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  • I found this show because of Tom Ellis but I loved it because of Miranda Hart. Every episode had me laughing out loud! The little looks she gives the audience are hysterical. I binged it in a couple of days and so glad I didn't have to wait the years it took when it first aired. Her best friend and mom, especially the mom, were perfect foils for Miranda. This show was truly a delight to watch, I haven't laughed this hard at a tv show in a very long time.
  • The trailers terribly undersold this series & I almost missed a real gem. Fortunately "Points of View" reported receiving no negative feedback & showed a very funny end credits sequence. When I watched on Catch Up, I just fell in love with Miranda & her world of insanity. I was unfamiliar with Miranda Hart's stand up, but that didn't matter. Far from being a big ego trip, this is a heartwarming comedy that effectively breaks the 4th wall. Miranda shares her insecurities with the audience and pulls us right in with her speeches & glances to the camera. Patricia Hodge as Miranda's disappointed mother is a scene stealer. Miranda's friends are delightfully insane & Gary is a love. While I'm not usually a fan of slapstick, the falling over does work here. I'm delighted that Series 2 has been commissioned. I wouldn't miss it! 10/10
  • I love British shows of all kinds, but this has got to be one of the best Britcoms ever! Miranda handles everything with humor and makes lemonade with all the lemons she is dealt. All the day to day troubles we all have are dealt with such humor, that you realize how unimportant they are. The casting is wonderful.

    I have enjoyed everything I have every seen Miranda Hart in. Patricia Hodge is funny and irreverent as Miranda's mother, who tries to marry her off at every turn. The friendship between Miranda, Stevie (Sarah Hadland) and Tilly (Sally Phillips) is "bear with...bear with" hysterical. Tom Ellis performance as Gary makes all us tall, plus- sized women hopeful. He is charming, funny and (of course) handsome as ever!
  • Thank you Miranda Hart! You are SO talented. I haven't laughed like that since Monty Python... I mean the original stuff... and "Big Trouble" . comes in close. LOVE it! Love the talking to the audience, love the physical comedy, love the storyline... Just binge watched all 3 series that are on Netflix... sad I can't watch series 4 and oh dear... it's over now?

    I bet the wonderful actors in this had such fun making it.. it looks as though they did! Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis, Tom Conti there for a while just having fun.... what a joy!

    It's so truly wonderful to see a series that doesn't rely on the same old same old same old recycled storylines and terrific to see it acted by such professionals.

    Devastated it's over. Can't you make some more ?

    By the way I have only ever rated 2 other movies/shows with a 10. Praise indeed.
  • faretradeinc16 April 2019
    Not since lucy ricardo wore a zoot suit and said to ricky " hey man, don't you dig bebop?" has there been a more hilariious physical comedienne. she is worth the annoying canned laughter and tepid supporting cast.
  • robin-41423 January 2011
    As this show has collected so few reviews on IMDb, I would like to add my two penn'orth, for what it's worth. I caught this by accident, not being an avid TV watcher - and became hooked. I'd heard a version of it on the radio - I'm not sure which came first in the order of things - but that was mildly amusing, although a lot of Miranda's comedy is visual, and when I heard a repeat of the radio version after seeing the TV show, I could see the problems they were up against.

    Any flaws I found in the TV series - we armchair critics have to look for flaws in new things - were cancelled out by the fact that I felt better after each episode I watched. Not just amused, and in some cases, very tickled indeed, but uplifted.

    All of the characters are attractive and likable - and despite Miranda's self-deprecating gags about being often mistaken for a man, she's a very feminine, and extremely good-looking lady. Her device of engaging directly with her home-viewing audience, via the camera, works well, and adds to her personal appeal.

    The comedy chemistry in the scenes with her diminutive friend, Stevie, played by the also extremely good-looking and funny Sarah Hadland, creates some of the best laughs in the show.

    Here's a thought: The last series I watched starring Patricia Hodge, who brilliantly plays Miranda's scatty mum in this, was called The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, from about 1985 (not to be confused with the later Hollywood version). In She-Devil, she played the rival of a character portrayed by another very statuesque brunette, Julie T. Wallace. I wonder if this had any influence on the decision to cast her in Miranda?

    Perhaps a lot of this show's appeal is in it's almost childlike presentation. The cast, one by one, wave goodbye to us at the end of the episodes, like human Telly Tubbies. Maybe I'm wrong to feel good about that, but, like Miranda's confidences to us, it tickles me to death.

    More, please. The world needs Miranda.
  • This show always makes me belly laugh and not just once in half an hour like most comedies nowadays. I know its extremely silly stuff, but its got a certain charm that warms my heart and soul with every single episode.

