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  • For once, I was entering a Hall with the assurance that the movie I was about to watch was something ORIGINAL, something not copied from the West. And so, OBVIOUSLY, my expectations were low. You never know what you can expect from an original Bachchan movie! The credits began, and Jaya Bachchan could be heard individually pronouncing each name (the cast, the team behind the movie), and slowly, by the time she reached "Writer and Director", you wished her to stop. And then, in a magical tone, she says "Paa!", laughing along, and a soothing tone fills your ear and heart... and you know, yes, this is going to be a good show.

    Paa has its moments that touch you, that move you, that make you laugh, that make you feel warm, that make you happy... etc etc. There are moments that are supposed to make you cry... but they don't. I guess that's where Paa fails. Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role delivers a sweet performance, and Abhishek is seen trying very hard to fit in. Vidya sort of stumbles out of her "Vidya" character. The music of the movie is simple. The end credits song sung by Amitabh Bachchan was one amazing track. Even "Hitchki" was nice. The direction and flow was simple, though the cuts between Auro's waiting and Amol's political moves were rather jerky. The cinematography was simple and fulfilling, though the editing required spicing up.

    In the end, definitely go watch Paa. I was disappointed to find only 15 had come for the first day first show... me being one. It's films like these that should be more prevalent. In contrast, if Kambakkht Ishq was a HIT, then in that case this should be a BLOCKBUSTER. Sadly, I know that will not be the case.

  • Imagine this. R Balki arrives with his second film after Cheeni Kum (2007), starring Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Paresh Rawal and introducing a twelve-year old child actor. We do not know this kid, although it is possible that he impresses us all after we see him perform. But does this essentially guarantee a bumper opening for the movie? Can we safely assume that the audience will come into the theatres? Now, take this. The entire cast and crew remains the same. And although it is indeed possible to find an immensely talented child artist and create the desired character using prosthetic make-up and voice modulation, the director decides to cast Amitabh Bachchan as the child. And he calls the film Paa. The result is for us to see, in the form of one of the most smartly promoted films of our time. This is what we call star power. This is what I admire about the phenomenon of a superstar. And this is what this film uses in the best possible way.

    The film also uses the personality, and not the acting, of Abhishek Bachchan to create a gen-next politician, and we connect. It uses Vidya Balan to portray a strong, independent, modern Indian woman, and most importantly – a mother; and we connect. And it utilizes the human curiosity for the weird, our tendency to look at 'freaks' with wide eyes and held breaths, and converts that 'freak' into a warm, lovable and memorable character called Auro, and takes us into his world. It uses songs, melodrama and the Bollywood cliché to tell a story. It relies on the time-tested formula of emotional manipulation and succeeds in making the audience cry. It has decent production values, is marketed smartly and sold at cheap rates. The result is not a great, timeless, flawless piece of art. The result is a film that knows how to use the illusion of the medium. The result is a movie that moves.

    The best thing about Paa is that it knows what it is doing. It does not claim to be 'socially relevant', and does not ask us to leave our brains home before coming to the theatres. Instead it asks us to bring our brains, our hearts, our entire selves, not excluding the 'curiosity for the weird' that we all have but fail to accept. It treats itself as a film for everyone, and successfully creates an entertaining cinema experience. In its attempt, it often gets inconsistent, but it never seems uncertain. It is an innovation, and yes, that it is, which is sure of itself, including how to sell itself. It is an innovation that does not go wasted, and that is indeed an achievement in the Hindi film scenario of today.

    It has been a few decades now and Hindi cinema is desperately in the need for revival. For that to happen, if it ever happens, we need socially relevant cinema, we need cinema as works of art, we even need cinema with an international appeal, and with the guts to experiment . But what we need most is innovative ideas, true to Hindi cinema sensibility and tradition, not necessarily great in the absolute cinema-sense, but films which make people come, watch and connect. We need more films like Paa. I have no idea about how it is going to fare at the box-office. If it is a commercial success, my point would be proved beyond doubt. If it fails, well, I will try my best not to lose hope.
  • R Balki directs 'Paa', a film I was very interested to watch. At first, the promos did not impress me and I expected to see a pretentious film at best, but the positive reviews and several recommendations made me finally catch this one. The film was a pleasant surprise: nice and simple, but somehow I still expected something else. R Balki did a very good job in terms of both writing and direction. The film's story is well-written and told, the execution is steady, and the dialogues are witty and light. But at some point I did feel that something was missing there. Don't know what. Maybe something in the portrayal of Auro's relationship with his mother could have been better done, though I liked how Balki portrayed his friendship with school kids, particularly a boy named Vishnu.

    Bachchan's casting in the role of Auro, which created a lot of buzz and curiosity pre-release, was brave and bold, but frankly speaking, it would have been more interesting to see a child actor playing Auro. I say that while considering the many young talents in the industry who could have easily been suitable for the part. Bachchan is somewhat overly tall for the role and since all of us know Auro is played by the great Amitabh Bachchan, it reduces the level of credibility in the film's authenticity, and many may feel it was made to showcase his greatness and to evoke such reactions as "wow! He plays his son's son!"

