The weather was so cold while shooting the exterior over night shots, that almost the entire crew, including the director were wearing horror movie themed face masks bought from a near by gas station.

The original script was written back in 2004 by Marcus Slabine and David Morwick and was about 4 college students going to an abandoned house for a college final. Once there, the 4 students were attacked by a crazed mass murderer and his mentally challenged sister. The script was 3/4 of the way completed when the star of the film became SAG and the location was torn down. Years later, Marcus found the script and took the concept and completely rewrote it as the short film NAM. Marcus wrote a feature film version that was never made with the assistance of Paul Molnar. The only things to remain the same was the fact the killer wears a gas mask, the main character having asthma and the fact the killer tries to bury him alive.

The character of Stevan Morwick is a combination of Stevan Mena's and David Morwick's name.

Paul Molnar did all of his own make up including the melted face of NAM.