Lt. Colonel Nascimento: You know what this operation should be called?

Officer: No, sir.

Lt. Colonel Nascimento: Operation Iraq.

Rocha: Each dog licks his own dick.

Lt. Colonel Nascimento: You son of a bitch, look at me! If something happens to my son, or anyone else in my family, I will kill every single one of you, are you understanding me?

Fortunato: What's happening to our city Rio de Janeiro? What's happening to our wonderful city? Thugs come into a police station and steal weapons. Weapons from inside a police station! This isn't crime, no sir. This is terrorism! Don't talk to me about human rights, because terrorists, to me, aren't people. It's because of "blah, blah, blah, human rights". Can't touch the thugs Don't touch the thugs. Don't touch the thugs. Give candy to the thugs. Send roses to the thugs. This is a circus, man. Here, close in on me, Imperador. Governor... you know what this is? This is a little dance. This is what will happen to your administration. Your administration will dance if you don't respond, because these thugs will take these guns to take on your government. We can't let that happen. What is this, people? What is this? They want to fight the administration that best cleaned up this city of narcotics trafficking. Governor... Destroy them!

Tentente-Coronel Fábio: [about Nascimento] He think he is the cock of the universe.

Beirada: [Beirada before setting up fire on the rival drug dealer] They fatten up the pig, now we gonna roast it.

Fortunato: I hate those human rights mantras! "You can't touch the scumbag..." "You can't touch the scumbag..." "Here, have some candy, scumbag..." "Take those flowers, dealer!" What a joke!

Fortunato: Governor... you know what this is? The "kiss it good-bye" dance.

Fortunato: Just a moment. I'd like to say a few words in face of such mockery.