Alpha: [speaking in a high-pitched broken collar voice to Dug, who is in a hole in the ground] This is the bird's favorite hole. Under no circumstances are you permitted to SQUIRREL!

[Alpha, Beta, and Gamma quickly snap their heads to look to screen left. Dug glances in that direction. Alpha regains his composure]


  • ever leave this hole. Do you understand the words that I am saying to you now?


Dug: Oh yes. I will stay in the hole and I will capture the bird.

Alpha: [all three start to walk away] Yes... definitely!

Gamma: [to Alpha] That oughta do it.

Beta: Yeah.

Dug: I will stay in the hole. I will stay in the hole. I will... stay in the...

[starts to sink into the hole]

Dug: Now I am going down the hole.

[continues sliding on sinking sand]

Dug: It is dark in the hole.

Alpha: [Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are hunting Kevin the Snipe, only a few yards away] This is our day, my lieutenants. Master will have much rewa...

[his ears perk up, Kevin runs away, and Dug falls on top of them in a heap of sand]

Dug: [sitting on top of the three, who are half-buried in sand] Hey! My pack is in the hole too!