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  • These variations on the Cuckold genre are extremely boring, with stolid set-up scenes bearing fake seriousness leading to pointless gonzo sex, all supposedly with some dumb cluck either enjoying or brooding over his partner's infidelity. Borrrring.

    Alina Ali is a stripper, shown fooling around at their poles with uncredited fellow stripper September Reign. Ali is humping her boss DIllon Diaz at the club, and he gets his jollies by listening in via Blue Tooth to her making love outside in a snazzy convertible with her boyfriend Oliver Flynn. Dillon is more of a hotwifing type creep than an actual cuckold here. Flynn is back brooding during a dumb montage of better times with his girl Riley Steele (director Kayden Kross's old teammate a decade or so ago over at Digital Playground). He keeps staring at an empty pair of high heels on the floor across his room, typical of the empty pretentiousness here. Almost laughable is KK's indulgence of holding a Mrs. Robinson iconic shot from "The Graduate" as we see cum or perhaps a female secretion all down Riley's leg as Flynn screams over and over the vignette's title: "Where Have You Been", leading to some violence and hate-sex.

    "Checkmate" is the title of an idiotic scene of Evelyn Claire asserting herself against montone boing husband Dillon Diaz, when she has sex with an ex (from college days) Dante Colle after defeating Colle in a chess match. Not a true cuckold, Dillon gets plenty of sex in the trio's gonzo 3-way, unlike his only brief softcore action in the segment co-starring with Alina Ali. Knowledgeable viewers will note how both male actors in the triangle are veterans in Gay Porn and transsexual porn as well.

    Worst segment (credited to a director named Chef) is a nonsensical one, of Emily Willis supposedly as a porno actress newbie having her first scene (with no camera, pretty stupid) with BBC Jax Slayher. He wants to break her into the industry gently, but she wants gonzo action and gets it in quite phony feigned enthusiasm. A nerdy white boy observes and is frustrated by all this, but the explanatory back story does not show up on screen, just left to the liner notes on the dvd, leaving the viewer with a half-hour pointless serving of IR all-sex content.