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  • info-789713 March 2012
    This show proves that - despite much doubt - German television can be entertaining, intelligent, and extremely funny. DER LETZTE BULLE is truly excellent and can easily compare to international productions. It gives you just the right combination of splendid humur, entertaining story lines, and a strong human factor. Authors, directors, and the whole cast and crew really do a wonderful job: The dialog is absolutely outstanding.The characters are deep, unique and hugely likable. Although the basic idea of the series has been somewhat exhausted after two seasons, the interesting development of Mick, Andreas and the others keeps you hooked. The brilliant use of the 80s/90s-Soundtrack also adds to the fun. Great work!
  • garyj-152 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    First 3 seasons are funny, not very much, slow, very slow, VERY SLOW

    Seasons 4 and 5 were directed by a kindergarten child They spoiled it completely, it started as a good idea, 20 years in coma, wake up and the world is totally different, then it all went south; ridiculous characters, lame story, slow pace,bad photography. German police is depicted as idiotic, corrupt and inefficient. They cannot do anything right

    Were those the best actors they could hire in Germany ???? Or did they ran out of budget? Actors should think about becoming plumbers or brick layers instead, maybe they would do better there One other question... did people really liked it as to keep making up to 5 seasons? Wow, that says a lot about the audience

    Predictable, slow, boring, bad acting, lousy direction, what else can I say? Last 2 chapters are the worst in the whole world! Don't say I did not warned you