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  • lor_4 October 2021
    An unusual threesome movie from Missa X, this one has Emma Hix (looking great as a well-tanned platinum blonde) sharing her hubby Chad White with her step-sister Britney Light.

    During the atmospheric outdoor set-up footage, I couldn't help thinking of the classic Patricia Highsmith thriller "Purple Noon" (starring Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet), which features that classic day-light horror in Technicolor of murder on a yacht. But Missa goes a different route, in pitting two sisters against Chad, but in a sensual rather than deadly way.

    The story motivations are not entirely credible, but once Chad is coaxed into servicing both sisters at once we get a quality treatment of faux incest, as Emma and Britney can't resist some Sapphic sex as well.

    Though not crucial to the way the story unfolds, the boat scenes are crucial in giving the show a real film look and opening it out from the often claustrophobic (bed or sofa) setting of many a Missa porn video.