• WARNING: Spoilers

    Meet the residents of Ida B. -- a subsidized apartment building in Harlem. There's Brenda, the welfare mother with four children by four different fathers; Sharif; the homosexual community activist who wants to save the world; and Rosa, a Puerto Rican spitfire whose foul mouth and quick temper keeps everyone hopping. Add to the mix Vincent -- a bank robber, cold-blooded killer and the most loyal of friends; Miss Jackie, the building gossip; Mrs. Harris, the kindly grandmother who also doubles as the neighborhood fence, and a whole other bunch of colorful characters and you know there that while there's a lot of love in the Ida B.; there's a lot of fighting, and downright danger when outside forces threaten their tight little community. When one of the tenants kills herself, the other residents rally together and vow to take care of her orphaned child; but that's the only tragedy. Suddenly a horrendous murder occurs, and accusations fly as everyone tries to find the perpetrator; and decide if he should be turned over to the police, or should street justice prevail.