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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is based on the book by the same name and the first season is pretty loyal to the book though changing the woman boxer character a bit (to the better really -- the book has her work with Bella) and expand the restaurateur character (again this works), so it is a type of "Sex in the City" dynamic.

    The first episode in fact matches the book quite neatly, down to (get this!) the prudish Sophie (the wise one, ha!) taking a shower after sex. This is like the last time (almost) the no no of actually reminding us sex involves bodily fluids occurs. The scene even has a condom! {A later good scene at a shoe store is also straight from the book as are others -- the writers do make good use of source material.} Anyway, Sophie escapes a boring suitor and comes to the big city to live with her sis ... Sophie is a brain and has a big job set up to use her business skills. Turns out == the horror == her big sister (in more ways than one) is a soft porn magazine model! The title is thus a sort of pun. Sophie's bestie is pretty continuously in heat too, so you'd think Sophie would not be so shocked ... she does get over it eventually. Like the book, she also has to deal with a boss who deflowers "technical virgins" and has a special skill at poker ...

    The fourth (Cassie) is a budding chef (you might recognize her guest starring on Lingerie as did Heather Vandeven), who is bi, though I think we mostly see her with guys. Sex-wise, the show is pretty good. The first season also is pretty serious about plot. The actresses here are good enough in that department to keep things going. I like that sort of thing myself. The actresses (Sophie's boss and hot boy poker love interest are the only guys of interest in S1, the latter somewhat interesting) also look good -- they aren't the sort of sloppy cheap girls seen in some soft porn fare.

    Only Belle remains of the quartet in S2 when things then move on to the office (Brandin Rackley gets more face time) and a club (Jayden Cole, another pretty good porn actress, in both departments). The plots aren't as good though there are a few good episodes (e.g., trip to the farm, a bet and blackout) and things are still decent. A bit more focus on a few guys. A gem here is the somewhat dim but smarter than she looks Tippi (Riley Steele) with a distinctive babyish voice.

    Repeats continue to be on late at night and continue to catch bits and pieces of it. It's above average soft core fare w/o totally escaping conventions. For instance, minus the first episode, the usual totally tanned, no bodily fluids (sweat, cum etc.) sex that can pop up anywhere and then the people go back to what they are doing sort of thing. Still, the actual plot and acting is notable. Good cast overall.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Based on the book by Clara Darling, LIFE ON TOP is a fascinating look at two yuppie sisters with different plans as to how to make it in Manhattan. The older sibling uses her model perfect body and sex in the city while the newbie plans on her business degree and brains to achieve her goal. The latter modifies her plan midstream to become a gambler, then former becomes a photographer by the end of Season 1. Such are the problems faced as the two try to succeed in the shifting of gears. I personally found Season 1 intriguing but it fizzled out by Season 2 with a sudden departure of one of the main characters.

    Sophie Steele, a super brainy twenty-two and fresh out of business school, thinks she has it all: beauty, an MBA, and a high-powered job at a hedge fund in NYC. But Sophie's about to uncover a whole new life – a life filled with beautiful people, exclusive parties, and tantalizingly hot sex – when she moves into her older sister Bella's fabulous Tribeca penthouse apartment. Bella enjoys being a Penthouse Pet, she enjoys photography and especially the those fantasies inspired by it. Bella knows her younger sister will learn the truth about her secret life but is not ashamed as she enjoys sexual indulgences. However Bella looks forward to mentoring the new college grad plus other newbies until she receives a shocker that matches that of her sister.

    The show actually is fairly loyal to the book but changes a bit to set up its four central characters (shades of Sex in the City) in a way that to me is better than how things worked in the book. The show's first season is fairly loyal and the very first episode will look familiar to those book readers. Bothportrayals include an actual storyline amongst the sex, so be prepared to see both as the storyline may take many episodes to gel but indulgent nudity and sex does not. It's a story about human beings that have sex ...and lots of it fact one character is a Penthouse Pet, so she is visibly nude most of the time. So viewers might enjoy this somewhat over the top slice of making it in New York as a Penthouse Pet or just a newbie to the world of high finance in a man's world.
  • billbeast4 February 2013
    Life On Top is about a bunch of ladies that have sex in every episode. They live the high life and like to sleep with pretty much anyone. It's softcore porn. many real pornstars feature in this series and I don't think anyone would actually watch this series for non-existent plot, but rather for the average 4 sex scenes in every episode.

    Acting is horrible, production is clearly cheap and that it managed to last for more than a season is astounding. When looking for a television series, if you like only watching sex scenes, bad acting, and a very VERY tiny speck of story then this is the show for you, but if you want something with substance, story and romance then steer clear.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i know she does porn but that looks she got & the body is the sexiest. you see the show & tell me if she wasn't your favorite. specially in the table dinner scene.

    life on top is a soft-core porn show with more sex scenes then story.the cast includes other members & girls but none of them are good as heather.

    story is about 4 women who love to have sex & shopping.

    i have only watched season 1 didn't get the season 2 DVD yet.

    the main thing i liked was that it wasn't hardcore.which made is bearable.

    anyway i am not gonna rate about the show its gonna be about Heather vandeven 5/10 is all i am giving to life on top.
  • gaurangshah3824 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am not able to watch this series ...

    Please guide me

    How to watch this???
  • jamswenda5 November 2019
    I would like to warch more so kindly let me warch it more and more