Rachel: Maybe we can flag someone down

Ken: First we've got to do something about this stiff

Rachel: But it's not our fault

Ken: Rach We're foreigners in a strange country, think about it we don't even know who the fuck he is? They HANG people for shit like this right

Marco: He's right

Ken: Let's take him back to shore, that's where he came from that's where he fucking well stays

Marco: [holding up bottle of wine] Just looking for a bit more fuel for the fire. You got an opener anywhere?

Ken: You know, I do, actually.

[takes the knife Rachel gave him from his pocket]

Marco: [grunts as he gets rid of the cork] Did Rachel give you this?

Ken: What made you guess?

Marco: [inscription on blade] 'Forever'... Is that how long you're gonna make her wait?

Marco: [regarding Silka] How old do you think she is?

Ken: Old enough.

Rachel: You're covered in blood!

Ken: It's Marco's.

Marco: It took me a while but I finally figured it out

[points to his head]

Marco: It's all in here

[last lines]

Marco: it's all in here

[last lines]

Dead Sailor: It's inside you... we have too cut it out

Rachel: [on seeing the wrecked ships] She did this. Silka did this! Can't you hear it?

Ken: What do you mean? Let's go!

Rachel: Silka did this!

Ken: What?

Rachel: We've got to stop the singing. Like this.

[desperately scoops up sand from pool, and plugs his ears with this goop]

Rachel: The sailors in that ship,


Rachel: they put wax in their ears. That's how they stopped the singing.

[last lines]

Ken: I've always loved you forever and forever

[last lines]

Rachel: I love you too

Boat Merchant: [regaling his customers] The sirens' song pulled the sailors towards the rocky shores. So beautiful... but very, very dangerous.

Rachel: [staring at her cell-phone] So weird. It's completely dead.

Silka: [takes phone out of Rachel's hands, speaks into it:] Help me.

[then, to Rachel:]

Silka: Help me.

Rachel: Are you okay? What is it? Do you remember something?

[other girl exhales heavily]

Rachel: Oh, don't worry.

[hugs her]

Rachel: It will come back.

[strokes her hair]

Rachel: It's all right.