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  • pasokoo7 July 2010
    shokof means simply to be different.his work could be anything from great to (i would never say bad cause it takes lots of guts to do a small portion of what he has done on his own and in the name of arts)less great but is always a complete step and far away from this world. in Hitler's Grave shokof tries to show how unimportant religions are and how terribly we take all religions as the core principles of living on earth. there is a sentence where the girl and the boy are finally in agreement with doing what they want to do and then the boy asks her : do you think it works? here is the answer which in my opinion is the greatest line in movies in many many years: the fish will not fly and the birds will not swim.nothing will happen. wow, and then they continue on, and truly after the viewer exits the film , one can come to ask oneself the same question, and the answer is simply what the wonderful Taies Farzan gives in the film.just start living free, civilized, artful, and respect one another and no religion can be better than any of that. the film is just extraordinary. the cast are really all great.the story is above the imagination. the directing is on the dot.the music is great and matches wonderfully with the scenes.the editing works, and above all it is a revolution in form of a film much alike Shokof,s famous Seven Servants but much much more tangible.smell of love, success and delight is written all over this marvelous movie. you get a chance to see it , do not lose the chance.its a solid 10
  • why should movies be still made? why should people watch them anymore?9 out of 10 American films are just dead boring from start to the end but the work because we are now used to them. like the movies are a simple casual usual part of everybody's life. like getting up in the morning and .well i don't know .may be drink a glass of is boring to know that we sleep, then wake up and eat, but it is essential. its just how the movies have become. even though they are mostly boring but we have accepted them as essential, until one sees films by certain filmmakers like Shokof. i knew i was about to see something different, funny, brave, and challenging in the mere meaning of all those words when i saw Hitler's Grave. Shokof makes his best movie (in my opinion) if we consider this to be his first film ever to appeal to a widest group of people globally, but that is not why i loved this film. it is because Shokof proves to the viewer that the best of the artists can or should also be able to be casual, easy, simple, and most importantly clear in form and explanation. the story is provocative when a Moslem girl from Iran goes to deliver two promises in Berlin. she has made the promises to her brother just minutes before he dies out of injuries received by the Iranian Thugs in prisons of Iranian Regime and during the recent presidential election mass uprising. she should first find Hitler's grave and then onto the second monumental promise. the movie confronts much serious issues in the whole world in relation to Europe, religions, philosophy, mysteries of life on Earth, much more but you would never once find this mandatory to read in between the lines cause the whole thing is extraordinarily constructed and executed to the end. Vadim Glowna plays the role of the Rabbi magnificently and has a magical moment when he tells the beautiful Taies Farzan (plays the role of the girl wonderfully and well crafted)the secrets about life on Earth; we people on earth have clubs of mystery lovers and goes on saying we make mysteries about things to create stories bigger than life; what really happened to Marilynn Monroe? who really killed Kennedy?what truly happened to Michael Jackson.. the script is fresh, lines are remarkable, actors are all on the point and deliver their best i have seen from any of them. Taies Farzan and Pierre Kiwitt should play a pair again. they look fantastic together, and Pierre delivers greatly. Bj√∂rnsson is flawless, and all over , this movie works because it stays with the core senses of human values, and does not try to be over the viewers intellect. Shokof's best movie gets a 10 from me. i wish this amazing artist all the best with this one. destined to succeed.
