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  • I have always loved the first two Kung Fu panda films for there likable characters, simple yet charming story's and full of fun action scenes/comedy scenes.The third movie was good but it felt lacking in areas and it wasn't as good as the first two in my opinion. But the third film still had great action,animation and music to make it an enjoyable film overall.This TV show is a mixed bag by many people and while it's flawed in places, it can be pretty entertaining and it certainly has it's good episodes. The Show is funny and it has some great villains to(while others are meh at best). The animation is decent but since it's a TV show based of a film series i can kind of understand why it turned out the way it did. The music is decent and the action scenes are still fun to watch. The characters are a bit different and nowhere near as good as there film counterparts mainly Po who seems to be a bit more annoying then before. The voice acting is actually pretty solid and certain characters like viper and Mr ping sound the same (since they were voiced by the same actors). I would say check out this show if you are a hardcore Kung Fu panda fan and while it's characters are a little more unlikable then there film counter parts it's still worth having a look at.
  • nikozguri9 July 2012
    Not bad
    The "Kung Fu Panda" movies are all amazing (especially the second movie). And now, here we got the TV series. "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness". The TV series tells the story of Po and the Five against evil. Well, i gotta say the TV series didn't looked as great as the movies. The animation isn't like "super-duper good", it's alright, but i kinda liked the animation they used in the movies better. Although, "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness" ain't that bad of a TV show. The story is kinda lacking with some weird plot holes, but i say it's okay. In fact, i saw an episode of the TV show and i really enjoyed it. It still got the great sense of humor and the awesome fight scenes just like in the movies. I don't know what other people think about it, but i really liked the TV show. If you're a big fan of the "Kung Fu Panda" movies, then you'll might like this one too

  • Warning: Spoilers
    One had to figure there would be a television show based on "Kung Fu Panda", where anthropomorphic animals use martial arts moves in a fantastical version of China. It took longer than expected (even longer than the studio intended) but it eventually happened. And it's rather uneven.

    Yes, the animation isn't as good as in the movies. But that's to be expected. Anyone who thought a show with a TV budget would match the quality of a movie with a lot more money and time to burn was being quite foolish and little snobbish.

    The real problem is with writing and characterization. It's kinda hard to watch Po here after KFP2. The smarter, more mature, more confident, team player seen at the end of that movie is largely absent. What we often have is the hyper-active, fan-boyish, impetuous manchild from the early scenes of the first movie. It's made even worse by the fact he constantly screws up in order to learn (and teach the kids watching) a lesson. Though things seem to be improving as the show progresses.

    The Furious Five aren't handled well either. One has to wonder if KFP's creators ever intended to flesh them out in the first place. I can understand them not getting much development in the movies, but the show also doesn't give them much depth. Sometimes one of them will get the spotlight and even some depth, but a lot of the time the writers either have them out of the way or have them get their tails kicked.

    However, it's still fairly entertaining. The characters have a lot of personality and there is some really fun & funny dialog. Most of the voice cast does a good job of sounding like their big screen counterparts. And like the movies, it features fun, inventive action scenes featuring impressive martial arts moves. The show makes things interesting by peppering events with martial arts super moves, powerful weapons, and even magic items and spells.

    It also benefits from a colorful rogues gallery of silly and over-the-top villains that threaten the Valley of Peace like Fung, the short-fused leader of a gang of inept crocodile bandits, and Temutai, a huge water buffalo who overdramatically shouts every word. My favorite is Taotie, a warthog who uses machines that could be described as "woodpunk" (even more primitive than steampunk). Not only is he delightfully megalomanical, but the dialog between him and his nonchalant son is a hoot ("Can we please destroy the Furious Five and save the family bickering for later?" "I don't know. CAN we?") So while not as good as the movies, it can pretty entertaining. And things actually seem to be getting better as it goes along
  • It's the continuing adventures of Po, the Dragon Warrior. He and his friends, the Furious Five, protect the Valley of Peace under the guidance of Shifu from various villains.

