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  • These three Girlsway vignettes, united for a current VOD release (yes, DVDs are being phased out by pornographers), include one classic. A fascinating XXX exercise written by and starring Jelena Jensen. Stills by Alan directed all three, but his contribution is now suppressed (at least on the "packaging" hawking the VOD) since he's left the Girlsway fold.

    In the title segment, Jensen portrays a sex slave, abused by dominatrix Dana DeArmond for a full half hour, as Dana also harangues her with orders. The XXX content is kinky, and reminiscent of those BDSM scenes regularly issued by It has a fabulous surprise ending -terrific.

    An odd scene, which perhaps deserved a rewrite before shooting, has Alison Rey in need of cunnilingus -her boyfriend refuses. On the phone a pal advises her to go lesbo, so she finds a female pro on line and invites her over. Serena Blair delivers the goods, and Rey is satisfied. The scene is loaded with plot holes and unrealistic behavior but the actresses "perform" effectively enough for porn purposes.

    Another scene with more potential than is actually realized has Abigail Mac going to a meet-up with Sarah Vandella, latter demanding "No names and no talking". They have hot Sapphic sex, and that's it. Sort of code for "all sex" entertainment rather than building characters and an actual story line.