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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The main story is about this group of 3 friends, the forth character is more of a sidekick but still very fitting the story. The Barons, is how they like to call themselves, and they life by this code that makes them take life the easy way so to speak. It was at a very young age that Mounir discovered the code that is guiding everybody's life. And if he trust you enough, than he will share this secret with you, this will make you an Baron to. Not really interested in doing or accomplishing anything, just cruising around in there BMW that thy shared by the 8 of them, and if they are not driving the BMW then they like to lay down on the hood of the car and tell jokes . The story takes place in the capital city of Belgium (Brussels) in one of the so called Maghreb neighborhoods, where life is more harsh than the more white neighborhoods How challenging can life be when one want to realize his dream, in the case of Hassan this is becoming a stand up comedian, and how this conflict with his family his friends and his own incapability of having discipline or enough believe in himself that he can pull it off. On top of this he is in love with his best friends sister. This lead to some hilarious scenes and it's just the tip of the iceberg. I have to admit that it helps to have a Maghreb background to fully appreciate some of the subtle jokes, but I'm sure if you like comedy , any comedy, then you will love the Barons.