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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Living In Your Car is a show that has had me going since the first episode. Steve Unger's (John Ralston) utter disregard for the law and his immoral corporate nature provides a sort of hero-worship for his character. While the rest of us in the real world really do have to follow the letter of the law in business (though some of us causing it to bulge at the seams), I warm up to his character out of a shared taste for success and the attitude, "This is my business. I can do whatever I want with it".

    Though I suspect some may find disgust and pity in his character, I absolutely love the character Steve Unger, even though he's lost his wife, daughter and home. He does however still have his car, which of course lends its hand in the title of the series since most nights, he sleeps in his car. The fact that he has the vision to rise back to the top is in some way inspirational and it's hilarious how he can both grovel and insult someone at the same time.

    John Ralston, who is clearly a seasoned actor, gives the character Steve Unger a sense of reality. He reminds me of Corbin Bernsen in the late 80s and I don't just mean his looks, but his style. I sincerely mean that as a compliment as it is just that style that is perfect for his character. Kudos on this series thus far (Episode 6).

    I also enjoy the fact that this series was filmed in my home town. You'll catch me trying to find landmarks!
  • sagei10 December 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    The subject is a touchy one but the handling doesn't feel tacky or clichéd.

    The lead character talking about creating wealth, employment etc while playing fast and loose with large amounts of money, rings true.

    The lead is compelling.

    He and his lawyer have good chemistry.

    The wife is middling and the daughter is OK.

    But this is John Ralston's show.

    His confrontations with other characters are played with a certain sincerity that leave you wanting more.

    His bewilderment at being disowned by his parents, lame attempts at wheedling his wife, laughably obvious sophistry etc are all fun to watch.

    Not life changing or thought provoking. Just entertaining.

    Wish them well.

    Thank you.