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  • As the opening credits roll two women are stumbling across the wilderness. Petrina leaves her partner and wanders off. She walks onto a movie set and knocks on the house door. An old guy lets her in and after going to her knees he finally agrees to whatever she asked. The man and a boy leave carrying a box. Petrina explores the house and finds a small flag with Sek Kin's picture on it. A lot of weird stuff happens and finally Sek Kin is carried in on a palanquin fit for the emperor. Petrina is harshly dragged before him. He has her beaten but doesn't kill her. Her friend has died and she tries to dig a grave using a stick.

    A martial arts hero drops out of a tree. She uses magic to dig. An old guy in white shows up. He and the girl hero fly around together.

    This movie is more fantasy than martial arts. There is more flying than fighting. The fights are all simple sword fights and all look alike.

    My copy is a digital file that looks like it was made from a VHS tape of a television broadcast. There are no subtitles and I don't speak Chinese. More often than not I can still figure out the story. Fir this movie, I could not figure out the story at all.