[Crowd is screaming while Kane is finishing his speech]

Kane: Peace through powe...

[Gunshot is heard and Kane falls down to the floor]

Kane: Commander, you are quite a adapt leader, but you should know there is much more to this war and to this Tiberium Network than what's has been revealed to you. Let me show YOU the truth. Join me and leave the ignorance of GDI behind you.

[Kane looks down at you while you are lying down in agony]

Kane: You are all so... fragile.

[Colonel James points her gun at you, when Kane comes into the frame and stranglers her]

Kane: He was not yours to take!

[Kane stranglers James harder and the camera pans away]

[Kane looks at you with a grin]

Kane: You looking good. Here, see for yourself.

[Kane puts a mirror in-front of you and you see in the reflection that you look identical to Kane himself]