Vázquez: Come on.

Rosa: Wait a moment.

Vázquez: What's the matter?

Rosa: You think I'm some dumb just arrived from the country who enters a hotel with the first guy she meets in the street?

Vázquez: Well, I...

Rosa: Well yes. I am. Come on.

Peláez: Señor González?

González: What's up?

Peláez: Are you sitting? If not, you better sit down.

González: [Cut to the office, where they hear González's shout] Váaazqueeez!

Rosa: It breaks my heart, Manolo, really. She's a good woman. Couldn't we pay her at least ONE month?

Vázquez: It's a matter of principles. People who rent apartments, always have too many apartments.

Vázquez: I'd bet my neck that the old woman has some good bundles under her mattress. And I'll tell you more: Getting dough out of those who have it is more than a right, it's a duty. Do you understand?

Rosa: You are a dangerous son of a bitch, you knew that?

Carlitos: Mom says you take advantage of the poor people.

Vázquez: No, I don't take advantage of the poor people, I take advantage of the *bad* people.

Carlitos: And how can you tell them apart?

Vázquez: Who?

Carlitos: Good people from bad. In the movies it's easy because the bad ones always wear black, but outside of them, you never know.

Vázquez: I don't know. Bad ones are those who want to take something from you. You must make them believe they got it, they can take something from you, but really it's you who're getting it from them. You must take advantage of the moment, do you understand? That's rule number one.

Vázquez: The day will come when all of us will have a record. Everywhere they'll know everything about you. How much you owe, how much you have in the bank, the dental fillings you've had... There'll be super-computers storing all that data. But those'll be so big, they'll have to build whole cities just for them. Luckily, we're centuries away from that. So, in the meanwhile, the only thing you must do is work by neighbourhoods. When they know you in one, you move to another one. And that's it?

Vázquez: So, what are you going to do with the twenty duros?

Carlitos: Deposit them in the savings account. Every twelve deposits, they give you a stamp album.

Vázquez: No fucking way. You'll spend those in pastries or in the theme park. Or in whores! I won't allow a son of mine to save.

Vázquez: You were unlucky the day you crossed my path.

Peláez: Luckily we're not all like you, Señor Vázquez, because otherwise the country would be ruined. When I have all the money, I'll pay for it. On the nail!

Vázquez: Drawing myself...

[Starts drawing]

Madame: [Sees the sketch] Come on, man, that looks like Gary Cooper! Give'im more paunch... Yeah, and less hair!

Vázquez as a cartoon: Not that much. We're not bald!

Vázquez: [to the cartoon] Shut up!

Monja: Are you Don Manuel Vázquez's family?

Manuel: Well... Er... Just a li'l bit.

Monja: I guess you know that Paz, may she be in Glory, donated all her properties to the Holy Church, so, according to these documents, you have a new landlord.

Rosa: Oh? And who's that?

Monja: The Lord. And you cannot owe 20 months of rent to the Lord.

Manuel: Why?

Monja: Because He'll call the police.

Manuel: And what about "forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors"?

Manuel: Manolo works here, right?

Peláez: Manolo, Manolo who?

Manuel: Vázquez. Vázquez!

Peláez: Ah, as for working, truly working, not much. But yes, it's here

Peláez: Believe me, Ibáñez, you'll surely go far. Not like some others who embarrass this whole occupation!

Peláez: He's been under an arrest warrant for two weeks, but they can't find anywhere. He's slippery like an eel!

Artist: [Enters room] Boss, it's Vázquez! He's on TV! He's on TV! Yes, yes, now, now.

Rosa: Manolo I - I can't like live this. Really, I don't think anyone but you can live like this.

Peláez: [Reviews Vázquez's new pages] Let's see... Would you mind telling what's this? By God's sake, Vázquez! Every week, more than a million children read us. Tomorrow's Spaniards! What kind of an example do you think we'd give them with this garbage? The hero is even a defaulter. He's you! No. No, no, no, no, no, no, I won't allow children leave home while you incite them to scrounge, scam and deceive teh good people who work for this country to...

González: What's happening here?

Peláez: Read it yourself. This is anarchy, Señor González.

[González reviews Vázquez's pages and starts laughings]