    But Bachchan does not disappoint. He manages to make Auro a likable character with his under-toned line delivery, expressive eyes and simplicity. A lesser actor of his age could have played the role in an overly childish manner with exaggerated mannerisms and noticeable attempts to overdo and emphasise the character's young age and disease symptoms. But not Bachchan. Hardly recognisable under this heavy mask of make-up, he naturally transforms into a little, intelligent kid of our times and is thoroughly convincing.

    Abhishek Bachchan, playing his real-life father's father is strictly okay in a role that is not very deep or demanding but still contributes to the film significantly. Vidya Balan is excellent as Vidya, the caring and loving mother who is also an assertive and independent career woman. Balan acts with grace and restraint and she is natural and compelling throughout. And she is absolutely stunning in her traditional Indian looks. Arudhati Nag is fine and effective as Vidya's supportive mother. The child who plays Auro's best friend Vishnu is simply adorable. I particularly liked a scene in which Auro and Vishnu have a phone conversation, and Vishnu sharply criticises his father. That was hilarious!

    Coming to the music, Ilayaraja composes a lovely, classical and joyful soundtrack for the film which gives it a very light and feel-good mood. The editing and the cinematography are well-done. Towards the end, 'Paa' is a bit emotional. It neither made me shiver nor tear, but it still was efficient and moving. I recommend you to watch 'Paa' with family or friends. Do not plan to either hate or love it. If you watch the film trying to ignore this wow factor, you will definitely enjoy it and will probably be able to appreciate Balki's efforts to make a lightly dramatic episode about one young boy and his relationships rather than a socially educative film on progeria. Just enjoy this witty, interesting and refreshing piece.
  • "Paa" evidently proves that Bollywood has still not lost it all and we still have film-makers who can deliver movies at par with the other parts of the world. Yes, the story-idea may have been borrowed from Francis Ford Coppola's "Jack" and the make-up may remind you of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". But at the same time, it's also true that "Paa" has nothing else related to these two names.

    "Paa" certainly belongs to its director R. Balki and the phenomenon called Amitabh Bachchan. Just when everybody thought that this man has done it all, he comes up with an extraordinary and out of the world character named "Auro". What's even more astonishing in his portrayal is that you never find the real Amitabh Bachchan anywhere on the screen in those two hours. In the entire past comprising all his mammoth blockbusters, Amitabh has always been there as a Bollywood persona hidden in his on screen characters. But here is a movie where you know that there is Amitabh featuring in it, but you still can never feel him on the celluloid. He simply adopts a completely different soul minus his world famous style and baritone voice structure. And that's the magical spell, cast by the magician actor. Truly speaking, Amitabh literally sends every reviewer in search of new words to praise his impeccable and incomparable act of 'Auro' in "Paa".

    Right from the first scene introducing "Auro" in his school function, the veteran actor makes you believe what you are seeing. He humbly forces every viewer in the theater to admit that he is watching the most accomplished actor of all times who has just walked beyond any number games and Bollywood Titles. Especially in the scenes where he is interacting with his kid friends in their own school lingo and in the emotional climax sequence inside the hospital, Auro goes on to set new benchmarks for the entire Indian Film Industry. Though the script has some unnecessary references of political activities and slums which could have been easily avoided, but the spotless performances of the entire cast don't let you ponder over these needless insertions and the movie goes on impressing you continuously.

    Unexpectedly Amitabh is not the only one to watch out in the movie. He is superbly supported by three highly talented people in the cast lead by Vidya Balan as a tough mother who raises Auro on her own with the help of her mother. For Vidya's effortless performance, I would only like to say that in all these years of movie watching, she is the only female actress who reminded me of Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan and her flawless natural acting.To feel what I am trying to say, just carefully watch the scene where Vidya gives Auro her approval to visit Delhi. She exactly acts like Jaya in that particular scene.

    Abhishek Bachchan as the truthful politician and father of 'Auro', delivers another polished act on the lines of his "Guru" and "Yuva". He comes up with a very controlled emotional performance and never tries to outshine any other person in the scene. Both Vidya and Abhishek share a very cozy chemistry on screen which actually helps a lot in enhancing the overall impact of 'Auro' on the viewers.

    The third worth mentioning act comes from Arundhati Naag, who plays Vidya's mother and Auro's naani, whom he fondly calls as Bums. Her praise worthy act emerges as a strong pillar in addition to the other stalwarts present in the movie. Paresh Rawal again remembers his immense talent after few irresponsible acts in some brainless movies. Last but not the least come all the child artists in the movie, who are intelligent enough to understand the pain and suffering of their friend "Auro" and try to help him out wherever they can. It was really nice to see that 'Auro' was not being teased in his school as suggested by the promos. In fact it was very thoughtful to show all the kids having the empathy to feel the abnormality 'Auro' was born with.

