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  • Beware of Adult industry award-winners: a corrupt marketing ploy that has nothing to do with reality. This loser was gifted as "best high-end all- sex release", an idiotic, made-up category with keyword "high-end", right out of the p.r. toolkit.

    Directed by one "Joshua" for cameraman B. Skow, it's merely a round-up of top femme talent humping away in an industrial setting that reminded me of far better, far more atmospheric (and industry ignored perhaps out of unconscious racism) Alexander DeVoe epics shot for West Coast Productions a half dozen years earlier. DeVoe had a knack for putting his sex scenes into cold & clammy locations filled with lathes and other artifacts of our nation's former heavy manufacturing presence, but Joshua & Skow have no thematic pretensions -only interested in delivering 3 hours of mechanical sex.

    The underlying gimmick here is: how can you go wrong by hiring the best femmes in the business? Skow & company clearly never read "Money Ball" or saw the Brad Pitt movie, because they would have learned, just like the latter-day Yankees ball club, that just rounding up the most expensive and popular subjects doesn't substitute for creativity.

    So we get six dreary sex sequences, each run into the ground for a half hour, with superstars like Sunny Leone, Eva Angelina and near-greats Alexis Texas, Teagan Presley, SHwna Lenee, Kagney Linn Karter and Lexi Belle pawed and manhandled by the current big-dick brigade including Mr. Marcus for IR purposes. Most videos have new faces or ringers for variety but not this one. Homework assignment: add up the credits for each performer and then add on an additional 25% or so (IMDb is far from complete) and see how close we come to 10,000 features or videos between them (counting overlap).

    With zero content (story), there is the minimum daily requirement of group-sex, lesbian action, fetish, anal, you name it. Angelina and Presley are credited as executive producers, but this ends up strictly a bread job, adding nothing to the illustrious careers of those participating. I sat through it a couple of months ago and have no specific recollection (images) of any of the scenes, so ephemeral is this gonzo approach.