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  • BakuryuuTyranno6 November 2011
    Essentially Prowl is another splatter flick... actually if there was no minimum review length that would pretty much summarize it.

    The protagonist hitches a ride; her friends are there too because really, the film doesn't have enough substance to support just said protagonist trying to survive.

    Actually most characters don't last long once the threat appears. That makes the earlier parts seem like padding, which explains why I can't remember much about these people. There was humor during the earlier parts but things quickly get bland.

    In short, some quasi-vampires arrive and start killing everyone, naturally a couple of would-be victims escape. Then those people must figure out what's going on. Even with its short runtime things got boring toward the finale.
  • claudio_carvalho29 December 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    In Famfield, the teenager Amber (Courtney Hope) feels displaced and dreams on moving to Chicago. When she learns that she is the foster daughter of her mother, she decides to move to the big city. Amber has a short schedule to pay the rent of an apartment in Chicago and she convinces her friends to travel with her to the windy city. However the van breaks down and they hitchhike on the road.

    The truck driver Bernard (Bruce Payne) offers a ride to the group but they need to travel inside the back of a semi. Bernard does not stop the truck and they realize that they have been kidnapped. When he finally stops and opens the semi, they find that they are inside a dirty warehouse. Sooner they are hunted by fast blood-thirsty creatures and their leader Veronica (Saxon Trainor) discloses a secret to Amber.

    "Prowl" is a collection of clichés, with the traditional group of teenagers that are abducted and brought to a remote area and are attacked by creatures very similar to those in "30 Days of Night". The only difference is the twist in the end when Amber learns that she is one of them, but it is not enough to make the film good. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "A Armadilha" ("The Trap")
  • If you love watching horror movies then this will be fun to watch, Its not ranked up there with the classics, Salem's lot or The Exorcist, but its worth a watch. Only bad thing i can say about it was the ending, it was an anti climax but it does leave it open for a follow on sequel. If you are looking for scantly clad teenagers running around half naked then this is not for you, although the leading ladies are easy on the eye. Gore factor 6.5: Lots of blood in this & a few body parts flying around the movie set.

    Scare factor: 6; One scene certainly had me jumping from my seat, but these are BOOM!! in your face flashes & not many off them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Obviously looking to cash in on the vampire craze this film mixes together your typical slasher flick but with a vampiric twist without actually every using the word vampire. There is absolutely no substance to the movie whatsoever. It starts out typically enough...slightly post teens partying, stripping, and generally acting the way Jason Voorhees hated. But this doesn't make a bad horror movie, its just the recipe for a slasher flick. You know the lead character has some sort of strange past that she doesn't remember so that's intriguing enough to stay with it. Everything feels like a slasher flick so if you are a fan, like myself, you stay with it right up until the monsters arrive. The monsters who are vampires show up at about the 45 minute mark and they cut through the cast in about five minutes give or take and when the slaughter is done you're bored...plain and simple. Blood and guts spew, no unique kills just slaughter slaughter slaughter and then its over. You're left with the unravelling of the main characters past but by the time you simply don't care and the story is too weak to keep your interest.

    Courtney Hope is our scream queen with the murky past. She is decent, nothing wrong with her performance. The script doesn't give her a lot to work with. The rest of the cast are literally a write off. They are fodder for the monsters and are all basically the same sex crazed, drinking, pot smoking post-teenagers that get killed off in minutes. Saxon Trainor is the evil villainess and head of the vampires. She's okay but gets little actual screen time to establish herself as a great villain. Bruce Payne is the same vote. He starts good as the mysterious stranger that helps them and traps them but then he is given virtually nothing else to do.

    Prowl is a poor excuse for slapping together and churning out a horror flick. The story is so weak that it won't even please the most hardcore fans. Patrik Syversen has had some experience behind the camera but doesn't look like he's ever had a decent budget to work with. Prowl probably didn't have a huge budget but more than it should have had and it was underused. Really the fault of this clunker is in the hands of screenwriter Tim Tori. Its just poorly told and the pacing is completely off. This one should be skipped. The special effects are good, the lead actress does well, but the rest is a write off. 4/10
  • En route to Chicago, a bunch of young friends experience engine trouble and stupidly accept a ride from a passing trucker. He traps them in his trailer. Stuff happens. There's some vampire/monster/creature thingies that attack them. Some of the teenagers die. Yadda, yadda, yadda...

    I almost rated Prowl 1/10, not because it's particularly awful, but because I've had a gut-full of mediocre modern horror as of late, and this was very nearly the final straw that broke the camel's back—just another forgettable, bland, derivative scary flick with a pretty female protagonist, an unimaginative threat, lots of dreary and often shaky cinematography, predictable loud noises to make you jump, and a 'surprise' ending that's not all that surprising. It's been less than a day since I finished the film, and I cannot recall a single image that impressed me enough to bother retaining it in my mind.