    Musically, the film has the maestro Illayaraja to give exactly what was needed as per the subject. His theme music is pleasant and his songs don't act as a hindrance in the narration. R. Balki very skillfully uses the songs in their short versions and in the background wherever needed. Dialogues are intelligent, witty and well written. Cinematography by P.C. Sreeram is remarkable. He brilliantly uses innovative camera angles to portray the character of "Auro" and his abnormal body structure. But what makes "Paa" so believable is the unimaginable make-up done by Christien Tinsley and Domini Till. Kudos to the duo to achieve this herculean task and hats off to Amitabh Bachchan for undergoing such a painful process in this age.

    Honestly, the main highlight of the movie is that even when the story revolves around a diseased character with an abnormal behavior, the director is simply not interested in taking you onto an emotional journey at all. So, "Paa" is not just another tear jerker as expected by many. On the contrary it's a very enjoyable movie having many light entertaining moments with 'Auro' for everyone in the family. And for that the director R. Balki rightly deserves all the praises.

    In short the movie is an amazing must watch experience for everyone still enjoying the gift of life at any age. It makes you realize the importance of all your days left in the count. And on the top it has a performance which can easily be kept along with any world class act by any actor in the entire globe. In other words, only one statement can match the unbelievably expressive and impressive act of Amitabh Bachchan in the movie.

    He once again proves that at present he is the only "Big Paa" for the entire Indian film Industry.
  • Paa...a great movie...

    I have seen it yesterday....loved it...story is simple and subtle, the characters are really very good...

    Big B...he has shown his one more form of acting, no one could compete him on this.... He enacted the role of a 13 year old boy with so sincerity , that in Auro you will never be able to see that its him who is enacting this character.... Auro is a gem....

    Vidya Balan as a unwed mother is good to see...she has proved her mettle once again after very long, thats after Parineeta.... she looked beautiful in sari's....

    Abhishek Bachan has enacted the role of a Young Indian Politicain sincerely...if all India Politicians, become like him, we wont have any more corruption in India...

    Paresh Rawal is good in a brief role and Bum is exceptional...

    Technically, the movie is very well directed and the dialouges are very good... R Balki is a very good director and Paa is another feather in his Cap after Cheeni Kum....

    Music by the maestro Ilaiyaraja is very good and soft on ears, Paa Theme is the best...

    Go for it with your Family... This is for all ages from 6 to 60...

    My Ratings..

    Perfomrances... 10/10 Story and Direction ... 9/10 Music ... 10/10 Overall... 9/10
  • rajandey8 December 2009
    Just got back from the theatre, I am so happy I have seen this movie on the big screen. Paa is an original product. The movie revolves around progeria and has a wonderful story around it.

    Amitabh Bachchan excels as Auro, he delivers an astonishing performance as a kid. It's been long since I really really REALLY appreciated a performance by Big B, since his last few outings were crazily commercial.

    Abhishek Bachchan is wonderful as Amol, he delivers a confident performance as the clean politician wishing the best for India, kudos! Vidya Balan looks beautiful, and delivers a perfect performance. We all know she is a fine actress, she was gone for a while after Kismat Konnection, which I thought was kind of bad, but she's back with a bang! Paresh Rawal is again absolutely wonderful as Amols father, his expressions always rock.

    All in all, I am very pleased with this movie, after a great start with Cheeni Kum, R. Balki is on his way to settle his name amongst the quality directors of Bollywood.

    The music is foot-tapping, the best of the lot is of course "Mudi mudi", of which the scenes in the film have been edited so beautifully.

    Paa is beautiful, go watch it on the big screen while you still can! 10/10
  • ketaki-dutta5 December 2009
    This movie blew me away !! Wow !! simply WOW !! I am so surprised that not much people commented on this movie and there is no ratings !!! I simply loved this movie. One of Big B's best...According to me, after Black, this is the most challenging role ever played by him. Vidya Balan and Abhishek did an awesome job. Paresh Rawal did not have a lengthy role but he did justice to his role. The main focus of this movie is on the character Auro who is so adorable !!! Big B hats off to you...thanks for this wonderful performance. It has been a long time since I watched such a wonderful Bollywood movie !!! Auro made me laugh, Auro made me cry, Auro kept me rooted to my seat till the very last minute. Such a beautiful movie. I appreciate the efforts really and also hats off to the director.If you have a passion for good movies then this movie is a definitely watch !!! 9.5/10.
  • Amithabh Bachchan is flawless acting in Paa. But why make him look like extra terrestrial. There was a point in the movie where there were explaining the disease that his character is suffering - Progeria. In the movie itself, when the doctor is explaining, none of the images depicted them as abnormal heads. The children just looked old, why does fiction take undue advantage of medical science.

    Sr. Bachchan who plays the character called Auro, I would not be surprised, if we have dolls being sold in Shoppers Stop, Big Bazaar, very soon. But one thing for sure, whenever Auro is in front of the screen, he just lightens up the moment.

    This movie it seems like Bachchan Sr. is passing the baton to Bachchan Jr. It is high time, he does that. There is no competition amongst each other, but then there are a only a very few movies of AB Baby that are actually good. Naach, Guru, Sarkar, Sarkar Raaj and now this. Abhishek Bachchan is good political MP; no, this is not an oxymoron, it is the character. To that extent that you can actually see his voter's mark on his middle finger in the movie.