  • not just the best movie from 2011, but in my opinion this incredibly brave picture puts its words where its mouth is and makes one wonder how in the world have we all been hiding behind scripts and mainstream life of movies for so many years.daryush Shokof and his films prove to me that soon we would be witness to a whole new kind of scripts, and concepts in the world of movie making. he sets standards for all not to follow the rest of the film producing companies as if we needed food from them. he showed a whole crowd of movie goers in recent years that there is really a chance to do different type of films and stand proud to have had done them , even though it could mean that his films will never be screened. well, for me Hitler's Grave does all it wants to do in the name of movies and breaks one strongest taboos in the world that the time has come to live in religion free societies. i give this one of a kind picture a loud 10
  • Hitler's Grave surprised me amongst all films in 2012 and touched me as one of the most original films i had ever seen. however, i read many places that Shokof is well known for being an original i really like to see films from him, and question myself how come i never saw any films by him till now?! is it because he is so original? weird?! strange that so many great filmmakers go unrecognized. anyway, this film should get much attention from all those who do not like racism, restricted religion codes and freedom above all.but that said , it is also the film that all Nazis would hate to ever come across to.racists are doomed to destruction when they have one word to say in the theater.yes, it is really a courageous film from any and many perspectives as well.i also read "since i really wanted to know about this artist, filmmaker" that he was even kidnapped for his works and belief. now, how in the world did he really make such a film?! and now that such a rarity has come to exist, how do the world of cinema goes about ignoring it? i read that it was rejected by all major film festivals until it finally landed the major awards at some festival in Los Angeles? the film is full of great lines.the actors or rather say, the lead actors are all great.the lead actress is overwhelming in her portray of the dazed and confused Iranian Moslem woman who now searches freedom and is up to deliver a promise that is more important to her than her own life. the ending of the picture alone is worth all the every pleasurable minute one sits through this great movie.a down out eye opener in all aspects as i would recommend this film to all and every human being who would really rather see a great film than just spend money and pop corn for films as business as usual watch it and vote for it for the best film of the year in many categories starting with the best original script to the best actress and directing and the film , not to forget the strange music score that adds to the wholesomeness of this very masterfully executed feature film.
  • sabrpoket26 October 2011
    best script in many years for the film Hitler,s Grave best directing best lead actress for taies farzan best film and i loved the music this film has my vote for sleeper of the year 2012 Academy Awards would do courageousness, humanity, boldness, fantasies, optimism, perspectives for future generations of people on earth and much more positivity all the good to take serious notice of this so beautifully orchestrated simple Small movie with the heart of the lions. an absolute delightful polite-drama without big name actors but excellent works by all lead actors in the film daryush shokof,s best movie so far a classic is born 10 from me for all it offered to me until the very last second i was glued to my seat for greatest ending of the film in many years of cinema.
  • i just saw this great and brave film in is really a simple movie with a heart of gold, and done masterfully by Shokof whose Asudem and Seven Servants brought my attention to the works of this very interesting seems that he makes movies with really tight budgets but the concepts never let you feel the essence of the filmmaking qualities to give away as he quiet powerfully blends all the necessary elements together in order to deliver the film as an original work no matter what the film is all about anyway.Hitler's Grave has all those ingredients to make it a winner as the sleeper of the year. i never heard of the movie until it was brought to my attention through a simple mail . i saw it and the powerful story, start scenes and follow up drama grabbed my feelings and pinned me down to the seat till very last second.some actors are openly not up to the situations but others such as the lead actress; and or Vadim Glowna, and almost all the other major positions are right on the dot.most specifically is the concept of the film and the script that in my opinion stand out to be a righteous contender for the Oscars this year.the bravery of it both can place this very courageous film that is sincerely a world apart from all other Iranian films i have seen so far in all these delivers a realistic, balanced and way too open of an ending that one is challenged to believe it is all possible to end of with such a concept in our world of conflicts these days and be a believer that it is also the right way to think. i loved this movie and have much more respect for this grand thinker every time i see a new work from him.see this film wherever you get a chance while it will stay with you for some time before you long for another Shokof film.
  • daryush shokof makes a commitment to break taboos every time he gets a chance making a movie.however, with Hitler,s grave he has done more than just making a movie.i rather say a most subtle film i have seen from him is a story that not only touches different layers of current world conflicts (Moslems and the Jews)but, directs us to a window of opportunity so smoothly that one can simply and easily agree there is nothing wrong with having no religion. this is actually what the film preaches above all the other statements about the world famous"infamous Iranian regime". he is very successful to tell the story with wit and passion, as Taies Farzan delivers her role equally at her best but so do almost all other wonderful actors in the film (except for some new comers and or relatively extra type of cast that do disturb very nice scenes on occasions,"the police officers at the synagogue are just simply not up to their roles). Vadim Glowna is great. Pierre Kiwitt does a good job and the complete story works like a half classic old movie that you do not want to miss. a solid 10 for this very refreshing new film by shokof
  • this film is the first i saw from shokof without his usual artistic bend.simple story telling straight forward to the point with a compelling idea about a girl who has promised to her dying brother to go to Berlin, and find Hitler,s Grave and................. the film is powerful, because it is simply executed to stay as close to the story line as possible. you do not get out of the mood of the film and the performances are the best i have seen from shokof films except for extraordinary performance by Anthony Quinn in Seven Servants that in my opinion is a fable all to itself. Taies Farzan is beautiful, convincing and onto the dot. i have seen many Iranian films and know many actresses who do great job in playing their roles, but, this one is really tops the list. the great Vadim Glowna does a near perfect job in the role of the Rabbi, and almost all the rest do a better than good work in their roles, even when there are some obvious first time actors who fill in the gaps in between before we get to the next scene. shokof knows how to work with non actors as well as with those who know the business inside out. the daring, freedom preaching anti racism concept of the film is something one would probably except from the film as it is almost always a main principle of many of shokof films, but this one takes it to the core of the matter where he simply makes life worth living without existence of religions. it works even though he again battles against a major taboo (moslims and Jews) and so bluntly that it perhaps is his most tangible story to date. the Muslim girl meeting a Jewish boy is nothing new but see the film and you will find out why it is so courageously different. Hitler,s Grave is a movie i watched with delight, true feelings for pictures and was absolutely touched by its monumental ending. 10 out of 10 for this one.
