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  • I really liked this series. Until the end of the last episode, that is. Oh, it started out okay, but the ending! It upset me so much, that I couldn't sleep. Sick writers that came up with that ending. Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it was not a happy ending! And I'm still upset about it.
  • I work afternoons and like to watch a little TV when I get off work and after midnight it's usually pretty bleak so I DVR shows that look interesting to me, "The Glades" is one of them.

    No, this isn't classic anything but it is pleasant and non offensive to watch. The cast is interesting, the subplots keep building and except for the weekly murder victim, has a minimum of violence, sex and drugs. No, your life won't change from watching it, the world won't stop turning if you miss an episode, but you won't feel like you wasted an hour if you watch it.

    Oh yeah, the actual Everglades aren't vital to the stories, but Miami, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, or Honolulu weren't either in the popular cop shows that had those cities in their names.
  • This is one show worth watching in my opinion and I am surprised at the negative reviews that are rubbishing it. It is obviously not technical enough for those reviewers. I find Matt Passmore's character very likable and I also like the way he goes about his work. He is a really good detective who thinks outside the box. Nothing seems to get in his way and even if it is a bit unbelievable that he gets to solve every crime in record time, it is still entertaining. The supporting cast is also excellent, I particularly like Carlos Gómez's character and Jordon Wall is fitting into the series very well.

    I've watched every episode so far and look forward to it each week. Living in Australia my only access to it is to download it each week off the internet, but it is well worth it.

    8 out of ten for me
  • mrscnln21 August 2010
    I like the show and the actors. It's the typical cop show where the smart, clever cop solves every murder in record time. Let's face it, with all the cop shows around, there's nothing new under the sun in this genre.

    Matt Passmore is likable (and very easy on the eyes!) and the interaction of the regulars on the show make it fun to watch. He has a love interest which makes for an on-going subplot since there are complications there.

    I certainly hope A&E continues with this show since it has a lot of possibilities.
  • bucsfanp727 September 2010
    I enjoy cop dramas. Having said that, I REALLY enjoy The Glades. It's such a nice change of pace, not as deep or dark as some of the fare is now-a-days.

    What some call hubris, I would call being glib. It's nice to see a cop who's not always beating his chest or tearing his hair out over a case. The interaction of ALL the characters is also refreshing. Actually seems more true-to-life than most. The little gibes, off the cuff remarks to each other really lightens the "mood" of the show.

    This is a great example that a good cop drama doesn't have to be heart-rending or bloody. Don't get me wrong, I'll still watch other cop dramas. But it's hard waiting a week for each episode of The Glades. It's on my DVD "series-to-buy" list, no other cop shows made it, yet.
  • I've been in Florida for 35 years, working as both a script writer and newspaper editor. I've been on the sets of most of those made-in-Florida productions and invariably they try to over-sell the Sunshine State with the glamorous South Beach style that typifies almost every show since Miami Vice. The Glades, however, gets its right with stories about the warm heart of Central Florida, with stories most Florida shows forget. Instead of Cuban drug lords we get stories of the football heroes bred in Imokalee, the spiritualists in Cassadaga and the surfers in Melbourne. The cast is down-to-earth with the right accents and attitudes. Very shows have understood their material this well since Ivan Tors migrated to North Miami.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Glades was a light-hearted Crime drama about a talented Homicide detective who gets kicked out of Chicago and goes to Florida after a scandal gets him kicked out of Chicago. It is enjoyable in that the detective is obnoxious yet funny, always catches the bad guy, and underneath does the right thing. The series is in the long story about him winning over the wife of a convict with a kid that he falls for in Season 1. The show is entertaining albeit a bit redundant in terms of the weekly shows basically all following the same plot. I enjoyed watching it on Netflix, just wish I had known it ended at season 4 with absolutely no closure. So while the show is good and it appears we are going to get the happy ending a show like this should provide we don't. Obviously the writers thought there was going to be a Season 5 because 4 instead of leaving the happy couple riding off in the sunset happy with dreams fulfilled, we are left with "Jim", the detective, shot twice bleeding out on the floor of the kitchen of the dream house he bought for his bride (the one she wanted since childhood). I knew it was either going to end very good or bad because I didn't know if the writers knew they were writing the series finale. Well, jokes on us poor suckers who watch it because they thought there would be a season 5 to wrap things up and instead we are left with a bride at the alter, the star of the show bleeding out, and the show cancelled. So while liking the show, got shafted on the ending real bad. Really should tell in the synopsis on these old shows if they were allowed to complete or were just cut off and the viewer should prepare to get left hanging. Lightweight show so I have no doubt he would have survived and got the girl, but still stinks.
  • Watching the previews to The Glades, I wasn't the only person I know that saw the similarities between this show and the hit series on Showtime, Dexter. The show is filmed in South Florida, revolves around homicide investigations, and the lead, Matt Passmore, even looks like Michael C. Hall of Dexter. However, unlike Dexter, Jim Longworth is a great cop who is NOT a serial killer. He's a just a decent guy with a good sense of humor who is a damn good investigator.

