The doctor who assists Rosa in the birth of her baby is the youngest son of the real Manuel Vázquez.

In the beginning at the film Vázquez explains to González the creation of a character called Inspector O'jal after to watch the buttonhole (in Spanish, ojal) in the jacket of this last one. It's a nod for the real Inspector O'jal.

When Rosa and Vázquez moves to a new house, their housekeeper is an old woman called Paz. One of the most known characters of Vázquez is called Abuelita Paz (Grandma Paz).

When Rosa to give birth her baby, Vázquez is asked about the name of their son. This one says "Angelito" (Little Angel). Angelito was one of this creations in the comic, an uncouth baby recalled later "Gu-Gu".

In the bar where Vázquez meets Rosa, he is picturing a character called Anacleto after to watch a magazine that in its cover appears Maxwell Smart. The real Vázquez created "Anacleto, Agente Secreto" (Anacleto, Secret Agent) inspired by Get Smart (1965).

In the movie Vázquez have a parrot in the flat roof where he lives. In La Familia Cebolleta (The Cebolleta Family), one of his creations, appears a parrot that smokes a Havana cigar.

Jesús Guzmán plays Manuel, Vázquez's father. The real Vázquez used his own father as inspiration for the grandfather of La Familia Cebolleta, an old man with large beard and walking cane that's always telling boring stories from his youth. When the character enjoys an animated cameo in the movie, he is voiced by Guzmán.

In a scene where Vázquez visits a brothel, the madam that talks with him suggests that Vázquez portraits himself like a character. Vázquez was main character in "Los Cuentos Del Tío Vázquez" (Uncle Vazquez's Tales) and "Anacleto, Agente Secreto", where was one of the villains.

At the beginning of the film Vázquez lives in the flat roof of an almost ruined building. The building it's a nod for "13, Rue del Percebe", one of the most well-known creations of Ibáñez that it's a building with all kind of outrageous neighbors, between them a debtor in the flat roof (Vázquez is accurately a debtor in the movie).

After to exit from the jail Vázquez is forced to create pastimes and hobbies for the comics due to his debts with the publishing company, that prohibited him created his characters for a long time. In the real life Vázquez too had to create pastimes and hobbies due to his debts.

Manolo Solo plays a young draftsman called Ibáñez. Francisco Ibáñez is the most famous draftsman in Spain, that his best creation is "Mortadelo y Filemón". In the same line Jordi Banacolocha plays Escobar, creator of "Zipi y Zape" and Ibáñez's greatest rival for years.

The character Rosa is based on Vázquez's first wife, Aurora. Per director Óscar Aibar's research, they met in Barcelona, married, moved to Madrid to sleep in a brothel, then for three years they lived in different hotels, paying nothing. Aurora believed Vázquez was a bright man, although he disappeared whenever he had responsibilities, and she even tried to live with him again twenty years later.

Several fans asked director Óscar Aibar why he did not film a movie about Francisco Ibáñez, a more popular comic-book writer. Ibáñez himself replied that no-one would be interested in the biography of a guy sitting in front of a drawing table for sixty years, doing his work.