    My boyfriend hated this show when it first aired, but I recently made him sit and watch the Christmas special with me and hasn't looked back, even secretly purchasing the entire 3 series on itunes and 'coming out' saying he loves it now! :)

    Please say there is series 4, we need more to brighten up our lives, and I could really do with something to laugh at after a bad day at work! Absolutely gem of a show :)
  • Like most reviews on here I also stumbled upon this show by accident. I'm so glad I did! Being myself, what is considered a quirky person as well as unmarried and without children at thirty three; I can relate to what it's like to be her character. The difference is her being okay with that and how she approaches it, outside her mother constantly reminding her (which btw.... is how my mother is, daily). :) Although they seem to disagree deep down both Miranda and her mother depend on each other and share little inside jokes while having each other's backs; the little mutual victories they share together always make me smile.

    "Miranda" is one of my second favorite British sitcom, "Absolutley Fabulous" will always be my number one, there is no competing with Monsoon and Patsy's sheer ridiculous and genuine behavior. I wish more US comedies could imitate these great TV series, I always find myself rewatching and wanting more when I've gone through all Seasons. The "properness" of certain words that are equivelant to US words in British comedies make it even more enticing for me to watch (obviously being from the US; embarrassed to admit but Florida of all places). For example, passing gas = Winds, snacks = nibbles and there are many more.

    So, Net/Net as I stated I want to be Miranda and look at life from a non cynical and almost whimsical childlike point of view; just happy being her and living on her own. Absolutely (no Pun intended) how she engages with the home audience, and there are certain times she actually gets mocked by other characters for that!

    Thanks BBC for making me laugh!

    P.S. Little Britian comes in at a strong third followed with Tracey Ullman show.
  • belll-3821116 March 2019
    A clever, funny and perfect comedy which i'd recommend to anyone. Another series would also be nice, too.
  • blom034428 September 2013
    'Miranda' manages to succeed with an 'in-your-face' approach where the main lead constantly address her audience and where most of the humor is seen coming miles ahead. This normally would boil down to an utterly tepid experience , but with Miranda Hart the effect is hugely more than the sum of its parts. I'm sure the division is similar to watching the late Tommy Cooper. You will either notice the brilliance or find it utterly boring. I 've no idea why the format of continuously speaking to the audience works within this series. It simply does. All cast members are above average, with Patricia Hodge stealing every scene she is in. A huge factor may be the neck-breaking speed. I like that. Suspect it's simply too much for part of the public..
  • brandi-lacy1 August 2012
    This show brings back the vaudevillian art of slap stick. It is a true delight that will have you laughing at and cheering for the characters. In a day and age where we find shows exploiting people drinking copious amounts of alcohol and hooking up entertaining, Miranda Hart's show is a true breath of fresh air. It knows exactly what it is: a situation comedy. It is not pretentious. It is a good laugh that makes you happy long after the show ends. It probably will not appeal to the "Hipster" generation that seems to find humor in very little. However, for the rest of you comedy lovers I highly recommend this show.

    This show is enjoyable for audiences of all ages. The children will love the physical comedy, young adults can relate to the themes, and baby boomers will enjoy the return to the clean sitcom. If you enjoyed "Bridget Jones's Diary," "The IT Crowd," "Absolutely Fabulous," "Friends," "I Love Lucy," "Three's Company," and or "Lavern and Shirley" you will enjoy this show.
  • One of the very few television shows I can sit through. Miranda and the entire cast are fantastic. There are a lot of great reviews of this great show so I can't really add much other than to say that a show this good comes along only once in a very long while. Also this is the very first television show I bought the DVD box set of, it's that good.
  • shedmcnee1 December 2010
    Miranda just gets better and better. She's so funny and I love the way she looks into the camera and comments. She's a really funny person. If you want to watch something light hearted and entertaining - this is it. The romance between her and Gary (Tom Ellis - Mr. Gorgeous!) is 'such fun' as Miranda's mother would say. I hope this continues for a long time as it's refreshing to watch. A lot of comedies nowadays are terrible, not remotely funny - this, on the other hand, is full of laughs. The fact that Miranda can laugh at herself is one of the best things about it. I settle down with my family to watch this and it entertains all ages. We were rolling up with laughter at yesterdays episode (series 2 episode 3). I won't say anything to give it away but it was absolutely brilliant!
  • This first rate slapstick comedy from the delightful Ms Hart now into its' second season. The joy of watching this is that everyone is a likable character even when they are not really supposed to be.

