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  • Gblakelii4 September 2012
    If you're familiar with the films, When Comedy was King(1960) or, The Golden Age of Comedy(1957), this short, is then sort of a mini version of the aforementioned. None of the excerpts are duplicated. Nice lengthy comedy clips, a good many with Ben Turpin, give you a good example of the old silent Mack Sennett comedies from which these were taken. Sound effects, music and narration were added in a positive way. Most of the scenes had a modern setting. One in particular, though, had an ancient Roman theme. Plenty of trains, explosions and even the 1st stretch limo as well. A brief view of the Sennett bathing beauties and Larry Semon(not together), but happily an extended scene with the Keystone Cops! In the 1940's old and new fans of Mack Sennett, no doubt, were pleased to have his films re-appear as straight reissues(features),or with added sound or part of compilations. For film fans today who haven's seen, Once Over Lightly, it's certainly a great find!