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  • I'm quite a fan sitcoms and I've probably seen most of the reasonably good ones by now. I also tend to follow the supposedly mediocre. However, this sitcom is by far the worst one I've seen. The jokes just fall flat; I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

    The show deals with marital life and unfortunately the points it tries to make are dismissed far too easily. They're also generic and the jokes used to make them are uninspired. There simply isn't any innovative subject matter like in Seinfeld, Frasier, The Big Bang Theory or other great sitcoms.

    I don't usually review IMDb items, but after seeing this I felt compelled to warn others.
  • Sparky485 March 2013
    I saw this sitcom the other day on a local TV affiliate, and it's easy to understand why it only lasted three seasons.

    This black family TV sitcom, starring Terry Crews and Essence Atkins as middle-class parents of two preteen children, just simply isn't funny at all. Although I liked Crews in his previous role as dad to the teen-aged Chris Rock in "Everybody Hates Chris" and think that Essence Atkins is a stunning black actress, the straight characters they portray as parents in this show are rather listless, and the two children are just as vapid and bland. With its tedious story lines, insipid characters, and overall lack of humor, you'll most likely find yourself reaching for your remote after about 10 minutes of viewing (if that long).

    Just flat out dull.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After a long week at work I was relaxing and watching whatever came up on TV. This show is what came up; I had never seen or heard of it, so I decided to watch it. I was watching the episode of the lost rat in the house and the mother becoming angry with her friend for taking her daughter to the mall and allowing an unknown man (unknown to the family) buy the daughter three very expensive gifts.

    I was hooked in on the message regarding the daughter allowing an unknown older man to buy her expensive gifts for no reason. I thought mom was sending a good message when she told her friend she did not like her daughter being exposed to a, for lack of a better work, sugar daddy.

    However, when mom asked dad his opinion, he assured mom that their daughter was not going to grow up to be like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears…"you know, like white women." I could not believe what I heard.

    Won't spoil the rest of the show…but I will tell you that during a later conversation between mom and her best friend, mom said she would not need to worry about her daughter; "she won't grow up to be like be like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears…"you know, like white women."

    I wasn't convinced I had heard such a blatant racist statement when dad first said it; I told myself I must have misheard. But when mom repeated the comment verbatim, I was clear.

    I am highly disappointed that a show like this would spout such obvious racism. I wasn't impressed with the mom-daughter element either; the message was hypocritical.
  • bingolong4 June 2010
    Great venture for Ice Cube and I really appreciate that he tapped into great talent and creative pools from now defunct CW shows like "Everybody Loves Chris" and "Half and Half". With "Are We There Yet?" being on TBS following the lead of the template that Tyler Perry has set should insure that these shows don't end abruptly and will have a lasting syndication run.

    These episodes are setting the pace for possibilities with all the rich characters and situations to draw from. For example the Hyphenated name issue really was thought provoking and funny. I give this a 7 with room to grow. I am look forward to seeing where things go.
  • amt-2738011 November 2019
    Saw the film for some reason in 2005 and had to turn it off it was so bad. Noticed they were running it on Comedy Central with terry crews and watched an episode. Absolutely awful,
  • Ok, white folk saying this is racist is just stupid, but after watching the valentine episode where the toxic machismo was dripping off of all "it's not ok for boys to like flowers unless they're gay", lots of references that men shouldn't be sensitive and some kind of cruel "some kids are just unlikable and need to be left out so they learn to be more likeable" BS left a horrible taste in my mouth. I GET that Terry's character is supposed to be flawed and learn , but it often turns around that he's right after all and that the women and sensitive male characters are constantly belittled. I can only image those that like this are old-fashioned straight Christian chauvinistic wife bashing, gay belittling, emasculating people....who need every poorly written joke spelled out for them. Terry has since showed he's better than all this. He ain't no poor man's tv version of Ice Cube....he's better than that. Way better than that. It feels so out of character for him, it feels unnatural. HE is funny. This trite is not.
  • shani_dayo6 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am not going to lie, this show is very distasteful. Not because of crude humor or anything like that, it is just naturally terrible! First off the casting is all wrong for the show, and it really has nothing to do with the 2005 film "Are we there yet?" but was created by Ice cub, and uses the same Character names as in the film. I didn't expect the show to last for more than a season or two truthfully. Besides bad casting the bad acting is one of the worst parts, none of these people can act and sound like they are just reading a script. The story lines are just plain corny, and do not relate to real life situations whatsoever. There was one episode that I liked though, the one were Lindsey tried drugs and had a hallucination about it that taught Her a lesson, that was a good episode, but other than that the show was utter trash. The bad jokes and puns were just sad, who told Ice cub He could produce?
  • Well so far all I've seen is a couple of silly trailers for the show. I don't see a listing on tbs or anywhere else for that matter. That is really too bad because my daughter and I wanted to give it a chance. We are both fans of Terry Crews from his superb performance on "Everybody Hates Chris" and other internet appearances such as a series of Old Spice deodorant commercials which can be found quite easily on YouTube at http://

