are chopped off on the sides. The picture seems to be "zoomed in" also. This makes the action sequences seem too close. Another problem is the director seemed to like the lens flare. Many sequences are washed out in sunlight. So you have too close, too bright, or too dark to see the fights. It makes an objective review difficult. Regardless unless you are used to this sort of thing this movie is really only for a hard core completist and then it ranks only as average.