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  • Warning: Spoilers
    A Russian version of Ms. Frick visits the hotel with a top Russian ballet troop, and their presence turns the hotel (and New York City) upside down. The romance between secretary Molly Hagen and owner Brian McNamara seems to have politely cooled as Hagen now has a crush on the sexy Russian lead dancer Tengiz Borisoff whom the staff and troop management believes is trying to defect. But he only has desires to learn about the American culture and return to Leningrad so they must find a way to get Gus back on the bus and avoid an international scandal.

    As the final episode of the very short lived series, this shows the potential that it had but was never able to fully fulfill. There's a very funny opening where Hagen is trying to speak Russian to the person on the phone, and tries to find someone to translate, finally being told that the person on the line can speak English to them if necessary. Leachman, jealous of Korman's interest in her Russian counterpart, tries all sorts of schemes to make him jealous. The episode becomes very frenzied and hectic, but there are last to be found, and even though it is the end, the show goes out on a high note.