    This brings the cinematic cartoon onto the TV screen. There are a couple actors reprising their voice work. Mostly, it's new people recreating the memorable voices. The characters and the work is very similar to the cinematic franchise except there are no big 3D action. The stories are nice and the characters are fun. There is nothing offensive or terribly edgy. This is a fine family cartoon for the younger crowd and adults should be fine watching it with them.
  • lisaannwms-2413516 February 2016
    This is a great show. Some of the adults writing the reviews should stop being so overly dramatic and's a kids show for goodness sake. Start thinking like a child and you too will love this cartoon. My family loves it because we don't have to deal with sexual innuendo or any other non kid like verbiage. This cartoon is VERY family friendly and I would recommend the series to any of my friends that have children from ages 6 and up. My nieces and nephews think Po and Master Shifu exhibit a friendship of love, caring, trust and respect. These are things my family enjoys to watch in a show and this is just an all round fun show and we love it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After having seen the first two Kung Fu Panda films, I became hyped and was anticipated to watch this TV show. Then, after hearing the catchy theme song, I was totally blown away. While I will admit that the show is not nearly as solid as the first two films, it's still an entertaining show for kids to watch.

    The second and third seasons have improved as the show is still in progress, but the first season does have some problems. It's does get repetitive in it's formula (Po makes a mistake, has to fix it, rinse and repeat) and it does drag a bit in most episodes.

    Aside from it's flaws, there's a lot to like about this show. The CGI animation is cute and lovely with the similar detailed backgrounds of the Valley of Peace and the Jade Palace along with new places while using the traditional animation in the flashbacks that shows how every single villain Po and the Furious Five face became evil in each episode.

    Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is packed with surprisingly good action and clever comedy thanks to its witty dialog. The voice actors did very decent voicing the movie counterparts with the return of Lucy Liu and James Hong and not to mention most of the other voice actors that we've seen in most TV shows for kids (Kevin Michael Richardson, Wallace Shawn, John DiMaggio, etc.)

    I understand that this show is getting some hatred including fans of the first two, but I don't think it's as bad as some say it is aside from what I've said about the first season. Seeing as how the second and third seasons diverged itself from the same formula, I think kids will enjoy this as much as those who saw the films.
  • The one thing I'll always remember from this show is the fight scenes. They were simply amazing. Easily among the best fights I've ever seen. And they don't carry the show either. Every episode I saw had good jokes and interesting stories. The Furious Five get a lot of development, though I'll admit it was mostly just Monkey or Tigress. And I always loved Po. He was funny and really brought life into the show.
  • The third series has the best episodes; I record ANY episode in DVD when sender put 'em on air, the wau I can watch 'em again and again instead of cycling the whole saga according to the local TV network. Even though graphics leaks of details in comparison of the movies, each overview is structured flawless, especially the dual-parts episodes e.g. "Enter The Dragon". Vocal actors in original version are worth hearing. Each episode can teach something that we can notice in the others, like the referrals to past episodes or something like that when we're watching a single episodio, not like the soap operas having sequels. Publishing of all Kung phu panda saga is quite slow but I understand the work behind the animation scenes and character martial movements and arts. So I give an excellent vote to this television program !
  • milovic-229-9941275 December 2011
    Well, I'm actually surprised with this show. It's definitely not as good as 2 films.

    Animation is worse than in the movies, but not that bad. My only remark is that they sometimes use the same model for different characters, only changing the color of the robes. But even Disney is doing that. TV series cant spend as much money as for the movies. For example Aladdin TV series. Every male child looked like a miniature Aladdin, with same hairstyle.

    Voice acting is GREAT. Voice actors are so convincing (except Tigress), they sound like their movie counterpart, especially Mick Wingert as Jack Black. And John DiMaggio and Richardson are great as Fung and Temutai.