    Simple Story. The 12/13/14 year old child suffers from Progeria and the disease brings the parent together. Three different occasions, when the age of Auro has been mentioned differently by different characters. One sincere request, stop comparing the movie to Benjamin Button, it is not! It was actually Robin Williams who was suffering the same disease in the movie Jack. It is not actually the original concept. The execution there are just too many cuts, that too very fast ones. The cuts becomes irritating towards the end. (Reference to Jack on IMDb) Songs are well intertwined and the lyrics bring an amazing soothing effect to the whole scene, last time this feeling seeped into the heart, mind, body and soul, during Taare Zameen Par. Hichki, Hichki and Mere Paa is simple and nice and my favourites.

    The movie has its moments, but it just doesn't make you cry. The performance reminds you of Amitabh Bachchan in Black, but then that it was different, that was acting. In Black, when he was smiling, you were laughing, when he was upset, everyone in the theatre had tears in their eyes. Here, he just falls a little short of the getting the audience moved.

    The other characters that needs mention is bum, grandmother to Auro played by Arundhati Nag (theatre personality, wife of Anant Nag). She was simply level headed, strong character. She was when faced with moral questions, she would be you take a stand, and you will have my support - that was brilliant. At the same time, the relationship between Paresh Rawal (Dad to Amol Atre) and Abhishek Bachchan does not come out that impactful. But individually there were sound.

    Google being subtly being endorsed by Auro. (Tweet) Public Relations angle to the story, creative people need to stop treating like media as you can buy them. It isn't like this always, please do not under-estimate the media as your pawn. The movie does bring out the current affairs element in the movie through redevelopment issues and media being used to create a hype on this.

    In short, it is a complete worth it paisa wasool movie for Amithabh Bachchan. I would like to highlight, even though Auro is cute it is not for the kid viewing at the same time.
  • Remember those legendary ads that mostly define the finest works of advertising on Indian television? From most of Hindustan Lever's products to Bajaj, Tata, IDEA and many more; to his last film, 'Cheeni Kum', R. Balki has proved to be one of the best creative directors and ' ad film' makers we have today. Now, with 'PAA', he proves to be one of the best film makers. Period.

    The tale of a love-struck couple's careless encounter, a man's ambitious plan for his life against a woman's sacrifice while raising her child with a supportive mother leads us to a prodigal son- 'Auro' . While Auro's rare and incurable disability of 'Progeria' seems like a tragic foundation for a story whose characters are enacted by Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan, R. Balki's writing and direction walks the sword's edge of realism to give us a funny, entertaining, witty , heartwarming and endearing film.

    PAA is enriched with subtlety, reality, simplicity and stuff that comes straight from the heart. The last quality is especially depicted on screen through the sincere performances by Vidya Balan, Abhishek Bachchan, Paresh Rawal and Arundhati Nag. However, there is no superlative adjective in the dictionary for what Amitabh Bachchan has done and achieved in this film. It would suffice to say that even after reading such praise about his performance, you would still be unnervingly surprised after you watch him. To enact a child is one thing but to enact him when he has a genetic disorder that makes him 4 times older than he actually is.... now that's 'performace'. Without the use of ultra-modern technology, R. Balki, with the aid of some outstanding talent in make-up, sound recording, cinematography, music (Illayaraja), screenplay and that of his own writing and directing skills, has generated a marvel that without a doubt sets his work at par with Hrishikesh Mukherjee's 'Anand' .

    Amol Atre is now an MP who is out to change the image of politics while working more 'for the people'. His political ideology is what we would really hope to see in real politicians. Although one may accuse Balki of over-indulgence in the entire slum-rehabilitation campaign of Amol's to digress from more fun moments of Auro's life, it still remains under control because it does not lead to boredom. Although, it may have been a better fit for the 'Sarkar' movies.

    Vidya's journey through being an ambitious young student to a mature and composed un-wed mother is depicted with surprising ease. Her portrayal of the loving and understanding mother who has accepted the reality of progeria's tragic curse is wonderful. Here is one actress who has proved yet again that she can play characters far better than those who play 'roles'.

    Although Paresh Rawal and Arundhati Nag have a limited role, they portray their characters immaculately. Watch them closely when their characters have to play awkward parts. Grandmom playing a video game and Paresh Rawal convincing Auro that his time isn't up yet for him.

    Among the more brilliant bits of the film are in school. The presence of a child suffering from Progeria who displays all traits of a normal child his age is so naturally convincing that it looks too smooth. Auro's friends are understanding yet playful and comfortable in the presence of this witty lad. Watch out for Auro's telephone conversation with his buddy Vishnu- the most hilarious scene of the year! Also, the explanation on the necessity of Algebra in Mathematics..... It is only after you reach home from the theater that you realize that the funniest scenes of the year, which were rendered by a kid, were actually by Amitabh Bachchan.