    In fact, Passmore makes the show very enjoyable. Co-stars Carlos Gomez and Jordan Wall are great supporting Passmore and I do hope Michelle Hurd continues to take on a larger role in the show. The characters are good and are being developed nicely.

    For this show to be successful, I do believe it will need to take on more interesting dark themes or it runs the risk of becoming a run-of-the-mill forensics series like Law and Order or knock on these shows, they were great for their time, but most audiences are looking for something fresh like Dexter and Breaking Bad. Let's hope The Glades remains fresh. I have watched the first 5 episodes and the back stories do seem to be building. If the show continues on this pace, it could be yet another hit for A&E. Rating 8 of 10 stars.
  • A new show on A&E is starting to catch on, a little like a stone that begins its roll down a nice, low-grade slope that gently falls away, eventually to lend same stone a fast free flow to the bottom. "The Glades" begins as a teaser, introducing us to Detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore previously of "McLeod's Daughters"), a laid back, smart-arsed lawman, who blurs the thin blue line's line of authority on a regular basis. While he appears to lead with a smile in most situations, his wit works shrewdly away. He's great at subtly extracting personal information from others when necessary, but he's even better at withholding his own. Watch carefully, when he talks to Callie, his partner, or a perp. He often looks slightly over their heads or off to the side, not allowing them to see into his soul. Carlos Sanchez, his partner who is a go-by-the-book cop, is often the humorous object of some 'I'm not laughing with you, I'm laughing at you' dissonance. It appears Longworth's cockiness carries over to his job, and personal life, but I think that will be fleshed out, at least to some point, as we get to know him better. Slow talking, slow walking, wise Callie is the perfect 'possibly' for this lawman - a good balance to his jump-in-feet-first and who-cares persona. Although, she does bring some intriguing baggage to the mix, for sure.

    I was an avid fan of of "McLeod's Daughters" and it is great to see Rachel Carpani, Passmore's real life girlfriend/fellow McCleod's player, acting alongside at times on the show.

    With a Creator such as Clifton Campbell, who has also been involved in such greats as '"White Collar", "Profiler", and "21 Jump Street", I have very little doubt that we will continue to see even better story lines as well as Longworth's past life unfold to mysteriously complicate his relationships along with his duties. All this and the lush environment of the 'Glades' delivers something to look forward to on Sunday nights. 10/11/2010
  • I didn't hate this show when it first started, but I can't stand it anymore. It's kind of boring (a generic crime-drama that doesn't stand out), but it is intolerable now because Jim is (or at least has become) a raging douche-bag.

    In every single episode now, whenever he talks to anyone that isn't his buddy the temporary characters related to the current case), he is a massive judgmental, rude douche. He has a stupid, cocky, arrogant attitude to everybody and acts as though they have done something wrong even if they aren't even suspects. Who does he think he is?

    If I were being questioned by him and he started giving me that kind of attitude, I would tell him to go to hell and fetch me a proper, professional officer who knows how to do the job correctly and treat people with respect when they have not even so much as been charged, let alone convicted (after asking for a lawyer of course, duh).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Great scripts and fun but girlfriend Kiele is not fun to watch. Nasal voice, no facial expressions and boring personality. They needed someone with a little more life in her to play that part. Someone who could spar with Matt and maybe get him in action situations. I kept watching it hoping his other girlfriends would prove out but script writers kept dropping the ball. Matt and the other cast members are great so they carry the show. He has great, fast sarcasm lines and good delivery. Some High Tech crime scenario scripts would have been nice to see and get Matt upgraded a little. All in all a fun show with local sights and issues.
  • big_O_Other19 September 2011
    We love this show. The action is light, the dialogue snappy, the love interests are sensitive without any sappiness.