    Story is OK, with one or two plot holes.

    New characters are good. Maybe little clichéd, but they're not annoying (for example "Aladdin" had Abyss Mall the worst cartoon character in history!!!). Some of the villains are even great, like Junjie and Temutai.

    Overall, the show is decent. Nothing special, but if you liked Kung Fu Panda, you're like this too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Becoming a fan of the Kung fu panda franchise took me some time. But I watched the first movie a few years after it came out and was very pleased with it, so with its sequel. When then watching the tv series I was a little suspicious at first, mostly because of the animation. Watched a few episodes first, then a "pause", then catching up with it again. And at that point I felt OMG, this show is better than I remembered!! :D

    Yes, the animation isnt as good as the movies, but it doesn't look terrible either. The sunshine in the areas is the thing that makes it feel most nice to look at. And we just have to take for what it is when it's a TV show based on a big cinematic movie.

    The characters are coming back in a very nice way too.Their personalities may be played around a little, but its not that it ruins the story or anything. In fact, some of them needs a little funny boost in their life; for example Shifu with his mostly complicated sides in the movie. ; ) And the way Po grows into his role as the dragon warrior feels like a very nice build up for the third movie. The new characters are really nice too (some of them appearing more than once). Some of them are these very predictable villains while others can be very threatening as the shows progress. The new non villainous characters are also very well made. They have some really nice mysterious sides and have some great interesting connections to our main characters.

    The stories are really great too! The first episodes may seem very predictable, but I think it changes very quickly. To me it feels like they really want to flesh out the characters, giving them some really deep backstories, one of my favourites being the one with Shifu's father. It gives you a picture of Shifu's past and how he came to the Jade palace and his bond with Oogway. They also aren't afraid to put in some drama between the characters, when it comes to something that means a lot to them. For example there's an episode where Oogway seems to be back and Shifu wonders why he wants to talk more to Po than to him, since they stood each other so close. It's actually a really interesting occasion that creates extra deep and shows the kids some great morals about having confidence yet respect each other. I'm not saying every episode are like this, but they are certainly putting in some effort to give it some fun and action and to teach the kids some valuable life lessons. I also like how they manage to give it an epic an mystical feeling thanks to the backstories, this world's own legends and with the use of some 2d animation to these clips. I'm also thankful to how they at some point give us some sense of the timeline , so we can feel what takes place after the first or second movie.

    The kung fu action scenes might not have that much of deeper meaning or dramatic like it had in the movie, but it's still passable enough for a family friendly kids show.

    I am a HUGE fan of the Kung fu panda franchise today and I'm so happy I gave it a chance! And overall I think this show is one of the better shows based on a movie. Its not perfect I know, but Ive seen a lot worse than this! It has a great balance between humour, seriousness and excitement. You shouldn't let the animation fool you, or else you don't know what you're missing! I think this a great show for any Kung fu Panda fan, young or old! While it has a lot of humour it doesnt close its eyes for its potential to make it exciting and fleshing out the characters! You can really tell that with what they had they really tried and wanted to create something that continues the story in a fair way. And to me it's a perfect, exciting, fun and lovely family show!
  • sjarja12 February 2014
    firstly. i have watched season 1 and 2 of it - and it was not boring; so the show is not making too many mistakes.

    But i caught myself getting annoyed at the main character ( Po ) - and started liking the villains much much more. ... Which should be a problem for such a show.

    My main criticisms:

    • Po is unlikable. Not quirky but "good at heart" as in the movies ( KFP2 ) but much MUCH more annoying - the Furious Five seem to be a nothing but single-liner-punching-bags ... extremely disappointing. - almost no character ( good or bad ) has any significant development. They mess up one episode to learn from those mistakes - just to mess up a few episodes later again - for the exact same reason. - inconsistent continuity - you never really get a real idea of the peace valley, its inhabitants or the jade palace dwellers. in short - the village and the valley appear to be very very empty, especially compared to KFP1&2 - but that is probably due to the TV sized budget - the show gives a rather bad example for kids. While it hints at the other aspects of Kung Fu other than beating each other up - it never shows it. Every problem seems to be solved by beating others up - usually followed by Po admitting the truth to a mistake. ( not always but so often that it gets old ) - few consequences for the violence shown - although it is a kids show it would be nice sometimes to show that getting beat up actually hurts.