    Moments shared by Amol and Auro are funny, witty and non-confrontational while the beauty of the film lies in the moments shared between Auro and Vidya. It's only when all three are together in the hospital that the film turns into a quintessential bollywood melodrama but far from the drag of 'Kal Ho Na Ho'. Balki uses music only in the background without disrupting the story's progress and Illayaraja delivers a fine theme for the movie that is lively. With witty humour and a subtle message just like in 'Anand', PAA reminds us to live your life to the fullest, no matter what you have at your disposal. It is an enriching experience that is heartwarming and with an endearing rendition of Big B's little 'Auro'.

    9.05 on a scale of 1-10.
  • Yesterday went to watch "PAA", i don't know why they called it PAA..

    Nothing much in name. PAA is awesome, great performance by BIG B and Abhishek. Hat's off to Vidya too.

    Auro is simply unforgettable. You can't stop yourself from laughing on Auro intelligent comments. And also Balki's direction with Ilayraja music is simply adorable. And i have to say you wont be able to recognize Big B neither by Auro's look nor by his voice. So great work by Big B's make up artist, Big B is simply the best. Music is very soothing , based on story and it take story ahead.

    Its a new and fresh movie, with honest effort.

    I'll give 9/10 to "Paa"...
  • Yesterday I watched Paa and after seeing this movie I found this movie to be really really mind blowing and indeed very influential.The concept was fresh and the growth of the story was too natural.Nothing was out of the way!I don't see any huge mistakes in directions and lets take it simply as the way it was intended to be made.This is one of the movie which can make u bring tears and u can spend the evening thanking God that you were one of the luckiest one who did not had a fate like Auro.The few drops that i poured at the end of the movie was an acid test that this movie is no rubbish.Paa is mainly about watch Mr Amitabh Bachaan aka Auro a child suffering from Progeria the greatest actor of all times.What mostly enthralled me was the cheerful and never sad Auro even he knew he was dying every moment.Should not we be learning from him rather criticizing about the fact that it could have been "much better"??Come on guys wake up and see Auro with an open mind and plz leave ur intellectual eyes back at home.This movie is about a simple and absolutely loving boy Auro and lets take it as it is.It is about laughing with Auro and loving Auro with all your heart.God bless you Auro and all the crew!!U guys were simply mind blowing!!
  • sainiroop5 December 2009

    This, I must admit is one of those movies, not made very often. Watching it is obviously a delight. It is a cocktail of emotions, love, pity, hopefulness and well, hopelessness, and everything more. The acting of course is quite brilliant, Amitabh and Abhishek did wonderfully. Vidya Balan too, fits quite well into her roll. The rest of the roles too are quite well handled. Nice, simple, predictable, but nonetheless interesting plot. A genius and rare script, wont allow you to get bored, even for a moment. The comedy too is quite well done, sort of rare, considering contemporary. It will permit you to laugh, even in front of the most innocent of your relatives. The music score, maybe not big, is in a way befitting. Overall, I would say, it probably is not a must-watch, but definitely a worth-watch. It surely will bless you with a rich experience. And a piece of advice, relatives would be a rather more convenient company for this one.
  • arpitjawa13 December 2009
    For anyone who has seen the movie & loved it, stop reading the review now. I'm glad u liked this film & I wish u many such cinematic marvels in the future.


    My review is for those who are considering venturing out to the theatre, like I did…with their parents no less, coz haven't we all heard such good things about this film? I mean…it has Big B & (most of his) family, awesome(?) make-up & a story that'll make u laugh/cry & bring your families close.


    Come one, come all…today's lesson is called 'Magic Of Marketing' or 'How-to-sell-crap to unsuspecting fools'

    To start, It seems no popular film reviewer wanted to be in the bad books of Bachan family, so an avg rating of 2.5-4 out of 5 has been doled out, but let me stick my neck out & say it with absolute candor: Paa is pathetic.

    *Gasp* How could I say such a thing?

    Well for starters, this movie completely failed to 'entertain' me. It was one big yawn from start to finish which was made worse by a sorry script, poor direction and a lead actor who does nothing but wear heavy makeup & tries to act like a 12yr. old while mouthing dialogues that make u want to slap him across the face. Consider this dialogue for size: "…Blah blah…Mujhe potty jana hai…blah blah…"

    If only wearing makeup for hours & sounding like a retard would translate to pure genius, this movie would've been passable, but as a film buff I feel like a fool who got swayed by the ostentatious reviews & impressive marketing. It seems Auro is everywhere…from radio to reality shows & even cricket commentary. Frankly, the happiest moment for me was when Auro dies in the end of the film & I get to walk out of the theatre. I think the wisest member of Bachan family was Aishwarya - who (decided?) not to be a part of this project.

    It's said the worst thing u can say about a movie was that "It was OK" since only movies that spark debates & violently opposing views are worth watching. By that rule, it's wise to suggest: Go ahead…go and watch this film if u want to, even after reading this review. If u like it, great…guess our tastes didn't match here.

    But if u don't, rest content with the thought that there are others like you who are resentful and have felt deeply cheated.

