• killer1h17 August 2010
    It's Chemistry
    When I first started watching this show I thought it was going to be just another cop drama like the other 500 on TV but no somewhere amidst pile of scripts that is good drama they found one that shines above the rest.

    This is a cop drama that doesn't follow the typical cliché as in establish good guys here, insert bad guys there, make snitch talk, show ends. Finally someone realized that its much more interesting to make 2 interesting characters and give them lives around which their job revolves and not the other way around. Rizzoli is a headstrong cop whose Italian upbringing shows through, this is the type of woman you can see growing up with 3 brothers and kicking their ass around the house the whole time. Isles on the other hand is a socialite more of a impressed by the complexity of the world and enjoying every second of the mystery around it. Together it's brains and brawn with just a nice dash of sexy, and the back and forth is right on point to keep pace.

    Conclusion, this is the show to watch if you want to see 2 women kick some serious criminal ass with intellect to boot!
  • Zen41620 July 2010
    This one is catching on with me...
    The previews that TNT used initially weren't overly interesting and some of the critics gave this new show mediocre ratings. That being said, I'm glad I chose to ignore the critics (as usual) and give this new cop drama a shot. Glad I did. It rolls right along with well written story lines and nice touches of humor here and there to lighten up what could be a very dark premise. I can't rave enough about the casting of Angie Harmon as the tough-talking but occasionally insecure police detective Jane Rizzoli, who's driving ambition and outer roughness bely a compassionate individual who's trying to do the right thing, no matter what. Sasha Alexander is a wonderful breath of fresh air as Maura Isles, the science and medicine half of this dynamic duo. She plays Isles with just the right amount of nerdy quirkiness to make the character endearing and brilliant, without crossing over into annoying know-it-all territory. What makes this work is the great chemistry between the two female leads, who come across as believable in their roles without sacrificing appearances too much. You could actually picture Harmon as a cop because she conveys it so well. The supporting cast is wonderful as well and it's awesome to see the uber talented Donnie Wahlberg back in front of cameras where he belongs. No offense to his New Kids On The Block gig but, the man is a decent actor and should definitely keep working that particular side of his talent. This is a great new show and so far, the stories move with a quick, satisfying clip to them so boredom is not an issue. TNT usually blows away most of the big networks with their choice of programming and "Rizzoli and Isles" is no exception to that rule. Give it a look-see for a couple of episodes; it's worth it.
  • Swan-12319 July 2010
    Absolutely positively outstanding!!
    After watching the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles I was more than satisfied .. I've wanted to see Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon back on my t.v screen ever since Sasha left N.C.I.S and Women's Murder Club got canceled. Sasha is supposed to act the way she acts in the t.v show it is in no way bad acting she's supposed to be a bid like Brennan from Bones who's a bit detached from her emotions to say the least. People are comparing Rizzoli & Isles to Bones and it's because they have a lot in common though Rizzoli & Isles had a much better first episode than Bones did and just because this show isn't one of HBO's productions and doesn't have people fornicating on every corner doesn't make it bad. It's just something you can watch with your kids or maybe even brother or sister without feeling awkward because of what's happening on the screen and actually enjoying a show. I definitely recommend this.
  • Danny Blankenship17 September 2010
    A good crime cop drama of opposites attract in partners terms yet it blends to be good chemistry!
    TNT has done it again they have once again produced another hit series as they have good luck with crime dramas. This one set in Boston "Rizzoli and Isles" involves the cases of crime and murder in Boston and you have daylight and dark working together on the cases. First enter the tough and by the book seasoned detective Jane Rizzoli(played wonderful by the sexy and exotic beauty Angie Harmon)as Jane always questions the clues and evidence found at the scene, and to make matters more interesting is the educated and witty crime scene medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles(Sasha Alexander)who looks inside the dead bodies for more answers. And both differ on opinions and ways of solving cases still the work ethic and chemistry blends well to form a good crime fighting solving team. Typically the cases they crack are gruesome and cold blooded murders the kind of cases you've seen on TV involving lust killers and serial murders. Usually always in the end the hard work leads to twist and turns with the bad guy being caught.