  • semadrahi3 October 2010
    never ever did i see a film by shokof anywhere except in private screenings and i asked myself why not?! i saw his incredible film "seven Servants" which still remains in my head as something out of this world. then i saw Asudem, Breathful, and now Hitler's Grave. why does his movies never get distributed?! it puzzles me. is it that as in the arts we now have filmmakers who would first die, and then get established.?! if so, i find this a horrible mistake in Mr.Shokof,s case.i enjoyed this film as i did all his other movies in which everything is just simply original. this movie leaves you with the feeling that classic concepts still exist but Can also carry daring,brave, and original messages. i was dumb folded by the final scene where we finally find out the real reason the beautiful sister (taies farzan acts almost flawless in the role). the film is again one taboo breaking effort from a master director at his simplest, most powerful form telling a story with all his curious moments ,thoughts and originality. a positive above 10 from me for this wonderful movie made for these specifically sensitive times of our lives on earth.
  • j have seen five movies from this master of arts and originality, and was ready to see another unique movie by shokof when i sat to view this powerful film . contradicting all my expectations from shokof movies, this one Hitler's Grave, was all but arty shokof film with his point of construction scenes and telling unique stories out of this world. Hitler's grave is so simply powerful that it convinces the best of movie makers out there to just get a camera (no matter what as long as it shoots pictures), know your kraft, but tell a story which again is nothing like you have seen before. a woman (wonderful Taies Farzan does the job flawlessly) promises her dying brother to fulfill 2 promises at his death bed. the first is to go to Berlin and find Hitler,s grave, and the second keeps the audience hanging in there to the last second. the story is grabbing and told masterfully, the actors are all wonderful.the curiosity of Germany in 2010 and the people answering with strange feeling to the ever tense questioning Atossa (taies farzan) is in itself a movie all great and worthwhile to see. there are many complicated issues handled with pure cinema skills by shokof to keep the film easy for all viewers to watch. it is funny as he always could be, dramatic as one has never before seen in shokof films, and so classically dedicated to keep in line while telling the story that one can simply forget there is ever a giant director telling a story of monumental proportions. the film has it all from jokes, to purest love instincts and sorrow, and joy, and music, and last but not least shoko,s perspectives of setting the shots so one would be able to tell, this is a shokof film most definitely. Hitler,s grave is a movie for all. from intellectuals to the school kids who just now fall in love and have had their ears, and noses full from stinking smell of the world bitter taste of racism (which again is a theme in almost all shkof film), and arrogance of the European societies which separates them from the rest of the world and is their greates handicap to be able to make world wide popular cinema. now for all its reasons this film and the director has done it in Germany and could perhaps show how interesting a film can be even if it is made in Germany.sorry, i mean no harm but to just criticize the bitter reality why most European films and most definitely German films do not connect with the world audience. take a look at shokof,s Hitler,s grave and you will understand why.