    I cannot help but compare it to 2 other animated shows i consider kind of similar in terms of story-arc ( mêlée combat focused "chosen one" shows )

    • Avatar, the last airbender - which in a brief summary does almost everything right - Xiaolin Showdown - which has a better continuity, character development and arc ( it does get weaker after season 2 though )

    on the plus side though....

    • the visuals are nice. not as great as the movies of course, but still nice. the animation is well done, the movements are well done and do not feel too repetitive - it captures the feeling of the movies well. - it has some funny villains - the story and characters get "slightly" better after mid season 2 ( very slightly - and occasionally )

    all in all a 6/10 from me - above average and no waste of time, but by no means as enticing as my current standard "Avatar, the last airbender" ( which does not quite include Korra )
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started out liking the show, but the more episodes come out the worse it gets. This show has not lived up to its potential and it is very saddening. The humor has started to drag and the story lines are proving to be repetitive and lame. Po makes a mistake or does something stupid, everyone gets mad at him, and he learns a lesson until the next episode. Those types of story lines are fine, but after a while it gets old. There is too much comedy in the show and not enough drama and seriousness. What I loved about the King Fu Panda movies was that they had enough of a balance of both that made them not only funny, but capable of having a story that draws you in. Legends of Awesomeness has mediocre storytelling at best.

    Everyone is in character except for Po, who is proving to be dumber and more childish than he was in the movies. I liked that you can't tell the difference between the movie actors for the main characters and their voice actors in this series. Mick Wingert sounds exactly like Jack Black, which would be awesome if they kept Po more in character. In the first movie, Po was a silly fanboy but he began to grow out of that stage. In the Kung Fu Panda holiday special, he is loyal and has a much better grip on his responsibility as the Dragon Warrior, and in Kung Fu Panda 2 he is much more loyal and mature and a very determined warrior.

    In Legends of Awesomeness he is not like this. He always behaves like a spoiled, stupid little boy, and at times even acts mean. Some episodes do get his gentleness and compassion down very well, but not very many. He even gets jealous of the attention a new kung fu student gets in one episode and resorts to lying about Shifu's intentions for him, ending up hurting and traumatizing the poor kid! That is not Po in the slightest, and it infuriated me to watch that scene.

    I had hoped the writers would realize the potential a franchise like Kung Fu Panda has in many areas, but so far it doesn't look like they do. One of the things they are doing is using the same villains over and over. That wouldn't be so bad if the villains were actual threats, but they're so lame! Fung is stupid and annoying, and he is the most overused villain in the show. He was fine in the first two episodes he was in, but now he is just irritating. Taotie was fine in his first episode too, but now I find him more annoying than Fung. Everything he does makes me cringe, and I find it a relief that he's in a lot fewer episodes than Fung. As far as Hundun is concerned, all I have to say is: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? He's absolutely pathetic!

    The only villain I actually found to be a menacing threat so far is the owl in Good Po vs. Bad Po. So far, she is the only effective villain on the show. There have also been some major contradictions, particularly about Chorh-Gom and Tai Lung. Chorh-Gom prison had only been used for Tai Lung, and after he destroyed the prison it would have disgraced and condemned. It would not have been repaired and reused for other prisoners.