    To be fair, Prowl is probably worth a 4 or 5 out of 10 (although I'll err on the less generous side): it starts out promisingly, is technically proficient, the cast do a good job of looking terrified even if I sported an expression of abject boredom throughout, and there's also some pretty effective gore. But in this day and age where horrors proliferate, a film needs to be so much more in order to make a lasting impression.
  • This starts out like a coming-of-age drama with a young woman named Amber who's sick of small town life in Famfield despite her close friends, mother and part time job. There are some unexplained snippets with ominous visions that include people chasing her and decomposing bodies. Is something calling her, or is it just the stress and mounting pressure of cabin fever? She wants to move away and get her own apartment in Chicago but first she has to get there with a deposit before another prospective tenant. Her five friends tag along for the road trip, until right outside of the city limits their car breaks down. As chance would have it, a friendly semi-truck driver pulls over and they beg him to take them to the windy city, but not before telling him they want to snap his picture, that one should ride up front and, of course, their family should know who they're with for safety's sake. Can never be too careful, or can you? They hang loose in the back cargo area by playing games, drinking and smoking drugs. Suddenly they take a nasty swerve and get thrown about. They call the driver and he gives them the run around to stop, which makes them suspicious enough to call 911, though where they just entered the signal doesn't go through. The driver backs in to a loading area of an abandoned warehouse that looks like it used to be a slaughterhouse. After the back door opens, everything turns into chaos when they step out into the factory with no visible way out and strange creatures who fly through the air, crawl on the walls and want to consume their flesh sooner than they can rip it off. From then on out it ends up being something like "The Most Dangerous Game" as these victims are treated like not only lunch but challenging sport. "Prowl" is a director's film first and foremost. It has a steady pacing that keeps up a certain element of mystery without laying out a full view of its blueprints, as well as it manages to escalate the story to different levels while still slowing down in a few areas to catch its breath and explain. The dialogue also dances around and doesn't lay it all out for the audience, which gives it some challenge and curious questions even after the credits roll. It manages to cover up its plot holes--sometimes after the fact, which makes you wonder about a few in the meantime--such as certain physicalities. It gradually unveils the blood-craving beasts from quick shots to extended, which keeps a viewer guessing as to what they are and what it all means while--thank the horror Gods!--doesn't fold in on itself and make what they have going too cheesy. This is more intriguing and mysterious like a thriller than it is continually scary like a horror, though there are still a few jumping shocks used to rile one's pulse, even if not terrifying. What at first seems like it's only prolonging the inevitable, comes full circle and turns into a tale of finding out what Amber's life means before she even gets to her promised land. The blood is more watery than the truly crimson looking stuff and there are frantic camera shots that go a little overboard. Though this was a quick, basic and entertaining piece that could have been a run-of-the-mill movie with different direction, less measurement and passion put into, not to mention it's a simple story that only has a few conventions tweaked around and isn't the most original out there, but the way it carried itself was turned into an effective experience that urges forward. One where it's a little more unexpected than other don't-take-rides-from-strangers fare.
  • One day, a young girl - let's call her 'Deep and Dependable' - wants to go on a road trip to get the plot moving. She decides to take along her five friends, 'Nerdy and Helpless, Slutty and Blonde, Macho and Ripped, Stoned and New-age and finally Rich and Unlikeable' (Token Ethnic was unfortunately not available to come with them as he was still working in the off license at the beginning of the movie).

    However, their van breaks down within minutes of their journey beginning (Rich and Unlikeable even remarks, "Hey, I think I can see my house from here!"). Therefore the first thing they decide to do is hitch a ride with a truck driver who has come straight off the set of Deliverance. He, in turn, deposits them in an abandoned building filled with vampires. And, to make matters worse, they're not even the nice Twilighty vampires who are really well-preened and twinkle a bit in sunlight.

    No, these vamps like nothing more than to feast on the flesh of one-dimensional clichés. And so the hunt begins... expect a mish-mash of From Dusk Till Dawn and 30 Days of Night. It's shot as if the cameraman is constantly bouncing up and down on a trampoline. By the end of the film I was shaking my head from side to side in an attempt at keeping up with the shaky camera movement.