    I am one of them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OMIGOSH, this one got me. I couldn't stop crying. Amitabh Bachchan is a living legend. I actually was telling my sisters that he was the one playing Auro and they didn't believe me even after his real life wife introduced him at the beginning of the film. Yes, Big B is that good in his essaying the role of a tragic little boy suffering from progeria(a rare disease that speeds up the aging process). Abhishek Bachchan(Big B's real life son) was decent in the scenes in which he didn't have to share with his real life father and Vidya Balan has proved yet again that she is the power house actress we suspected she was when we first met her in 'Parineeta', Paresh Rawal (who co-stars) is given very little to do but handles his scenes very well as Amol's(Junior Bachchan) father.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Chill out! - Life goes on.." was the underlying message of the movie which ironically ended with the death of one if its character. One of the ways to measure the performance of a movie is to look at the faces and eyes of the audience at the end of the movie. What i saw was an inexplicable light-hearted body language in the audience and this is where the movie scores 10 on 10. It has the subtle message, a zen-like attitude in it.

    It has its flaws, does digress from the theme here and there but overall, its compass was in the right direction. The personality/character sketch and the role played by Paa's grandmother deserves special mention.

    Paa has humor, emotions, a practical attitude towards life and a social message. Do watch Paa- has something for everyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have a movie again with Abishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. This time in a very rare story, at least that is what is told in the commercial. Abishek plays the father and Amitabh plays the son. At first sight everything seems to be very interesting. In Bollywood it's a hype to make a movie about topics that are generally avoided.

    So what can go wrong about this movie? Everything! The movie is so boring. Amitabh Bachchan gives his most boring performance ever. His voice and the way he talks are very annoying. His stupid monkey dance was totally unnecessary.

    The story was worked out very bad. Was this a kids movie with Amitabh doing the stupid monkey dance or was this a mature movie with all the political ideas that kids would not understand? I think this movie is more for teenagers, who are with one foot in their youth and one foot in their adulthood.

    Then there was this line a lady sang during the movie. Something with Ittefaq or whatsoever. What was this annoying! The same line was repeated again, and again and again... and again... And if that was not the worst, suddenly a man came up singing the same line! At the beginning of the movie you know Auro is going to die and that it will be a Bollywood tear jerker. So the end is not a surprise. A little girl comes at Auro's bed and talks to him. After the talking there is a beautiful moment between Auro and his mother watching Auro's father. This was excellent done! But that moment got disturbed by the little girl whose clumsiness wakes you out of your dream.

    Was the movie in overall bad? Yes. But there were some good stuff about this movie too. Vidya Balan is a very beautiful woman who shows that women can be independent. The bodyguard in the train who tried to do the stupid monkey dance acted very naturally.

    What I did not understand is that the movie starts not with Auro, but his parents meeting each other. The movie sure ends with Auro. Why? What happens with Amol and Vidya? What happens with Amol's career?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1. Poor Poor Script. I couldn't find the theme, the concept behind the "story". I felt as if a story is made fit to showcase the greatness of the actors.

    2. Unnecessary sub-plots. The story drifts from the actual subject so much that I got confused what the director wanted to show. In a movie dealing with progeria and father-son relationship why spend 30 minutes or more showing the media-politician imbroglio. What makes 'Taare Zameen Par' a better movie of that genre is that not a single moment in the movie drifts away from the main subject.

    3. Missing the meaning of tagline's worth. There was no father-son relationship that was highlighted. Hence 'father-son son-father' thingy was just a marketing gimmick.

    4. Songs. Not the music or melody of them, but where they are placed. Especially the 'Hichiki' song was put at a point where I least expected it.

    5. The very reason why the movie was made. In an interview R Balki, the director of the movie, had boasted that when he was in the office of Amitabh Bachchan one day he saw the banter between Abhishek and his father as the role reversal. And hence he wanted to cast the real father-son duo as reel son-father. When he heard about the disease Progeria, he shouted 'Eureka'. In my opinion, it is a very poor way to conceive a movie. May be that is the reason for the poor script.

    You might argue this as one of the best performances of Amitabh. Of course, he acts well that's why he is so great and I am one of his biggest fans. But one thing we must not forget that it is not that great actors make great movies. It is the great movies that make the actors great.