    This is one of the best of the multiple detective shows that inhabit our TV universe. First of all it is unique insofar as the hero is not constantly in a jam with his superiors and is not full of the most unpleasant character flaws, which most cop shows emphasize. Nor does he have a not-very-understanding wife and family. Passmore plays it extremely well, quick with his tongue, reserved about his insights, and most of all able to do what most cops on TV cannot: communicate nuanced feelings with his eyes and face.

    His co-star is an amazingly well depicted woman with way too much to do but always responsible and never too lazy to do whatever she does and do it very well. She's a great actress and the only other film I've seen her in, The Perfect Getaway, she did the same thing as here: playing someone completely down to earth but with enough interiority and mystery to make her very compelling.

    We hope the show goes ON!
  • Unless of course, you love canceled shows with cliffhangers, and let me tell you, this is the worst cliffhanger ever.

    I give it a 1 due to that, because its like watching a movie that ends halfway through. I really don't understand why there are cliffhangers at the end of TV show seasons.... its not like that will keep people watching. The show is either good or not. Please, writers, and producers, don't end a season with a cliffhanger, unless you know the show will not be canceled.

    If you don't mind the horrible cliffhanger ending, then you may find the show enjoyable. It has a good mix of comedy and drama. Jim is great.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like this show and it is strictly a comedy cop show and is even more of a comedy cop show than Lethal Weapon. It come nowhere close to reality and Jim Longworth would never pass as a cop or make it as a cop. Most of the episodes have fairly good plots. I do not know why they call it the Glades though because the majority of the episodes if not all of them happen nowhere near the Florida Everglades. The last episode when it was on Netflix & it looks like browsing ahead on Hulu it is the same shows Jim Longworth getting shot multiple times just before his wedding when he was to marry Callie and that is how the last episode ended. Will somebody please tell me whether or not that is how the whole show ended because if so that is a terrible ending to a television show????????
  • Have not seen anyone mention the 'carefully' placed ads that run throughout this show from Daniel holding a bag of Reese's Pieces at an odd angle, just so viewers can get a good look throughout the scene, to every character describing how awesome their Kias are "air conditioned seating and a panoramic ceiling" so obvious that even the main character commented "what are you doing Carlos, shooting a commercial?"