    Good supporting turns are given from Bruce McGill as a supervising detective Vince Korsak and veteran Lorraine Bracco as Jane's overprotected and loving mom Angela. Overall this is a good crime drama series that entertains and it makes you think as most of the gruesome cases take twist then they are solved. And plus it's a nice treat to see the beautiful Angie Harmon at work again especially in a lead role. So check out "Rizzoli and Isles" if you haven't.
  • rejavanation1 September 2010
    Funny, Sexy, Smart
    Being a fan of NCIS I was disappointed at the departure of Sasha Alexander and I hoped that she would appear in another television series doing something she really enjoys. But I was never a fan of Angie Harmon and she was my least favorite Assistant D.A. on Law and Order. It was hard for me to imagine Angie Harmon playing a tough, tomboyish Boston detective. Actually, I was thinking before the show aired that the roles should have been reversed. I could buy Sasha Alexander being the tough cop more than I could Angie Harmon.

    However, I am happy to admit I am wrong. Angie Harmon shines in Rizzoli and Isles and it is apparent from their chemistry that they are both having a great time doing a project they are completely committed to. The dialog between the two of them is so funny and entertaining especially when Maura goes on a tangent and provides useless facts with such sincerity and genuine intent to educate.

    The dynamic between them was cemented in the episode, Money for Nothing, when the working class girl and the débutante had to decide if they were going to have each other's backs.

    I hope the murders become more interesting and the cases more complex. The show has a wonderful supporting cast-- the cop that gets queasy at the sight of blood, and the hard nosed cop that has a soft spot for furry creatures. Very funny stuff.

    Rizzoli and Isles is becoming my favorite show.
  • mamahen1813 July 2010
    As a female lawyer who truly loves the law and everything that has to do with crime and punishment and as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of crime TV, I must write my first review and express how overjoyed I am with this show! I'm already anxious to buy the show on DVD, and I've only seen one episode. If the rest of this season is anything compared to the first episode I know that I can look forward to many more seasons. Rizzoli (Harmon) is believable as the tough girl who honors the law (yet is able to maintain her incredible sexiness at the same time.) And Isles (Sasha) is the fashionista who crazily enough loves her often disgusting job as the medical examiner. (She also brings a lot of the subtle humor with her character's attitude.) I identified with both main characters, found there was enough excitement to keep my attention throughout the entire episode(and enough humor...but not too much) and was left with heightened anticipation until next week.
  • kcoregon24 July 2010
    Strong women, great banter
    When I first heard of the new show with both Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, 1) I was thrilled to see Sasha back on TV and 2) I was worried that Angie Harmon's new character would be like Lindsay Boxer (Women's Murder Club) which bored the crap out of me.

    I found the banter between Rizzoli and Isles was quite refreshing. And being a woman myself, I can see that kind of fun, brash, candid talk happening. Both women are strong characters which I love! The chemistry between the two is so obvious it's wonderful.

    I loved Sasha in NCIS, but she was shadowed by the men on the show. I LOVE NCIS! But Sasha needed her own and now she's got it along with Angie, this show is strong and stays true to the books. If you don't like strong headed women, you might now like this show.

