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  • With this being a movie from the Hong Kong cinema, of course my interest was more than peaked. So when I had the chance to sit down and watch "Break Up Club" (aka "Fun sau suet oi nei") then I jumped at the chance.

    Right, well I must blatantly admit that this was a boring movie. But of course, it would be weird if every single Hong Kong produced movie was a stroke of genius in entertainment.

    "Break Up Club" was cumbered by an incredibly slow paced story, that didn't really have much contents to offer. The script seems too shallow and erratic, almost as if it was made up on the fly.

    The entire movie was basically filmed with a handheld camera, which means the picture was all over the place. And that kind of movie-making just infuriates me, because I don't want to pay money to watch something that is shot in a way that I could do myself. I pay for a movie of proper production value. And that handheld camera style is just downright really annoying.

    "Break Up Club" is not a movie that warrants more than just a single viewing, because it has so very little to offer.