    I'm done with this series, Jim is rude to everyone but the know it all Callie (with her he acts like a love sick goofy 12 year old) and the series is entirely too predictable! I've watched the first three seasons and enjoyed it to start but Jim is getting so cocky it's hard to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have only watched the first 10 episodes; so there may not be any real spoilers in here, but just in case -- anyone who has never seen the show before, watch it for yourself first before reading on. OK, so on my Amazon Prime (in Germany, which always lags behind US in regards to TV) I found four seasons of The Glades popping up. An IMDb 7.5 rating, plus four seasons, the show MUST be good, right? Well, there is Florida as a back drop. And that's pretty much it. We've all had to grow to the main characters in, e.g., Dexter, Life, Burn Notice -- but at the end of those first seasons you could not imagine anyone else playing Dexter, Det. Crews, or Michael, and their looks really improved over time. This is not the case with The Glades. I thought it might be a lost in translation thing, because I actually have to watch the show in German (Engl audio option missing, thanks Amazon). But now it seems that in English the main actor is even more annoying, and so are the other characters. That whole struggling single mom thing -- but then she goes back and forth between let's be friends and no can do 'cause I'm married and bla bla bla. I mean, really, in what universe would this situation play out this way? Ridiculous. Then, there is the "oh, I heard about you, Mr, in Chicago..!" from anyone he ever seems to encounter. But not much seems to have really happened that could have had a significant influence to how he is doing his job now. Well, except, that his character claims to have been a good detective back in Chicago. I know, it's just TV, but I don't WANT to buy that whole stick the way it is portrayed. It's weird, actually -- even though it is not over-exaggerated, the show and characters do not come across authentic. And, as many have noted, the main character is way too arrogant over nothing.
  • least a very, very fun show. It's such a shame they canceled. I just happened to give it a try in Netflix, and I got hooked. Bring it back!
  • sewruthb17 May 2015
    Love the show, hate Callie. She doesn't know how to speak clearly. Seems like she's Trying to sound sexy, but it just comes out mumbled mush. Please get her some speech lessons! Glad we have subtitles. The other characters are great, good diction, great delivery. Really like the pace of the show and the story lines. The photography is bright and fresh, keeps the show light and not too serious. Recently took some time off from the show and caught right up again. Just, argh, just can't take Callie's mumbles..Sorry. Maybe she could be replaced with a better actress. What do other folks think of her? She is not the only mumbled on TV these days. Seems like there are a lot of untrained actors around today.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How can a person review an entire series by watching just the first episode?! Incredible. After reading the first 30 pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone I was ready to quit when something caught my interest and the rest is history, I love the books and have read them all more than once. Had the previous reviewer stuck around for more episodes he'd have learned that Jim Longworth was not fired, he left the Chicago force with a large settlement because his Capt. shot him in the exterior posterior, where one sits, as a consequence of Jim having an affair with the Capt's wife. I enjoy the character interaction, Carlos, his partner and ME, is great fun and Callie and her son are a nice addition to the story line. The episodes are interesting and the writing good. I am not a detective so I have no first-hand knowledge of solving a case, but when I watch Jim Longworth, he seems to have good instincts and makes it look real. I just finished watching the first episode of the new season, very good. I recommend this series.
  • I REALLY HOPE they continue this series. GREAT characters (perfect combo). I have downloaded the series via i-Tunes & watch them just about every day. "Jim" is so SEXY in a boyish way - love the humor, the story lines are good....................PLEASE/PLEASE if the Powers at BE read this - PLEASE RENEW for another SEASON at least...... I also know several other people that love this show. I do wish it was on another channel that I watch more often - I do watch A & E shows but I watch more TNT & USA shows in addition to the local channels. I just can't stress the fact that they have a good thing going with this show and the actors & it would really be a shame if it didn't come back next season. KUDO's to A & E for having it on..
  • Actually I would have probably given this show a 7 if they didn't end it after season four leaving you with an incredible cliffhanger. I know it's just make believe but I still like to see a show come to a logical conclusion even if it's a bad one. This is just another evidence that Hollywood cares nothing for the fans of a show only what they can milk out to them. To have come back for six episodes to come to a descent conclusion probably wouldn't having broken the bank and would have been a service to the people enjoying the show. So again I say do yourself a favor and avoid this show. Of course if you enjoy reading a book only to find the last 20 pages missing then it might be for you.
  • This one is in Miami, that's new... not really. Okay it's about a displaced cop from Chicago! Not new either... He's a cop that solves cases in record time due to his uncanny ability to read people, also not new, Mentalist, Monk, Lie to Me, Life, Justified, etc. Not much going on in this show to keep most people interested, this is unless there is nothing else on you haven't seen before, but wait, you have seen this all before as The Glades offers nothing new.

    If you are a fan of this genre you may enjoy this show, however if you get the feeling you've seen it before you'll understand why. From the supporting cast including Kiele Sanchez who seems to win the most annoying girlfriend award in every episode, to the crimes themselves, this show has a been there done that better feel.
  • This is a show I have liked since the first episode. What is it about actors who come from Australia? Wow! Matt Passmore is so comfortable in his role. As a actor, he reminds me of Tom Selleck who settles into any role he plays very naturally.

    Matt Passmore's character, Jim, is smart, bold and deals with life like any other man. He cares about people including Kiele Sanchez' character Callie Cargill and her son Jeff, played by Uriah Shelton.

    It's fun to see Carlos Gomez' character Carlos Sanchez sparing with Jim. And rounding it out are Michelle Hurd as Colleen Manus and Jordan Wall as Daniel Green, the resident nerd.

    It's a great cast and they blend together as only good casts can. I will be watching this show for as long as it lasts. Hopefully for at least 5 years.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Great series, but got canceled on a cliffhanger. So infuriating. Don't get started on it! (airing on Hulu now)
  • This is a very entertaining show and definitely worth watching. It sort of has a "The Mentalist" vibe due to the lead character. They are both charismatic rule breakers with a past. It is a different show but just as entertaining.

    My one problem is that the show has slightly gotten stale after a few seasons. Not so bad that it's an issue but it is a shame that it couldn't continue it's momentum.

    If your thinking "great another cop show" well give it a chance as there is more to The Glades then you might think. Best thing is they finished the show before it was too late.
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