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  • Yes the movie is AWESOME and too good for words...Allu Arjun playing the role of Aarya has just rocked the screen...I've never enjoyed a movie as much as i did enjoy this one. Aarya is a Psycho who does anything and everything for his friend Ajay.. Both of them fall in love with the same girls "Geetha".. The rest of the movie tell us who marries Geetha at last. I was not bored in the whole movie for at least a minute..The movie has all the ingredients for a hit! There is emotion,comedy and romance..

    The Part in which Aarya murders the guys who irritate Geetha with his car with a Shrek cover was a little bit silly..But for sure Allu Arjun's dance and acting were at the pinnacle. There is nothing wrong in saying that Arjun is the best dancer in south India.. On the other hand the role of Ajay played by Navadeep, is the character of a selfish person. The total highlight of the movie is the character of Aarya though..I recommend a must watch for all..I have become a fan of Allu arjun immediately after watching the movie.
  • See I am a guy fro Calcutta and I really do not understand the language Telegu but I must comment on one thing this actor Allu Arjun can do wonders. I am going to comment on the following:

    Story: Good story, plot is nicely placed with a bit of feudal touch of urban India and enough space for every character to blossom.

    Screenplay & Cinematography: Well must admit one of the best India has produced in recent time.

    Music: In reality I do not know the name of the music composer but must admit he or she did an excellent job specially with "My Love is Gone", "Mr. Perfect" and above all "RINGA RINGA" wow what a song such peppy track with such eloquence.

    Acting: Allu Arjun (Arya) - These guy really knows acting and with the talent he got he sure as hell can do grater character roles. He is superb in this movie. Absolutely no flaws. Kajal (Geetha) - Damsel in absolute hallucination........good actress needs more fine tuning but did a great job. Navdeep (Ajay) - The Only flaw in this movie is this guy's expressionless screen presence......pathetic to the core Mukesh Rishi & Sayaji Satam - Simply Excellent Others were also great specially the guy who almost got married to geetha in rayalseema and shradha das.

    All in all a good plot some great acting and one of the best musical showcase..........Do watch this film
  • One of the most fantastic movie I have ever seen. Writer was very intelligent in understanding each and every single behavior's of Human nature, that how people react on someone's actions. And very cleverly he change all the angles towards Arya in a positive manner. Arya played a very very very clever game, played with people mind and convert all the situations(angles) towards him from where he looks Positive, Good character and A good Sacrificerrr...

    His brain was Awesome... Let put it like this way as I am a Computer Engg.. And Arya was too... And in Programming language (C/C++ etc), (we have if...else or While LOOPS.. Or as a FLOWCHART).. His brain reacts in microseconds (very quickly Like he's on full BUZZ) like, If this thing happens do that, else that, else that and vice- versa. Like he can control Everybody's life (the complete SAMAAY CHAKAR) by this.

    I am sure about the movie writer of this movie ARYA, he played with most of the people mind in his entire Life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Its really Hard to find this types of Psychological movie.Mostly Psychological movies raise the concept of Crime, Thriller & Ghost But first time i watched the movie which express lovestory by psychologically.And the content of the Movie is really hard to build.Sukumar divide his 100 percent efforts by giving 50percent to friendship & 50percent to Love.We can get balance of Friendship And love in this movie. Mostly movies makers give priority to friendship not to love but in reality today's people matter love lot then friendship. That makers can learn from this movie how love is also important as well as friendship.Main weapon of movie is twist in each and every plot.Movie can divert audience's mind frequently so audience can not guess what will be happen.And the last in climax audience say"Deserving Ending Ever" In conclusion it's really hard or impossible to make sequel of this movie or at least equal of this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Actually when i saw the Movie first in the year of release.. i was not impacted much.. it was just another BEST FRIEND movie with a twist..

    Over the years i had this opportunity to watch it again and again ( on TV channels).. and when ever i saw it i find that the scenes were handled maturely... the screenplay was just awesome..

    This movie somehow reminds me of Muqaddar ka Sikander ( please no relation at all). MkS for me was one of the best love stories of all time with Friendship at the backdrop..

    This movie too has the similar layers.. its hard to say if this is a friendship movie or a Love story. its a nice mixture of both..

    Couple of scenes stands out...

    1. The movie starts at an orphanage.. with a sort of forced friendship...

    2. The adoption scene.. What ever you win is mine and what i win is yours..

    3. Their are no heroes or villains.. everyone has similar shades..

    4. Navdeep was both handsome as well as a big screen time.. which he utilised with good emotions..

    5. The realisation of how good a friend Arya is an outstanding scene ably done by navdeep...

    6. Haunting BGM 7. good and stylish dancing movies.. 8. Bhramhanandam many scenes standout.. Sukumar and screenplay writers are just awesome..

    Negative for which i deduct a star is the movie is a 202 minutes longer.. could be shorter..

    The dialouges... songs lyrics are just too good.. Karige lona ee khsanam and my love is gone stands out...

    for me i enjoyed 230 minutes of the 242 minutes.. its awesome.. just watch it..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i wouldn't say its a wonderful movie, i wouldn't say its a bad movie either. this movies is a great entertainer and the same time even a no brainier can guess whats happening next. probably because it has a very generic story line and it copies the theme from Arya 1. before watching this movie please be aware that its not a sequel to Arya 1. its on the same lines of Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage raho Munna Bhai.

    Movies rotates around 3 characters. Arya, Ajay and Geetha. Arya is little psychotic and will do anything for his friend Ajay. after meeting Geetha he starts loving her and the same thing with Ajay. Arya is confused whether to support his love or his friends and the basic Arya theme follows.

    Allu Arjun as a lead actor has done a marvelous job and has dance, i just have one word wow wow wow. do watch the movie and have fun. i would highly recommend movie.
  • dev-gani27 November 2019
    Character creation of protagonist is 1 out of 100 movies. attitude & ethics the character have were unmatchable!
  • Everyone must watch this movie. Very hardworking songs and beautiful love story ever. arjun & kajal are best matching couple in Indian cinema!
  • The best love and friendship movie with romance and comedy. Allu Arjun acting is amazing. The best love hate relationship movie. Untied of watching this movie no of times....
  • baruu_u6 December 2009
    Its just waste of time to watch this movie. Only satisfaction is the dance by the artist arjun allu. MOvie is not upto the expectations and in turn failure at the box office. The story is wavering with lot of confusion from hero 's point. 2nd half is a bit relaxing with some humour, but the 1st half really tests your patience. This sequel has not worked well. but coming to performances everybody did their job thats it. songs are really awesome good music from devisriprasad. So can watch movie at most once. In the second half ajay who performs villain roles has humour touch which worked well and brahmanandam did his job. some jokes are really awful.