    The 'round ups' at the end of each episode where everyone comes together to wave goodbye to the audience are a real treat.

    If you are like me and find women simply 'un-funny' (which they are - especially when they are trying to be funny) then put those naughty misgivings aside and watch this show.

    The general premise of the show is the 'on again, off again' flirtation between Miranda and the chef who works next door and the insane competitions between Miranda and her mental joke shop manager.

    The cast of character actors are truly gifted and add great support to the madcap merriment of each episode.

    The best new British TV comedy to hit the small screen in years.
  • buddleja5 January 2011
    Miranda is a stunner, not in the physical sense, but in her comedy show. When you laugh from the first episode you know it must be good. This is Brit comedy at its very best with knowing looks to camera, witty dialogue and slapstick. Her shop reminds me of Black Books - customers take a back seat when it comes to Miranda's odd life. Each episode can stand on its own although the supporting character development is better watched from the first episode. I can't watch an episode of this without having a really good laugh (which is murder on my hernia I can tell you!). I really hope that this series keeps on going for a while as there's no sign of it losing its freshness at this stage. Give it a try.
  • To tell you the truth, there are not many female comedians that can make me laugh. This is not a sexist opinion, it is just not my type of humor. But I can gladly make an exception for this Miranda Hart-show. Okay, sometimes it is a bit over the top, on a few occasions it is slightly tedious and worn out, but in general this is a very funny and intelligently written situation comedy. I love it when Miranda talks or gestures to the audience, I love the absurd thoughts that go through her head and I love all the characters that surround her, especially Patricia Hodge as Miranda's mother. Of course Hart is a brilliant actress (see also: Not going out) and her self-mockery leaves me in stitches. Although I must confess that I do not look out for a second series, except when there would be an acceptable twist in the concept. There's always the danger that it's going to be dragged out and that we will have seen it all before. But this first series still stands after a second view and it should definitely be in my DVD-collection. Miranda rules!
  • jazmher3 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Delightful comedy from the start. Some wonderful episodes and brilliant actors, too. However, the finale, most specifically, seemed rush and awkward - as if made for the sake of closing the story altogether and comedy was left out. I did watch it for the comedy in the first place. Overall enjoyable.
  • English is my second language but Miranda always makes me laugh. This programme makes my mood light and happy, even when the weather outside is cold and moody. Everybody should be happy like Miranda, not miserable like other people in England. This programme shows that single women can have fun and enjoy their lives and be independent; the black humour is sometimes cruel (just like in real-life) but also very funny. Miranda is very well-paced, it often feels shorter than it really is because it is so funny and I am having such a good time watching it. The writing is great and the performances are excellent. I always prefer BBC comedies because they are of a very high standard and, obviously, do not come with annoying commercial breaks!
  • jaxgrchick5 October 2018
    Omg !!
    This is the funniest show ever for British comedy!! Absolutely love the somewhat relatable content especially being a 30 something singleton myself Miranda cracks me up! Love it
  • ShannonBatch12326 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    WOW! Miranda Hart is amazing with her slapstick comedy.

    Not only is Miranda full of laughs but there is a great story line too, the relationship between Miranda and Gary (Tom Ellis) is brilliant, so glad she finally tells him than she loves in the fifth episode of the third series because their other attempts at relationships, Gary with Rose and Miranda with the reporter were so not right.

    The conversations between Miranda and her mother (Patricia Hodge) are full of laughs, 'Such Fun!'.

    Watching Miranda is one of th highlights of my week and never fails to bring a smile to my face even when i am feeling really down.

