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  • Missa X sets up this terrific little scene with a sci-fi premise: a future where millions of feral humans, sort of the wild child of a Truffaut or Herzog movie, are hunted annually by us bourgeois folk, shunned because they are not part of civilized society and thought of as akin to raccoons or bears rifling through our garbage cans. They're also kept in shelters, but euthanized frequently due to overcrowding.

    But exceedingly cute Megan Rain gets one from a shelter in the form of Adriana Chechik, planning to tame her and raise her like a house pet. Jay Smooth objects at first, but when uninhibited and wild Chechik sexually embraces both of them -very hard to resist.

    Strong, semi-improvised performances make this a high-energy scene, lots of unbridled fun. Sure, there's social criticism upfront in Missa's screenplay, relevant not only to the callous way society deals (and fails to deal) with the homeless problem, but also of course our approach to pets. One amusing in-joke has Chechik lapping up milk out of a bowl like a pussycat (or a stereotypical role-playing sub in a BDSM video), and then urinating on the living room floor - a porn gimmick (Golden Shower) that reminds one of Adriana's most famous shtick of fake Squirting in most of her porn videos.