Wendi: I don't want to be down here. I want to go now.

Mickey: I know, sweetie. But Uncle Mickey says we have to stay.

Wendi: Why?

Mickey: Because your face will melt off and your hair will fall out.

Delvin: What's the plan, Mickey?

Mickey: Well, my plan was to build a fallout shelter and take it easy while my pain-in-the-ass tenants barbecued above me.

Mickey: The food is adequate, I hope. Don't thank me all at once.

Delvin: [after taking off the helmet of a dead radiation-suited attacker] Let me guess, North Koreans.

Josh: What's the going rate on a bottle of water, Sancho?

Bobby: Got to be some infidelity for sure.

Mickey: Let there be light.

Mickey: Not exactly the Garden of Eden.

Mickey: After a blast everything gets vaporised and sucked up into the atmosphere. And it rains back down to Earth... as radioactive dust.

Mickey: You wanna survive, you listen to me.

Sam: What was that? Another bomb?

Mickey: That was our building coming down.

Mickey: [after slapping Sam] Don't be scared, Wendy. Uncle Mickey only slaps little girls. And you're a big girl, aren't you?

Delvin: You're holding out food on us now?

Mickey: I got a couple of bits and pieces in my room. It's my place. It's my right.

Delvin: [to Mickey] When you ain't got no ax in your hand, then you got something to say.

Sam: They're coming back.

Mickey: No. They're welding us in.

Mickey: Shame we let those bodies go rotten.

Sam: What do you mean?

Mickey: You ever heard about that rugby team that survived the Andes?

Sam: Their plane crashed.

Bobby: They were forced to eat their friends and family. They survived up there for months.

Mickey: They ate everything - ears, toes, assholes.

Bobby: Uh-huh, arms, legs, brains, the spleen. The only thing they didn't eat was the penis. If worse comes to worst, you all have full permission to eat my body. Yeah, you do. But not my penis. Nobody - nobody but nobody eats Bobby's penis.

Bobby: [Bobby's about to chop up two dead bodies] I can do this, man. Yeah, I got this.

Mickey: [walking away, to Josh] But can he live with it?

Bobby: It's blunt.

Mickey: Come on, you motherfuckers! Come and get me! I got nine more fingers for you!

Josh: Decided you should ration your own food and water.

Eva: Is this for the three of us?

Josh: No, two. Mickey's fasting.

Eva: Where's the gun?

Mickey: Get me out of this chair.

[Eva scoffs]

Mickey: It's in a red coffee can, in the panic room.

Eva: I never said l'd untie you.

Mickey: You'll do the right thing.

Josh: Store's closed.

Mickey: [to Josh] Are you proud of yourself?

Mickey: Ever see what happened to those poor Japanese bastards after we dropped Little Boy on Nagasaki? The skin melting off their bones. Faces like... roadkill. Lucky ones died in the blast. And those kids in Chernobyl - eyes and... ears. Shit growing all over 'em. Tumors the size of grapefruits popping out of their necks.

Eva: Enough, Mickey. We get it.

Mickey: What you need to get is if that dust gets in here, we're all fucked.

Delvin: This is my ball. You got it out of my apartment?

Mickey: I got it out of your ass.

Mickey: [to Josh] I'm not your nanny, you arrogant prick!

Adrien: [to Bobby] Do you agree with everything my brother says?

Man: Hello, do you copy? We're on 29th and 5th. Is anyone out there?