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  • The actresses can't be faulted, but the brain trust at Girlfriends Films seems to have lost its way, creating sex vignettes for this now ancient series (already over the 180 volumes mark two years later). Obviously makeup, lighting and camera angles as a pair of sex workers hump for posterity has become the be-all and end-all of the production pipeline.

    In particular, this series was explicitly launched not only to fill a need for "realistic lesbian sex" in contradistinction to the phony lesbian scene routinely included in a porn video by mainstream labels, but also to build around a central premise of ladies wanting to meet up (pre computer dating) with like-minded ladies for the purpose of sex or perhaps a meaningul relationship, hence the title.

    Perfunctory story material here has little to do with that. Opening segment has Dana DeArmond's face covered in bandages, as she's attended to by young nurse Winter Jade. They've bonded in hospital, and it's the big day for the bandages to be removed. Yes, it's the newly minted blonde, big-bust MILF DeArmond underneath, not the ditzy, sexually kinky porn icon of a decade before, and the two gals make love then and there. A pretty flimsy excuse for a sex scene.

    India Summer provides her talented acting abiltiy to a different sort of character for her: angry that her husband cheated on her with a friend of stepdaughter Eliza Ibarra. Eliza comforts her stepmom with faux incestuous sex. They make a fine brunette pair in the sack, but this is hardly a case of a woman seeking a woman.

    Most fanciful scene has Violet Starr going to spiritualist/fortune teller Avi Love, latter giving a fun, rather silly performance replete with a crytal ball. It's an old-fashioned crystal ball, not the pulsating pastel lights white ball that coincidentally is used in Girlfriends videos by more serious & somber India Summer in a recurring role as "High Priestess India". Of couse Avi soon seduces Violet.

    Final segment features a very corny situation I've seen before and will undoubtedly soon see again in girl/girl porn. Busty Kenzie Taylor and cute Alex Coal both arrive at a home each thinks she's inherited. They are both ex-wives of Jeff, and each claims to be the rightful heir. Nonsensical yet 100% predictable solution for the warring ladies is to share a bed in the new house and have some hot sex together, Jeff having evidently been merely a stop on the way to mutual Sapphic bliss.