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  • This is really an excellent slice of life film, dealing with French war wives near the end of World War II. The characters seem like real people (a prime definition of effective acting), and the story line is unpredictable, much like in actual life. These women are fascinating to watch, as they deal with culture shock, heartbreak, displacement, and, in a very few cases, fulfillment. Army personnel in France are quite convincing, too, never "caught in the act of acting." The second half of the movie depicts home-front America, with authentic looking sets, props, and ambiance. Special accolades go to Adélaïde Leroux, who plays the lead character, Jeannette, and to the director, Fabrice Cazeneuve. This was originally shown as a TV movie (Cigarettes et bas nylons) in 2010, but it looks resplendent enough to have been made for the big screen. It is in French, with English subtitles. Be aware that dialogue is swift, so it takes a fast reader to keep up with all that is said. The English title (Chesterfield) comes from the name of a U.S. Army camp in France where young French women were instructed on how to make worthy wives for their American husbands.
  • It's a slower-paced movie but one that has solid production values and an interesting storyline. The set designs and costumes are top notch. Fantastic attention to getting things right. It's a joy just to see the period so well depicted.

    The acting is also well done. The story is a bit disconnected with a fair number of jumps and flashbacks in the early stages. Characters and sub story lines are hard to keep track of but it settles into more well rounded scenes as it goes on.

    Overall an enjoyable film and something to watch when you have the time. Especially after you've seen all of the Foyle's War episodes and have a hankering for similar time period pieces.