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  • After a career peak performance in the first episode of this Missa X drama, Reagan Foxx returns for another session of faux incest.

    A year has passed, and she has another stepson hanging around -Nathan Bronson. He's getting married, and she's hired an escort to service him pre-marriage, in the form of stripper Madi Meadows.

    A true scene stealer, MM gives him a lap dance and is ready to go XXX when Nathan rejects the offer, offending the sex worker.

    Reagan makes up for it by seducing him, exercising her annual right (both she and husband made a pact years back) of a "free pass", to bed down a man of her choice once a year without being considered afoul of their marriage vows.

    An offer too good to refuse, Nathan enjoys the session with the legendary MILF playing his stepmom, and story's open ending seems to contradict its central premise. But fans can't reject the chance to see Foxx again in her dream role.