    Hooray for Tess!!!!
  • Julianne McFey20 September 2010
    Rizzoli and Isles, not your average cop show
    I have never been a big fan of "cop shows," however when I saw the promos for this show I decided I had to at least give it a chance. As a lady, I like to see women being strong and respected, and Rizzoli and Isles provides two women who are respected in their fields. Rizzoli (Harmon) is impressive and spot-on with her tough girl,take nothing' from no one, attitude. Isles (Alexander) is genius and sincere. The duo provides both a kick-butt team two best friends trying to live their lives. The characters are totally relatable, which is perhaps how I got pulled into being a fan. Harmon and Alexander make an amazing team and the chemistry and timing is there. I just couldn't see this show working with any other female leads. The supporting cast is excellent as well. I'm telling you, tune in. If you, like me, usually pass on these types of shows,give this one a chance. It just might surprise you. I'm pretty stoked about next season.
  • vicountess1 August 2010
    Cagney and Lacey?
    Anybody out there old enough to remember them? I haven't seen another cop show with two women since then that I can recall. Maybe all you youngsters out there don't remember a time when having a lead role was a big deal for women. But since Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly, have there been any other strong female leads paired up together? Lots of male/female pairings,sure, but two women? I can't think of any off the top of my head, and believe me, I watch a lot of TV. I like the idea that both of these characters are women who work hard, are competent at what they do, have a sense of humor, love their families, and have a strong sense of ethics. I also like that the series is based on a book series written by a woman. Women's voices and faces need to be heard and seen in Hollywood in all kinds of roles. Don't forget that in the 70's women were still fighting for the right to be treated equally, and that Cagney and Lacey served as role models. Hopefully Rizzoli and Isles can do the same.
  • bkoganbing2 August 2010
    Jane & Maura
    I do hope that the series based on author Tess Gerritsen's characters of Boston Homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles keeps going. I think that's a sure bet if the quality of episodes keeps up from what I've seen.

    It's nice to see the return of Angie Harmon to series television. When she was on Law And Order she was by far my favorite second chair Assistant District Attorney to Sam Waterston. The two women so opposite in temperament and background work well together to solve crime every week, though due to the her job Harmon seems to take the lead. Maybe we'll see more of Sasha Alexander as Maura Isles as things progress.

    Probably due to her broad educational background Alexander's character has no discernible Boston accent. Why Harmon's character doesn't is a mystery. She sounds the same as she did on Law And Order, a new ADA whose previous employment on that show was in the Harris County DA's office in Texas where Harmon is from. Maybe she'll work some hard 'A's into her speech patterns in future episodes. Right now the only one in the cast who sounds like Boston is Donnie Wahlberg as her lieutenant and that's where he's from.

    The two leads are flushed full dimensional characters and I'm sure we'll see more dimensions as time goes on. TNT has a winner here, I hope the TV watching public thinks so too.
  • Dodgerfanfrombrooklyn2 August 2010
    This show is only suitable for people who haven't read the books and are waiting for the fall season for real TV. Harmon is too tall and too attractive to be Rizzoli and she runs around the set like a maniac. Alexander is nothing like Isles who has black hair and is cool and cerebral. I've read 5 of the books and never once did she diagnose a date's malady or giggle at something inappropriate or shop for shoes. The idea that they end every day swilling beer is absurd. I hate when TV takes great characters and turns them into pablum. All of this might be forgivable except that the writing was awful and the plot was unbelievable. Bringing back the Boston Strangler in episode #2? All that tells me is these writers have nothing else going for them.
  • Dave Carlson13 September 2011
    Derivative, Inane, and All-Around Awful
    The show's marketing looked exceptional, and I was excited to watch an episode. Turns out I couldn't even make it through one, and I tried three different times.

    The show "borrows" a lot of elements from a show I really did like, "Crossing Jordan". These elements include the Celtic-inspired opening theme, the setting in Boston, and a somewhat belligerent female Medical Examiner who works with a police detective to help solve unusual, engaging crimes. Angie Harmon bears a striking similarity to Jill Hennessy. When you start to see the overwhelmingly-derivative similarities, it's almost insulting.

    The show also tries to use a lot of "Bones"-like casting and dialogue - relying on Isles' socially awkward, overly technical explanations, yet lacking the craft, intelligence, and endearing nature of Temperance Brennan on "Bones". The "police" side of the equation, played by Angie Harmon as Rizzoli, is equally artless. The characters seem to convey little emotion or depth, reciting lines and awkward one-liners but in a way that doesn't seem to make you more attracted to them or charmed by their ways.

    However, unlike "Crossing Jordan" and "Bones", the main characters are simply unlikable. They are obnoxious, hateful, and know-it-alls. The attempts at Isles' overly technical, socially awkward explanations are NOT endearing, they're frustrating. She's clearly trying too hard. They act like two know-it-alls, and yet their dialogue rarely gets beyond extremely basic medical and forensic terminology.

