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  • Natalie Knight fails to impress in this Missa X video showcasing her talents, as an aspiring webcam girl seducing her stepbrother (Seth Gamble) in furtherance of her XXX career.

    Gimmick is that she's lost crucial footage of her having sex with her now ex-boyfriend Ricky stored on her computer, and a web customer has already paid for the specialty sex video. She cajoles stepbro Joel (Seth Gamble) into helping her replace it, via simulated sex, even threatening to rat him out to daddy for an earlier transgression in (getting drunk) which she had taken the blame to protect him.

    Scene develops cornily with their softcore simulated sex together including frottage that soon escalates to a real blow-job and then actual intercourse. Climax is the Missa X trademark creampie, followed by a cutesy ending.

    Sex footage is well performed, but the ease with which stepsis bamboozles her stepbro into having faux incest with her is not believable, just a rush to the inevitable. Just like the fictional character, Missa has to deliver the goods to her fans, and in this case the balance between storytelling and explicit sex is overly weighted to the latter.