    It's not a long film. Stereotypes aren't natural fighters - they only have badly-written dialogue to fend of the ghouls with. Vamps have teeth. I know which one I had my money on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'PROWL': Three Stars (Out of Five) Another entry in this year's 'After Dark HorrorFest'. This 'After Dark Original' focuses on a group of youths who are attacked by blood thirsty vampires in an abandoned slaughterhouse. It's directed by Patrik Syversen and written by Tim Tori, a couple rookie horror filmmakers (each with one other feature under their belt). The cast is filled with fresh newbies as well, with the exception of Bruce Payne (who you may remember as the bad guy in 'PASSENGER 57', as well as many others). There isn't a lot to the film thanks to it's extremely low budget but there is a fair amount of creative tricks and it's pretty well made considering. The film tells the story of a young woman named Amber (Courtney Hope) who keeps having nightmarish visions and can't wait to get out of the small town she's felt stuck in all her life. She convinces five of her friends to help her move to Chicago. As soon as they get on the road though their car dies. A passing by truck driver (Payne) stops to help them out and the groups ends up hitching a ride in the back of his semi. They soon learn there are packages of blood in the back of the truck with them and the driver has taken a sudden detour. Next thing they know they're trapped in an abandoned slaughterhouse and being hunted by blood thirsty creatures. I think the horror genre is the best for showing off creative talent and skills on a low budget. A low budget actually forces more creativity. This movie is pretty routine and unoriginal but it has some nice new ways of telling the same old story. The characters are likable and the acting is decent (Payne shines). The directing is impressive and the movie as a whole didn't make me sorry for spending 84 minutes with it. It's a better than average splatter film, probably enhanced by it's low budget.
  • After crashing down on a remote highway, a group of friends find the tow-truck at their rescue is delivering them to an abandoned warehouse to be of use for a group of bloodthirsty creatures in hunting training.

    This ending up becoming one of the biggest disappointments around and it really had no reason to do so. There's some exceptionally good times here with the story as it has an awesome premise that's incredibly original which is played off really nicely here. The growing realization of their predicament when they arrive in the back of the truck and the uncertainty of what's coming next give these scenes a really great sense of tension by not adhering to a set pattern. Even once they're released and can go look around in a creepy location filled with pretty chilling creatures, there's some really fun times here as the relentless attacks by the voracious predators come of really fun as the numerous attacks throughout the facility and the surrounding buildings utilizing their speed and agility to launch surprise attacks on the group filled with boatloads of gore, yet instead of playing with this as expected, there's just not a lot of other good stuff here. Among the main flaws featured here is that we have way too much time in the beginning with the group of friends trying to establish their relationship together, and none of this is appealing or enjoyable. That it's all so bland as they hand out and party at the house just goes nowhere and feels endless overall without any kind of real purpose being set-up as a drama about needing to get out of the small town. Even more troubling is that after they arrive at the location, the film's confrontations with the creatures within the abandoned building really tend to stop and start quite readily, dragging itself out in the middle by going through their investigation of the area rather than dealing with the creature encounters. There's a really down-beat sense of energy here when this should be building up furiously during that point and becoming the film's highlight when instead it becomes a dull, dreary mess. There's also the fact that, even if the pacing during these scenes where fine the rapid-fire editing during the action scenes that make it really indecipherable what's going on as the blurry creatures are quite hard to see as well further the rather troubling section. The other flaw to this is that the final twist at the end doesn't help matters by being so ludicrous and really ends up putting the film on a rather confusing note. Too bad, as it doesn't need a whole lot of work to end up pretty awesome.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and drug use.
  • Having just watched this film I am trying desperately to think of a word or words to describe it and the only thing is: it's alright. There is nothing particularly bad about this movie but nothing particularly good either. It attempts atmosphere and tension but not particularly well. The characterisation is relatively bland and the so called jumps don't really well make you jump. The main problem is not the film itself as such but that it has been done so much better in many different other movies. It really is a poorly done Near Dark remake. In fact, I have watched episodes of Supernatural that were better. To summarise, watch the originals instead and don't bother with this.
  • I wanted to like 'Prowl'. I really did. Unfortunately all the potential was lost on the way. I have no idea why they had to shoot the movie in Bulgaria, most of it happens in a abandoned warehouse anyway. Acting is decent,the girl who played Amber was very cute and quite good but the script doesn't deliver any thrills and with every next minute you care less and less about what happens next. All characters are your typical teenagers without any background story(except for Amber) and they die so quickly you won't even care for any of them. There is some gore in it(and plenty of blood) which was well done but because in many moments the movie is almost pitch black, it doesn't impress like it could. Not much can be said about the vampires, there is not many of them and make-up is rather weak. Cinematography is so so and I didn't liked the editing much. There is no suspense whatsoever, action is kinda fast paced but still rather boring and ending is quick and extremely disappointing.I was expecting some good, interesting movie but 'After Dark' series gets worse and worse every next year.
  • assasin598119 July 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hi well where to start. well each opinion may be different in each country and town and sort of people. my opinion is that it sucked. i love horrors. but more than horrors i love good plot lines and to be honest the movie docent have n plot. yes there are vampire like creatures hunting people till the end you don't know what they are what they are doing there nothing. they are just there in the end there is an useless twist in the movie that makes no point. i cant believe there is people that likes it. there was some point where the camera man actually ran behind the woman. the acting wasn't bad i could say that. when the creatures jump the are looking like super man flying. well that was an hour and half i will never get back. my opinion is i cant decide for you 2 watch it. i can recommend that it will suck but watch it and you decide yourself. and like when the got to the where house everyone died except 3 people for the rest of the movie its only the 3.
  • neil-upto115 April 2011
    'Prowl' is one of the never-ending 'young-people-with-dirty-faces-looking-scared' series. The basic story will have you looking at your watch and the script is virtually non-existent.