    The season 2 finale, which I just watched, saw a know-it-all Isles states early in the episode that a piece of equipment "measures R.E.M.", and then pausing and smugly clarifying: "Rapid Eye Movement." Do they really question our intelligence that much? Are we supposed to be convinced by characters' expertise who can't even handle that kind of basic terminology? And if so, why wouldn't the character say the more common terminology and then explain? Bungling dialogue like this paints the characters as smug and elitist, and does nothing to advance the character development or make you more interested in the "chemistry" that so many have alluded to.

    Beyond that, the ways in which the information is presented are maddening. It's obnoxious how the overly-basic suggestions by secondary characters are used to help seal the characters' reasoning. It's a poorly-done procedural, and lacks the artfulness of something like "Law and Order" or, honestly, most shows in the genre. This show, in particular, seems to cater to a less-informed audience and the writers seem not to have the same understanding of those of much more well-reviewed crime programs.

    Both characters come across as abusive and hateful, and with an unjustified anger and arrogance that presses everyone's ability to suspend disbelief.

    The bottom line: I'm not interested in the "chemistry" between two one-dimensional, unlikable characters. I'm not interested in their blundering, uninformed mishaps, and don't appreciate drama based on wrongheaded characters making easily avoidable mistakes.

    I enjoy this genre of television. I've actively followed Bones, Crossing Jordan, The Wire, Dexter, and Criminal Minds. On the non-fiction side, I've been fascinated by Forensic Files and American Justice for years. Nothing compares to a well-done, scientifically-based detective show. Unfortunately, Rizzoli and Isles is not that, and seems to be a re-hashing of previously explored territory that contributes nothing new or exceptional to the television landscape. Avoid this show, and watch the others I mentioned earlier in this paragraph instead.
  • vincem1317 July 2010
    Didn't break the mold
    When Sasha Alexander's character was written out of "NCIS" I was very disappointed. Ms. Alexander brought a warmth, intelligence and camaraderie to the show that would prove hard to replace. So, when I heard that she had landed a lead role in "Rizzoli and Isles" I was looking forward to it.

    I lasted 10 minutes. There are no spoilers because I couldn't bring myself to watch any more. The script was two-dimensional and unimaginative at best. The characters, from top to bottom were so lifeless that cardboard cutouts would have been as effective and would have saved some money.

    If you can't find anything else to watch instead of "Rizzoli and Isles" might I suggest a good book, doing some dishes or perhaps, hemming some pants.
  • Elizabeth Ware2 August 2010
    Oh Dear...
    Well, I saw the third episode of this, and I'm shocked I got through the whole thing.

    Here we go again. Bait and switch - the network advertises a cool show with strong female characters in tough, traditionally male jobs.

    They cast lots of cool folks (Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Lee Thompson Young (loved him on FlashForward), Lorraine Bracco, Bruce McGill & Donnie Wahlberg) And then they give all the good actors high school characters to play. Seriously, we are supposed to expect that these two grown women are upset about mean names kids called them in high school? And Rizzoli gets dragged to a dress shop by her mother? Sure, when you're a kid, your mom has some say over your wardrobe.

    This show is for teenagers, not grown-ups.

