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  • manoilmarv15 January 2012
    He's not Inspector Clouseau, he's not Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld, he's not Columbo, but he is all 3 rolled into one. He's Giampaolo Morelli in the role of Inspector Coliandro. This Italian detective series is one the most entertaining TV shows you can view. Even if you don't like subtitles, this series will both amuse and intrigue you. Morelli plays a bumbling character that is struggling to get back to his job, as a detective, but is usually demoted to a supply clerk, or to the missing persons section. We are continually reminded that when he was in supply, he mistakenly ordered thousands of portions of yogurt. He always backs into an intriguing case, just by chance. He gets little respect from his superiors, but usually ends up inadvertently solving the case. The program is on MHZ networks, that brings several European mystery series to a PBS station in my area.
  • sinzen-0059922 November 2018
    I would be a cop just to have a colleague like him! Fun, action and romance all in one tv show. Great soundtrack. Inspector Coliandro is an ordinary hero: not perfect but always with the good ones. "Piano bambina, perché questo non è un film! "(Coliandro)