    I know we are still in the first season, but if these writers don't step up to the plate and deliver stronger effort on this show, Kung Fu Panda as a whole will lose its opportunity to truly be the best it can be. I find it really sad that I have found fanfics of Kung Fu Panda that were much better written, had much better stories, and even better villains than the stuff these writers come up with. Perhaps they should take a lesson from these fanfiction writers.
  • gcappuccia30 November 2011
    This show is mediocre at best and downright awful at worst. I'm a Kung Fu Panda movie fan and I don't understand what other people see in it. The writing is bland and tries way too hard to be funny when most of the time it's just painful, and every episode has at least half a dozen major plot holes. The characters' personalities were all right in the first few episodes, but now they're completely off from the characters in the movies, and not in a good way; all the so-called protagonists are complete jerks that no one in their right mind would want to side with. The villains and guest characters are overdone and clichéd, not to mention very badly designed and modeled. The animation is very poor quality; all the backgrounds are monochromatic and hemmed-in, every character in the background is a repeat model (oftentimes, they don't even bother to change the character's clothing color) and the simplified modeling and animation of our main characters is clunky and uninspired. And nothing in the universe of the show is consistent with what was already established in the canon of the movies. Overall, it's clear to me that little to no effort was put into Legends of Awesomeness at all; it was obviously conceived by studio executives looking to make a quick buck and expand the popularity of their franchise between movies. If all you want to see is Po and the Furious Five beating up bad guys, you'll probably like it just fine. But if you wanted to see the elaborate world of the movies recreated and expanded upon, you'll be sadly disappointed by this lazy, lazy show.
  • The kung fu panda movies are awesome. The first two are fantastic and the third while very good doesn't come close to the first two. The TV series imo was entertaining, funny, action packed, had some cool bad guys like ke-pa, solid music that fit the situations,animation while inferior looks pretty decent for a TV series based on a film series (lilo and stitch the series had worse animation then the first Lilo and stitch film yet no one seems to bash that). The characters are still expressive in emotions and I like how they have the same character designs in the films. The show does have it's really fun and funny episodes also such as enter the dragon which is an hour episode and is awesome to watch. The voice acting sound's really good a lot of the time and it has fun character intreations, the show does have it's not so good episodes and it's characterzation can be of sometimes like po being a bit more bad mannered at times tho most of time he wasn't that bad in the show but it is noticeable if you watched the films (I pefer his character in the movies tho, The furious five and shifu are like this but po is the most noticeable one). The writing is mostly well done with a few hiccups here and there. The theme song is really good also. Kung fu panda LOA gets a bad rep from fans and I can see wwhy but as someone who loves the films i actually was entertained by this. It's funny, cheesy( good kind of cheesy) cute, and has it's really cool moments. I think it's great and i would go into it with an open mind with thinking it's a kids show, you'll like it more if you do that.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched a couple episodes of this show. I'm not going to lie. I TRIED. I really, REALLY tried to justify its existence to myself. I just couldn't do it.

    I will give the devil his due a little: Is the show funny? At times, yes. Very much so. Is the voice acting good? In some cases, yes.

    This show IS actually much better than some of the other kids shows on television these days. It DOES succeed where many other cartoons tend to fall flat on their face.

    Okay, enough devil due giving.

    What I truly dislike about this show, is that it has taken a movie franchise that appealed to ALL ages, and turned it into something that appeals ONLY to little kids. Why?

    Where the movies were humorous, the show is downright silly.

    Where the movies had dramatic, tense moments and PLOT, the show has none.

    The characters in the movies had depth and the viewer could really care about them. Not so in the show. The characters in the show are very static representations of their basic dispositions in the film.

    Po is pretty much a clumsy fool. Shifu is flat-out strict and almost unpleasant. Monkey is just a goof-ball through and through. Mantis is CONSTANTLY landing wisecracks. Crane's sarcasm is actually palpable. Viper is......well...Bubbles. Tigress is just a grouch.

    Where the animation in the movies was excellent and even beautiful at times. The animation in the show is just agonizingly stiff and clumsy.

    Also, really, here's the gist of almost every episode of the show: Po causes problem. Rest of the characters grudgingly help Po solve said problem. Rinse, repeat.