  • i saw this movie in berlin at babylon cinema. the few people who were present were so touched that when the film was finished their cheers sounded as if there were 1000 people in the theatre.i felt so proud to be an Iranian for once after 30 years.not even one movie coming out of Iran ever showed what people could do once left in peace and freedom, and bravely enough how beautifully all taboos could be broken "positively" only when a true artist is behind a work. i was always an admirer of shokof films. i was under the impression that i was about to see something i had never seen before, the seven servants and or even breathful. however, this film was story telling at its best, and art in the second row. shokof was only visible in the concept "the story was really original again" and he let the actors do their jobs at their best. starting from the most beautiful Iranian actor and well i have to add the most powerful as well "Taies Farzan" who convinces the viewers there is a solid character playing the role of her life in gripping moments throughout the film. then there is Pierre Kiwitt, and great Germa actor Vadim Glowna at his best. the film is about a strange promise a sister makes to her dying brother (a demonstrator for peace and democracy through the last uprising for iranian presidential election and.......all that ugly events that took place ....) who has been fatally tortured in the hands of Iranian Thugs in the prisons. she lands in Berlin after his death to deliver the first of two promises that is to find Hitler's Grave and on to the next promise which holds your breath all the way to the last minute in the movie. the message, the cast, the story, the gracious Directing , the music and all its simplicity in form makes this movie one of my all time favorites. i could watch it over and over again, and that is why this most humane film gets a 10 from me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hitler's Grave at the first glance is a simple story about an Iranian woman (played flawlessly by the great Iranian beauty, Taies Farzan)whose brother asks her to go to Berlin and find Hitler's Grave plus one more favor.the brother dies right after she gives her word to deliver both promises, and then, we start the film with the woman in Berlin this movie is a final revolution in a deeper sense than that of a mission to find the grave. number one there is no grave. number 2 the author (shokof himself has done a brilliant job again in writing another unique and mind blowing script)uses every chance to make sure that the story is really not limited to finding Hitler#S grave BUT IS MUCH DEEPER THAN ANYTHING ANYONE COULD EVEN THINK OF UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE OF THE FILM WHERE WE FINALLY know what the whole story is about. number 3 is the beautiful directing in a Docu-Fictional narrative style which draws powerful performances from taies Farzan, to Pierre Kiwitt, to the legendary Vadim Glowna and all the rest who are wonderfully on the spot. With Hitler's Grave shokof diminishes all that doubt that he can not tell a story or the trash talks about his extraordinary original body of works that never tried to tell a story but to create amazing atmospheres hardly seen in any films in the history of motion picture. he tells this grand tale of love,peacefulness,and the guts for reaching freedom at any price (never before has an Iranian Director dared to include such bold scenes or statements against the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran.not even 3 minutes of such brave scenes in the last 30 years) with historic and epic depth in such simple form and manner that it reminds one of Renoir films ,or,a mix of story telling habits by grand cinema geniuses such as Chaplin,or even Keaton (though on many occasions the film is anything but funny). Hitler's Grave can and in my opinion should finally award the first Iranian Director Daryush Shokof with all the credits the world of cinema has to offer to such a most unique and wonderful piece of film making . my Oscars go to the best film,best script,best directing and finally and above all best acting by the only Iranian actress Taies Farzan who also deserves to win it. for me this film is a 10 for many ten many good reasons.
  • lajevardiseyedali18 January 2012
    shokof is an Iranian sold to the wrong side. his rank and file has always been clear to be on the Israelis side.i have nothing now against his methods and beliefs, but want to only talk about this piece of trash movie that belongs to the garbage can of any film buff.the film is poorly directed, simply because shokof is a terrible director.he has no idea about making movies.his credentials are pumped up from a bunch of traitors and sold out agents against the Iranian People, and the revolution that was elected by Iranians.his name is on top of the lists of the most Hated Iranians, and his films are just a laughing stock at any corner inside and outside of Iran.i wonder how in the world could anybody with a descent mind even give this guy any right to ever shoot a film.i think there are just enough stupid people in the world that wonder how they can find another stupid to go around with.the acts are horrible.the story sucks.the film is a FLOP, and would never find a screening .a 0 in my opinion, but i am generous so i gave this most terrible movie of all time a flat 1.
  • richardsalimon12 January 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    the best film of 2011 the best acting in a leading actress role by Taies Farzan best director is Shokof best original script is a must win in 2012 this most underrated and barely screened masterpiece.the story is amazing the film is a delight from the start to the very end do not miss this masterpiece, and ignore all you have seen from directors inside of Iran as they have only performed as a propaganda machines for that ill mannered Regime. this is the real deal that would put many faces to a shame for having sided with the evil for so long. great 10. when watching this film i was questioning myself whether i was really seeing a film in 2011, as all the other over 30 movies i watched this year had all the same usual ending, and or even same lines were almost repeated only by different faces.Hitler's Grave deserves to be screened all over the world and most specifically in all universities that teach religion as a major course. i just loved it.