    (Originally posted at
  • abhishekkr2-16 December 2009
    I know after reading this comment, u'll press no and my comment will be at the rock bottom. But I must say this is not a good movie. I agree with others that big b has tried his best, he has worked under heavy makeup throughout the movie. But except for the movie, I don't seem anything clicking in the right place. In the promo tag line, we see its a father-son relationship movie but in the 1st half of the movie we see nothing remotely related to that. In second half we see so much of that, that we get fed up. Some scenes are bizarre, like the one in which big b sits on tiny b's hand, I can't comprehend the stupidity of the scene. What was that?? The movie wants to show many aspects that it fails to show anything.Politics, Media, father-son relationship, progeria patient etc etc. What? He is a progeria patient, not a mentally retard, he should have been shown eccentric 12 yr old, not like this. I am very sorry to those who wanted to see this movie.
  • Predictable from start to finish. Mr. B -I respectfully submit, its time for you to retire- your acting was the pits and overshadowed the decent attempts made by Vidya Balan who at least came across as realistic and authentic. Will Indian directors stop being pedantic to the narcissism and nepotism that rules bollywood. Any one of India's other non-commercial actors could have given this a better chance with good direction. . If this movie was any effort to mimic the extremely tasteful and artistic and profoundly rendered work of Taarey Zameen Par (thank you Aamir Khan for bringing back taste to bollywood cinema), then this venture failed miserably. The story line was stretched over unnecessary scenes and got lost in the antics of the poorly depicted supposed 13-year old with pregoria. The monkey theme and suit and subsequent gestures were repeated so many times, I wanted to scream. Amitabh Bachan was neither convincing nor real in the kid's role and I wish insight and discrimination had taken over in a feeble attempt at trying to be a character in this movie. The movie was predictable from the second scene. As soon as I saw Ms. Bachan (Jaya Bhaduri)painfully recounting through the credits (I wanted her to STOP so badly by the second one), I could see who was pulling power and purse strings all the way around. It was clear that amateurs were pulled in to produce and direct and shoot this movie. The camera work was choppy and all over the place. The feeble angle and distance shots trying to render Amitabh as a 13 year old among his student peers or mother was pathetic. Vidya and her mother Bum were solid performances and realistic. The themes of pregnancy outside of marriage, single-mother raising a disabled/prodigious/limited life child was the only thing applaudable. All other efforts failed miserably. The tragic scenes were just overstretched and unnecessary. The movie goes on unceremoniously forever. Abhishek Bachan playing the new-style politician pulls so many one-off bravado cowboy like moves in his artful campaign as a true-to- the wire corrupt but the end justifies the means politician to raise awareness among the masses, it started to border on the ridiculous. He got so much TV Time without advertisements to pander to the masses-really? The only redeeming quality was the prosthetic work and makeup- even though the rest of the body didn't quite match the head work for the supposed kid role played by the 70+ year old Amitabh Bachan. Where was the director's vision in this movie. The simple story line could have succeeded with a goal and much needed brevity. The last line from the inevitable hospital scene was coming and I could scream again for the boring predictability of it all. Overall, D for effort and B+ for makeup and B+ t Vidya Balan and her mother's character. The overall work was pathetic and not recommended. What a waste of money. And Anil Ambani of Reliance industries contributed to this venture. I'm surprised that his business skills couldn't see this sleeper coming a mile-off. Please support the non-commercial ventures- there are multiple talents writers, creative directors and others in India and they don't all pander to the Bachan family to succeed in the movie industry.
  • reverse-antidote11 December 2009
    WTH the movie makers were thinking..progeria children ain't no more than 3 feet and they are skinny like hell.. how about casting a child actor with make-up..uh this movie is just to show-case the acting(?)skills of Bachan and he wants to play son to his son..just for the sake of WOW factor..and progeria is just a freaking excuse..however if anyone is ready to digest the fact that an old man is playing the role of a progeria child (with a HORRIBLE FREAKY LOOKING prosthetic make-up)..guess he would not need make-up at all..if he would just shave his would be perfect LOL.Paa is the height of casting mistake and a ridiculous one at that.
  • I had zero expectations from Paa. I was not that interested, but thought to give it a chance after knowing that Mr.Bachchan is playing a 12-year old kid.

    'Paa' is a different film, it's a film that caters to a niche audience. Sure, it dares to be different, but again 'Paa' is meant for those who are tired for non-stop non-sense fares.

    Pluses of the film: Fresh Stoyline, plus execution. R.Bali should be applauded for making an attempt like Paa. Note-worthy Performances: Mr.Bachchan as Auro, natural to the core. Plus, he's blessed with amazing make-up. Abhishek is excellent, especially in the second hr. Vidya is in form after a long, long time. Paresh Rawal is superb. There is a hilarious sequence when asks Abhishek weather he's gay not, Only Paresh can do this stuff. The actress who plays Vidya's mom & the kid who plays Auro's best friend stand out. Jaya Bachchan does a unique appearance at the very start of the film.

    Minuses of the film: It's a really Slow-Pace film. The first hr is boring. Abhishek's political portions don't work. The first hr really puts you off.

    On the whole... 'Paa' deserves a watch for it's note-worthy performances & Fresh Storyline.
  • ۩ "Paa" rests heavily BigB. Even the hardcore BigB fans would find difficult to trace Amitabh in Auro. Its only the voice that keeps reminding you that its BigB, otherwise R Balki has ensured there are no traces of BigB in the character.

    ۩ Jr. B is back with his original shaven look. His character seems to be inspired by new breed of politicians including Rahul Gandhi.

    ۩ Vidya Balan would not need a divine realisation that she should stop experimenting with her costumes and roles. Likes of Parineeta & Paa are for grabs and the rest to dump.

    ۩ Arundhati Nag as a supportive mother to an unwed daughter was good and reflected the changing times we are witnessing.

    ۩ Paresh Rawal for some reason get a raw deal with R Balki. There was absolutely no value-addition of his character in the movie. I wouldn't be surprised if his fan-base cry foul.

    The good thing in "Paa" is that smart "copy-writer" lines predominant in "Cheeni Kum" have been pushed under the carpet. Traces like "Bum" can be safely ignored (it was "Sexy" in CK!)