    Now, for a kid's show, it's a perfect formula. And, as I've said, it's quite funny when it wants to be. But, why did they have to do it to THIS franchise? They really couldn't have picked anything else? I dislike this show not because it's a kids show, but because it has sucked out everything that I love about the feature films. Why couldn't they have produced a show that was story driven but still kid friendly like the movies? It's not like Nickelodeon hasn't aired a show like that in the past. Most Nickelodeon watchers will remember a show a few years back by the name of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    All in all, it's a solid cartoon for kids to enjoy, but it's a severe discredit to the films.
  • Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness is very exciting and has lots of action and fights. It is quite cringy and unrealistic at times but it is very fun and family friendly. The animation is quite poor and I think they could of done a better job on that. Due to the poor animation the animal's look as if they do not have fur and at times it looks like animation from a video game. However, it is very exciting and mainly seems canon to the films. At the start of mostly every episode Po does something he is not meant to and gets in trouble but in the end everything works out fine which I find quite cringy but it is a kid's TV show. So yes very fun and action-packed and the fight scenes are also fairly good so overall I think this is a good TV show. I would definitely recommend it to you and your family.
  • Since it's a tv series, I can understand it but its a bit to childish. Like they made it only for pre Teenagers. But still I would suggest to watch it.
  • My 3 boys (8, 5 and 2) absolutely love this show. And I can definitely say I love it as much, maybe even more. My husband makes fun of me because I crack up at the jokes but it's just too funny. Perfect family show because it doesn't rely on adult jokes and innuendo to make it tolerable for adults to sit though, it is funny enough without that.
  • wackylittlebee25 March 2020
    Overall I think that the show has some strong points and weak points. The show's writing is still pretty good, although the comedy is essentially just glorified slapstick and or convenient comedic timing which does get tiring pretty fast. The characters feel mostly the same except for tigress who, in the movies, was an iron woman, but in the show she is turned into just another goofy companion of Po's which does make the characters feel a bit homogeneous at times. Now the really bad. So obviously this show has some redeeming quality else I wouldn't have rated it 7 out of 10. But there are a lot of glaring issues. One is the animation. All I have to say is Jesus. It looks like they went into sfm and slapped some low res kung fu panda models in and got to work. The models look like smooth clay and they move in individual frames rather than fluidly. I get it tho, it's supposed to be a spinoff show for kids, it's not supposed to be stunning by any means but just contrast this with the penguins of Madagascar another nick show expanding on a DreamWorks movie series. The animation is just better. Better lighting, better movement, better models, and more creative, good looking locations. Looking at Penguins of Madagascar really makes KFP Legends of Awesomeness look very sloppy and poorly done. A second issue is the voice acting. Now the voice acting is not bad by any means. I mean most of the actors have really stellar impressions of the characters. IMPRESSIONS. The voices are a little off so it feels more like your listening to people doing impressions of the character rather than playing the character. In conclusion, the show is funny enough and written well but the animations and voice acting make it seem like some parallel universe where all the stuff is the same but just a little bit off which gave the show a very unsettling feel. I honestly think this show would have been a 10/10 had they had the original voice actors and switched it to the 2d animation style they use in other specials like secrets of the masters. Then they could actually make certain shots look good and maybe make the animation look less like individual pictures of clay strung together. Overall 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Note 1: Throughout this review, I'm gonna compare LOA with my favorite Disney cartoon series, Kim Possible, depending on whether I attack or defend the series. You'll understand why when I do.

    Note 2: I'm not only reviewing the series,I'll also be reviewing the voice actors from both the series and the films. It's easier to do it here than to seek out each person's file here on IMDb.