    (And I didn't even get into the racist "Ooohh, black people are into voodoo" aspect of this episode. Ugh.)
  • evwood20 July 2010
    I love the novels by Tess Gerritsen based on these two characters so I was so excited to see it coming to TV. I must say that I don't watch much TV and have never seen either Angie Harmon or Sasha Alexander before as I've never watched Law & Order or NCIS. I think Angie Harmon is just terrible. I thought the first episode was bad enough until I tried to watch last night's episode. I finally turned it off because it was so bad. I also hate it when they cast characters who don't even come close to matching the description of the character in the book. Maura Isles has black hair and is a very somber and serious kind of character. Last night it seemed like she was on the verge of laughter at each of the crime scenes and during the autopsy. And, what's with the tortoise? I hated to give this even one star. It's just awful. When I watch TV, it's usually HGTV. I think I'll stick with that!
  • pensman13 July 2010
    Not what I hoped
    Cable channels have developed some great shows in recent years and I hoped this would be a worthy addition and perhaps I should give it more time but from the start the show lacks chemistry and freshness. I have like Bruce McGill from his first appearance on Miami Vice, and Sasha Alexander was great on NCIS but McGill is badly used and Alexander is no Ducky. The show just feels like it has not only been done before but done better which it has. The cast is lackluster and the writing dull. If they were hoping to channel Cagney and Lacy they missed by a wide mark, This isn't an update just a shadow imitation, Perhaps the writing will get better, perhaps I will care about the characters but I don't give the show as is much hope. Right now it's fortunate to follow The Closer but to be honest I am skipping that to watch The Good Guys and cycling back to catch The Closer at 11.
  • primacag-219-47778224 December 2011
    The two leads are much better than the writing they are given. They are really wasted in this what appears to be low low low budget attempt to do faux Dashiel Hammet. The writing is only bare bones, with the fewest dialog lines possible, and lots of meaningful camera angles, so you actually have to watch sometimes, and the characterization and continuity is very simplistic. The plots are pure cheese, and sometimes look like they are from social issues of more than 30 years ago rather than today, but there is an occasional real belly laugh. This isn't the Maltese Falcon.... but its entertaining enough, so if its late at night and you need something to put you to sleep give it a try.
  • winstonfg9 December 2011
    Angie & Sasha - Two thumbs up right there
    I've had a crush on Angie Harmon ever since I first saw her in 'Good Advice'. Not my usual type (in the words of George Burns: too tall); but she has amazing eyes and I could listen to her talk all day. Teamed up with Sasha Alexander, the best thing from NCIS, they make a great pair.

    Of course the show itself could have been awful, but thankfully it isn't; and I'm settling into the world of tough lady cop with a busybody ma (a great cameo for Lorraine Bracco) and her borderline-Asperger pathologist friend like a comfy chair. I'm also glad I haven't read the books, so I don't have any expectations of what it "should" be like - Angie's "TV family" are just fine for me, and it's a nice change to have a series set in Bahston instead of SoCal or Florida.

    The other regulars (Bruce McGill - who I've always liked - Leigh Thompson Young and Jordan Bridges) fit into their slots seamlessly, and add some nice depth to the proceedings. The writing is also well above average, with great touches of humour, and enough incidental stuff outside the main storyline to let you feel you're getting to know the characters.

    I certainly hope I don't put the kiss of death on it by saying I'm a big fan; but I'll definitely be watching it for as long as it's around.

  • Keely Petersen7 September 2011
    One of my top ten favorite shows
    This show is absolutely amazing. I'm glad I discovered it one day when I was randomly flipping through the channels. I've always enjoyed watching cop shows, or forensic shows in general. I'm a complete sucker for CSI Las Vegas, Law and Order SUV, Castle and Bones. Now Rizzoli and Isles is up there as well.

    As most shows go you always see a lot of the partners being male and female, and normally their fraught with sexual tension. Yet with this show you get two down to earth, great and strong woman who are the best of friends. I love that, each character is different and amusing in their own way. The show has laughter and pain. It even has depth. You don't always know what's going to happen and it keeps me on my toes. I love trying to figure out who the killer is.

    I'm excited for season 2 and already watching. Can't wait for more.
  • tick194613 July 2010
    No Passion or Feeling
    This was horrible. There was no emotion or feeling from these actors(?). Harmon showed more feelings in L & O, especially in the episode where she admits her rape in college to McCoy. And Alexander had even less, she was more passionate as a dead Caitlyn in NCIS. The killer was not believable as a deranged killer. And Harmon's escape was so unbelievable. Someone needs to review these scripts better before airing them. The FBI agent could tale lessons from Tony of NCIS. The Rizzoli family was not very emotional in support of their family member or seemed very concerned at all in the plot. The best part of the whole episode was Joe Friday!
  • markmi-78-99621925 May 2013
    Just... Terrible... acting
    While there are rare moments that are good, so much of the 'acting' is just terrible. I really wanted to like this... but could not.