    Integrating the political track to the main storyline was as diverse as chalk and cheese. Not just hiccoughs but they were more like speed bumps. R Balki's usual P C Sreeram is back to take charge of DOP department and needless to say he doesn't falter a bit (Cambridge looks mesmerising). As usual there are no words to describe Ilayaraja composition. Swanand Kirkire demonstrates his authority of playing with words in "Udi Udi" song (has a tinge of Harivanshrai Bachchan and Amit Khanna in it). The ending was slightly dramatic and perhaps should have been trimmed a little. Lot has been discussed and debated over progeria, so I won't even dare go there.

    If Baby Pinky stole the hearts of millions in the 80's with "Ek Hi Bhool", it was Makrand Deshpande who did the same in 90's with his heart-warming performance in Mahesh Bhatt's "Kaash". Fast forward to 2009, we have BigB (or shall we call him mini-B?) taking the nation by storm with his performance in "Paa". All the three movie have a common thread to it - unite the parents. In that respect I found "Paa" to be "Ek Hi Bhool" & "Kaash" ver. 2009.

    Special mention: Calling out the titles at the beginning of the movie, great creative juices there!!

    Finally, BigB what's next?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An 66 year old man as a 12 year old boy, very difficult to think but he makes it so simple . The plot of the movie is so simple but the cast and the situations and episodes of the movie is interesting and emotional . Bgm elevates every scene of the film , P.c sriram have again shows what can he do with his camera ..The major plus point of the movie is the whole movie gives you a musical journey . that is where shows the commanding strength of balki. Movie would have been even more shorter. on the whole definitely a different and a brave attempt by a superstar of India ...shows that he is not only a star but also an brilliant actor.
  • Paa is a lovely offbeat emotional movie revolving around a character suffering from an extremely rare disease of Progeria (rapid aging of the human body). R Balki's presentation of the story and Paa is very sincere and thoughtful.

    PROS of Paa

    1 - No cheap melodrama

    2 - Sensitively handled story

    3 - Positive portrayal of a progeria-afflicted Auro who is fun-loving and very intelligent

    4 -Strong female characters in Vidya Balan & Arundhati Nag

    5 - Soulful music by the great Ilayaraja

    CONS of Paa

    1. Auro is supposed to be 12-year old but Amitabh Bachchan is just too tall for that (obviously his casting was deliberate…only to attract more eyeballs no matter how unrealistic it is)

    2. Abhishek Bachchan is supposed to be a new age politician who wants to see a new India; but, strangely, in a scene he is shown to wish away the corrupt practice of a govt. employee with the logic that if he has given 50 lakh bribes for the job he has to "recover" it (How strange! Or did I miss out on something?)

    3. When Auro dies in the hospital Vidya is just standing by his bedside and mourning (it'd have been more appropriate if she had rested her head on his body and wept)

    4. After Auro's death Vidya and Abhishek are sitting outdoor on a staircase consoling each other, while it is raining (How Strange! How odd! What significance does this rain hold?)

    PS: Felt extremely sad when I read that the cute Taruni Sachdev (Auro's classmate) had died in a plane crash in 2012, in Nepal. I kept on looking at her photos as if I'd lost my own daughter. A sweet life was cut short even before it could develop wings to fly high.

    Taruni, where ever you are now, you will always be remembered by your near and dear ones, and esp. ME.
  • Loving simple tale of unison of estranged parents

    The movie is full of witty, kid dish conversations between a 12 year old boy and others, the others range from his own dad to his toy. Splendid camera captured the entire emotions, funny things and also the love so refreshingly. Editing is precise except for a couple of sequences (both are related to politics), where it seemed that the director is enforcing his idea of 'cool' politician.

    Now, the acting is one thing that has to be surely appreciated by almost all who have acted except one, that's Abhishek Bachchan, I request him to learn acting or do it or just get off the screen and give screen space to better actors. The acting of Vidya Balan is top notch but the real stealer is Amitabh, agreed, that the makeup, voice, teeth, eyes were deliberate attempts to make him look like a progeria affected child, but the performance delivered is one that is surely world class. Full marks to Amitabh for bringing the actor from within and becoming a child at 68 years of his life and giving a wonderful treat of performance.

    The characterization was simple, but some incidents were surely stretched out. Father is a politician who denies becoming a father as he seeks his personal aspirations over becoming a father, its fine. Mom is gynecologist is also fine. Son is a progeria affected child. Now, these are characters existing in reality But, the point is how father meets the child and learns the truth and how, he is united with his lost love. Simple, but the meeting was a deliberate and amateurish attempt to begin such a story, nevertheless it had to start at some point and so it did, and once the protagonist was introduced, the entire thing was an engaging watch full of humor (it's not cynical or sarcastic but plain and dry) that's the stand out selling point. One dialogue in which the kid is asked 'What does your mom and do?" to which he replies "Bas bachhe paida karte hai" is worth the money.

    Despite the evident flaws in the movie, it is worth a watch just for it's simplicity and no nonsense method. Director Balki, I wish sticks to such stuff and keeps churning these kind of movies more and kudos for trying this in an earnest way. Highly recommended - 4/5.
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