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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I did not find this to be a truly esoteric rendering of Lewis Carroll's literary arcane. The script was overtly simplistic and the actors often miscast or banal in their respective characterizations.

    Miss Abby Cadabby is suitable enough as the lead although I found it hard to identify exactly the genus or subgenus of her origin. The Count was his usual suave self and his performance solid and self assured. Grover was somewhat inspired and amusing in his execution, but the Cookie Monster needs to perfect his diction through an acting coach because I couldn't understand a word he said.

    That brings us to Mr. Elmo. I've never felt that Mr. Elmo (or is it Sir Elmo? wasn't he knighted by the queen or something a few years back? Don't know)was a particularly good actor. Mr. Elmo has always been one of those actors of limited range who is better at playing himself than trying at true characterization. He is likable enough, but as an actor Mr. Elmo lacks depth or introspection. In this show his acting limitations are all too apparent. He is completely miscast and seems uncomfortable and uneasy with his performance. I would recommend Mr. Elmo stick to his 'Elmo's World' show on 'Sesame Street' and not dabble in serious acting doing Shakespeare or Williams or Mamet.

    The rest of the production was satisfactory enough. Although at times the cinematography was unimaginative and even sub-par as in the dramatic moments where Ms.Cadabby gains insight. The sets were colorful but rather pedestrian, and the songs were unmemorable and not on a par with say, Gilbert and Sullivan or Gershwin. On a whole the show was not definitive but suitably proficient.

    Uuhh. I'm not at all sure what I just said but I think it had something to do with Elmo being a hack actor.