    I love this show so much have bought series 1 and 2 on DVD. Can't wait to get series 3!
  • shevaunhodge4 March 2019
    Il be honest I watched the first episode and though "Mmm not sure what I think of that?". Then I watched more and it just got better and better and I ended up loving it!! I think the more you watch the more you fall in love with Miranda's character. It is not funny in a offensive or disgusting way like many comedies these days. Our Tv's seem to be full of rubbish reality Tv, with people who have no talent and are obsessed with looks. This was a breath of fresh air for me to watch. The bit that makes it funny is the fact that many shows make the actors pretend the camera isn't there, but Miranda actually talks to the camera like you are actually standing next to her. She tells fibs to the actors to make herself look better, like we all do, but then turns to the camera and blurts the truth out like they are not able to hear her. An example of this is one the actors "Oh you have cake for breakfast? Do you have this often?" She replies with "Never". shaking her head. Then looks towards the camera and says "All the time". With a cheeky funny face. The program is based around a single 34 year old women and what she gets up to when she lives on her own. It isn't all based around her trying to find a man, yes some of it is, but it highlights all the silly things her and single friends do in secret like e.g. the game where is Miranda? and who can pop the most bubble wrap in one go. Yes she ends up with the love of her life, but it trying to say in so many words that beauty is what is on the inside. Miranda isn't the typical type of women you see on television , she is different looking, but the show takes that and runs with it, and mocks her size and flaws through out,so it is even funnier. However, Miranda has many love interests even though she isn't perfect looking because of her unusual personality. Personality wins every time. Maybe this message should be said to the younger generation who are pressured to look perfect. If there was more shows like Miranda, the world would be a better place. Such fun!!
  • Miranda is a stunner, not in the physical sense, but in her comedy show. When you laugh from the first episode you know it must be good. This is Brit comedy at its very best with knowing looks to camera, witty dialogue and slapstick. Her shop reminds me of Black Books - customers take a back seat when it comes to Miranda's odd life. Each episode can stand on its own although the supporting character development is better watched from the first episode. I can't watch an episode of this without having a really good laugh (which is murder on my hernia I can tell you!). I really hope that this series keeps on going for a while as there's no sign of it losing its freshness at this stage. Give it a try.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    a great series with excellent gags this show makes you laugh what ever mood your in . by far the best sitcom the BBC has shown. Miranda doesn't hold back when it comes to her childhood . she puts her life out in the open.Miranda is a person who we can all relate to. she grabs your attention at the beginning of the series and makes you laugh all the way through the comedy roller coaster that is Miranda. a great show for anyone who has a good sense of humor.if you like this you will almost definitely like Miranda series two which is out on DVD November 7th 2011 .and with series 3 on the way in 2013 a must see comedy event of the year
  • nevan6024 August 2014
    I never get tired of watching this show - excellent cast, brilliantly funny satire of modern society, dating, friendships, romance and family. Miranda isn't afraid to be herself, despite all the best efforts of her Mother and friends she just is. The writing is full of repeatable sayings "Bear with" "Such fun" "What have you done today, to make you feel proud", etc. All of the characters are given equal time to shine and they deliver in spades. The comedy includes hilarious slapstick and biting British commentary. The viewer empathizes with Miranda in her search to find her way in life, business and romance, all the while avoiding the land mines left by her pretentious former classmates and her overbearing mother.
  • jboothmillard7 October 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I know that in the last few years the BBC have struggled to keep a sitcom with a great star or two going for more than one series, Lee Evans in So What Now? and Amanda Holden and the other well-known stars in Big Top are good examples, but I was happy to see this one has survived and done so well. Basically the show is from the point of view of Miranda (three-time British Comedy Award winning, twice BAFTA nominated Miranda Hart), a six foot one tall woman, sometimes mistaken for a man, who owns and works in a joke shop with co-worker and childhood friend Stevie Sutton (Sarah Hadland), she is a constant disappointment to her mother Penny (Patricia Hodge) who wants to her to have a proper job and a husband. In her spare time Miranda often spends time at the restaurant next door run by Clive (James Holmes), also a waiter, and then of course there is chef and former university friend Gary Preston (Tom Ellis) who Miranda fancies, and other than that she is put into socially awkward situations and most often embarrasses herself and others with her clumsiness and odd comments. Also starring Katy Wix as Fanny, Smack the Pony's Sally Phillips as Till, James Doherty as Policeman, Josie D'Arby as Bridal Shop Assistant, Peter Davison as Mr. Clayton, The Office's Ewen MacIntosh as Taxi Driver, and Come Dine with Me's Dave Lamb as Colin, Mel Giedroyc as Life Coach, Kerry Godliman as Michelle, Four Weddings and a Funeral's Anna Chancellor as Helena, Green Wing's Mark Heap as Anthony, Shirley Valentine's Tom Conti as Charles and Steve Speirs as Ray. The series is semi-autobiographical about Miranda Hart herself who of course does most of the writing; it is described, agreeably, as an old-fashioned sitcom, but there is the element of the character speaking to the audience directly, kind of like Alfie, it is a comedy that everyone can enjoy, the dialogue jokes are amusing, the constant falling over gags always work, Stevie doing her Heather Small impression always gets a smile, the other cast members all get their laughs in their own ways, and Miranda obviously establishes herself as the star and character that you can empathise with, it is a good fun likable series. It was nominated the BAFTAs for the Audience Award, Best Director: Multi-Camera for Juliet May and Best Situation Comedy, it was nominated the British Comedy Award for Best TV Sitcom (twice) and it was nominated National Television Award for Most Popular Sitcom. Very good!
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