    Angie Harmon... cute, but acting... not so much. Sasha... better, but cannot carry this show.

    While I really appreciate networks investing in scripted dramas instead of going the cheap way (reality), this was a reach. It is too bad that this site has a minimum of 10 lines, and it requires to add rhetoric. I actually do not write reviews (which may be evident), but after trying to watch a few episodes, I was inspired to share.

    Some may be fascinated... I am not. I actually tried to like this show. I really did. There were just too many moments that made me cringe.
  • wrbones11 December 2010
    It Seems To Be Improving
    I should state up front that I would happily watch Angie Harmon doing housework all day. That is probably the only reason I got to the end of the first episode and lined up for the second. I am glad I did as it is a much better effort. It is hard to find fault with any show with a cast as strong as this. With guest spots from Brian Dennehy, Chaz Palminteri and Donny Wahlberg, along with the strong regular cast that includes Lorraine Bracco, it is easy to overlook some of the show's shortcomings.

    Angie Harmon's character is pretty much a straight re-run of her outing in Women's Murder Club, which I thought was a more interesting show than this. Sasha Alexander's Medical Examiner is very clichéd but Sasha herself is also very watchable, so she manages to pull it off reasonably well.

    There are many better US drama shows than this - The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and Burn Notice come to mind - but it holds it's own against garbage like the CSIs and, even if the writing is no good, it is about the only show you can still enjoy with the sound muted. It is being shown in the non-ratings period here in Australia, which is probably where it belongs.
  • siverline21 July 2010
    Old wine in new bottle.
    If you were a fan of Women's Murder Club, and missed it when it was canceled after 13 episodes, you will like this show. Angie Harmon plays a similar character, looks the same, talks and walks in the exact similar way. In this series, the Assistant D.A. and journalist have been ditched.

    But don't hold your hopes too high. Angie Harmon has had a very bad luck on television. Her career is chock full of canceled series and this seems to be going in the same direction. Sasha Alexander, on the other hand, shines in her role and a certain amount of restraint brings out the best in her character. She too has been on the fringes, after ditching N.C.I.S., hope this will be her show.
  • swthrt52512 July 2012
    Friendship, Funny, Tender, Light and Intelligent
    This show captures all ends of the spectrum! It's rare that a show pulls you into its characters like this one does. After just one episode you will find yourself drawn to Jane and Maura, and you'll want to actually be friends with them. (I *may* have taken that obsession to an extreme when I started a blog dedicated to Rizzoli & Isles > http://rizzisles.blogspot.com/p/rizzisles-posts-by-topic.html -- but that's a testament to how powerful this show is.)

    In any given episode expect to be pulled in to a unique crime story, intrigued by the science and methods used to solve the case, laugh at the banter between Rizzoli and Isles (like only true best friends can), and want to reach into your TV and hug them as they support each other in all of life's adventures. Their friendship is very true to adult women: they are tender and tough, they mock each other while still maintaining a very obvious respect for one another, they protect each other to any extent necessary, and they have a very tangible intimacy in a way that only platonic females can. It is definitely worth watching and getting at least as fractionally invested in it as I am!
  • Shelly Stanley28 June 2011
    Can't decide.
    I am a huge fan of Tess Gerritsens books, Shes an amazing writer and i really get into her stories. However, the show is nothing like the books at all, I know it's based on the books and not actually about the books but what happened to Mauras killer mother and dead twin sister? And Janes parents splitting up? And the priest? I think the show alone could be alright by itself, but i wish they would stop comparing the books, it's 2 different stories, the characters are no where near the same, In fact Jane & Maura barely know much about each other, They just work together on a lot of cases, It's mentioned in the books several times, they don't hang out outside of work very often at all, yet in the show they are best friends?

    I still haven't come to a conclusion if i like this, as i am drawn in by it, but I'm not sure if that's just because I'm trying to like it because i love the original characters
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