    His reviews on the YouTube spots and everywhere else are overwhelmingly positive. As a comedic actor Mr. Crews has a great range. We want to be entertained, tbs, so bring this show back for another season and give my 9 yr old daughter and myself a chance to judge (and review online for your perusal) ourselves.

    It's late so this non-review may not be as coherent as it is in my head... Something perhaps lost on the 3:30 AM red-eye from my brain to my thumbs (yes, I am typing this non-review on my 4.3" screen HTC EVO). So one more time, we implore you to please promote the show and give us a second chance to see if we like it, simply because Terry Crews is a funny guy and I hope he will start getting the exposure he deserves.
  • I can't believe this show survived for so long. who is watching this?
  • mnmnauty10 February 2016
    I love this show! I don't watch a lot of TV, but ran upon Are We There Yet in rerun mode while channel surfing for something good to watch; (not a lot out there). It's funny and all of the actors are great in their roles; the characters are so believable and compliment each other like clockwork. There's only one character I don't like much and that's the children's real father -- he's a total jerk! As I said I don't watch any of what's on TV now -- too many reality this and that, courtroom idiocy and silly talk shows, etc. I think Are We There Yet should have been given a greater chance to run; it's a good clean show and it doesn't portray the Black family in the screwball stereotypical way television usually does. I'm waiting and watching for Are We There Yet to come out on DVD or Amazon Video -- HURRY!
  • sanclan12 January 2020
    I can't believe this made it three seasons. I made it barely past one episode. The way the lead male character was feminized ruined the show and the family dynamics that it was trying to instill.
  • bsivell1612 December 2014
    I saw this show for the first time a few days ago and I was so upset about a few racist comments made. I hoped it was a fluke, but after watching another few episodes it is clear that this show is full of racism! I am a white chick and I guarantee if there was a show out there that had comments in it towards blacks all heck would break loose. I hate the fact that racism is OK when it is geared towards white people. Not only that, but the show sucks on other levels. The show has no moral boundaries, the characters are bland, and the acting is just outright terrible. I can't believe it has as many stars as it does on here.
  • This show is a nice family sitcom. Something easy going to come home to and relax. One bad side is the styling. The wife, Suzanne, played by Essence Atkins, looked way better during the first episodes. She wore her natural hair and light makeup and young/cool mommy clothes. She looked like a young and cool mom. Now she look sort of OLD. She wears this weird color brown wig. Hairpiece and so does the daughter. It take a lot away from the series to me. I cant focus much on the actual show sometime due to the sub par styling. I will continue to watch, but with mild dislike for the styling. Keep it up guys, greatness takes time. There is much potential to be had.
  • Talking in the kitchen after smelling cinnamon toast, Keesha Sharp tells Essence Atkins that she is between boyfriends and mentions she could sell a "J. Crew" sweater online to help "TIE" her over while she's in between boyfriends. The CORRECT phrase is "TIDE" over. It's only one letter but it make all the difference in what's being said. Take the extra time and make sure whatever it is you are trying to say is actually the right expression. Way too many take short cuts and use adages improperly. Let's get back on target and respect our language while we can still speak and write it. Please. There may be a time in our future that what we say and communicate will be edited and restricted base on the content. At least use the proper words.
  • Very funny sometimes, other times bleh. What I like most: the dancing at the start, Kevin's monologues, Gigi's extra large smile and giggles/squeals, . What kicks it up sometimes are the guests/recurring characters Brick Street, Troy, the guy who plays insurance agent/travel agent/loan officer, African park attendant/caterer. And the running gags: Ice Cube's disappearing act (especially when used on him or ignored), Troy's lying about his whereabouts to his mom. And for fans of Half & Half ( which starred Essence Atkins) Telma Hopkins ( who played her half sister's mother on that show) appears now as her mother in law and Obba Babatunde ( who played her father on that show) appears again as her father.