    In the beginning, this series was very good. It had a lot of the charm and feel from the film. But as the series went on, that completely disappeared. I didn't expect it to have the whole package, but when the amount it had been able to capture started to lack, the series went just downhill. It didn't suck, but it wasn't fun to watch anymore. The four major reasons for this is as following;

    Po is not Po! In the films, Po is a very humble, clumsy and a bit dense guy who has a big heart and a lot of compassion for his friends and family. And, he's very hard-working! In the series, he's obnoxious, lazy, mean, and downright dumb. The only thing that was kept, was his humor. I don't know who to credit the most, the script writers or Mick Wingert, but Po deliver some of the funniest stuff I've heard in a long time.

    The series was originally made after the first film, and takes place after the events of said film. But I struggle to see the whole connection. I also do not see how the events in the series is going to connect the events from the first film to the second. I know the series has only run for one season, and in KP, nothing major that affected the series as a whole happened until mid-season 3. Which was originally meant to be the final season. Maybe LOA needs time to mature, but considering the fact that the series is not keeping up its quality, I don't think it'll be given that time. There's a lot of things that has to happen first; Tigress must warm up a lot more to Po. Po has to improve on both his Kung Fu and his humbleness. Mr. Ping must be more patient with his son. Po must lose some pounds. (I know it wasn't a lot, but Po did actually lose some weight between the feature films.) And last, but not least; Po must drop the attitude!

    I know LOA is a action-comedy based series for kids, and its current appeal is only that. I think this should be rethought. One of the reasons as to why I watched the films, was because they had a much wider appeal to more people. If the series had been more faithful to the films, I'm very sure it would have been a lot better.

    Now, to the good parts; I really have to take my hat off to the voice actors in this series. Many of them do double duty on several episodes, and it is quite obvious that this is something they are familiar with. Mick Wingert has the ability to sound just like Jack Black when it comes to both audio, pitch and pronouncing. Kari Wahlgren chose to use her ordinary voice for Tigress, and I'm glad she did though she sounds nothing like Angelina Jolie. (In fact, I'd prefer Wahlgren before Jolie.) It makes Tigress come off as more natural. James Sie has done a lot of KFP-related voice work before, and I believe that comes in handy. Lucy Liu doesn't have that many appearances, but I think it's so cool that she decided to stay with the KFP franchise. As she is a much used voice actor by Disney, she must be very well versed in the game. Her work with Viper is still top notch. Fred Tatasciore is to me the voice of Hulk and the Beasts in MGS4, so it's actually cool to hear him do Shifu. But if I don't like that he tries to imitate Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman is excellent as Shifu, but I see no reason why Tatasciore needs to imitate him. A grouchy voice alone will do. I love the new bad guys. Kevin Richardson as Temutai is such a blast that I usually have to rewind the episode to hear what he said, because I probably lost it the first time around from laughing. (Temutai has never heard of 'indoor voice'.) There is a lot of people who complain about the animation being bad. I can agree that the animation is nowhere as good as the one in the films, but this is a mass-production. And to be honest, I'm surprised they turned out as good as they did. I'm impressed that they decided to do it in 3D at all, because it's a given that 3D animation is more demanding and loads harder than ordinary cartoon animation.

    I give Legends of Awesomeness 5 stars because at this point, the series is nothing but a borefest unless you're a 4 year old boy. But it used to be good, and it has the potentiality to be good again.
  • In the tv show, po does not act like himself at all. He is much more annoying and I likable, and not as funny. He doesn't sound like he did in the movies, nor act like it. Most of what I just said goes for the rest of the furious five as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is not horrible, but it's definitely not as good as the KFP movies. The show trails Po and the Furious Five following the Kung Fu Panda movies. Other reviewers have described Po as "not being in character", but in my opinion, it actually depicts quite well of how Po would behave now, considering his personality mixed with his newfound fame and success. However, this newfound fame and success, he does not actually deserve considering his skills still leave much to be desired, which I believe plays a part in the annoyance factor of the show. Overall, it's not the first show I would flick to on my TV, but I'm not going to say I hate it.