    What makes this film especially objectionable though is the cynicism that has gone into its production. The running time is about 77 minutes (minus credits) and even that is shamelessly padded with empty scenes. Worse still is the lame ending which is clearly designed to pave the way for a sequel (which will never come if this effort is anything to go by). This kind of 'non-ending' is an awful way to treat the poor devils that actually paid to see your film.

    Even horror fans should avoid this mess; it's not even a late-night TV filler - and that's saying something.
  • This is not a "30 days of night" rip-off, just because a film has vampires does not make it a "30 days of night" or "Twilight" rip-off.

    Some people have the mainstream movie stick so far up their ass they wont even give something that doesn't hit theaters a shot.

    This was a surprisingly good horror flick that should please many horror fans, the atmosphere was good and while some of the scares cheap, they are effective. This is one of the better low budget horror films out now days, and I'm happy it at least tried to take a different look on the vampire story. The acting was decent and actually impressive from a group of newbies.

    For all you mainstream stuck up snobs, wake up, half the crap we are given in theaters now days is trash. Its sad that you cant look beyond what a few people decide are good movies and fit for theaters. Start watching real movies and quit letting people you don't even know make up your mind on what films are good and which one are not. There's a reason your "Reviewing" films and not making them, because you cant and don't know how. And I have checked out some of your other reviews and a lot of you give every movie you review a bad review, get a life or find a new hobby that your good at.
  • Just awful. The movie makes no sense whatever. Plus the sound goes from inaudible to ear blasting with no warning.

    They do this to create excitement, but it's just a dumb bad cinematic convention.

    Most of the time it's so dark, you have no idea what's happening -- oh, and then there's that pesky shaky cam. It's awful. Who thought it was a good idea to blur the screen ensuring nothing would be seen?

    The acting is non existent. Mostly screaming. I actually watched the film through and still don't know what the plot is. And the movies drags and drag and doesn't ever seem to end! Stay away at all costs!

    It's a bombella!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The moment the kids find themselves in a slaughterhouse, surrounded by vampires (not again), it becomes very unexciting. Two cheer-leading blonds vs. dozens of gravity-defying (why have vampires become related to birds in recent years?), hungry vampires: it's such a mismatch that it cannot generate any excitement because the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Sort of like placing Mike Tyson in the ring against a three-year-old girl. Not much of a match-up.

    OK, fine, both blonds survive. The movie's somewhat redeeming feature is that it does give us that surprise twist: Amber is a vampire too. However, the ending isn't clear. What are those scenes of her running through the woods? Going back to the vampires? Rarely-done steak not good enough for her anymore? Actually, who the hell cares.

    What I do care about is what happened to Amber's "big-city" flat, the one that is at fault for her having helped have all her friends slaughtered. Was it rented out to someone else or did she get there in time? All these loose ends the movie leaves. Ts, ts.

    What a dumb, dumb scene with that old hobo attacking Amber's friend, right after they'd escaped from the vampire lair. Dumb to the umpteenth. Just an excuse to have Amber sink her newly-polished fangs into some human flesh.

    How about that English actor's (Bruce Payne) phony-baloney Southern accent. Wow. Was that lame or what. A piece of advice to modern film-makers who think it's the height of ingenuity and "artistic brilliance" to hire Brits to play Americans and vice versa: don't. Just don't. Keep it simple.

    Sure the mobile phones didn't work. Did you expect any different?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes zero budget horror works but not here. Amazingly this drivel has found its way onto blu ray in the UK. The picture quality isn't up to much nor for that matter is the directing, editing or acting.

    The plot for what it's worth involves a bunch of 20 somethings transporting the movies "heroine" out of hicksville in their broken van when they get tricked into taking a ride with a trucker who makes JT Walsh in Breakdown look like an upstanding citizen. So they end up at an abandoned abattoir to be picked off by the cast of rejects from 30 Days of Night.

    Our "heroine" survives only for an attempt to be made to recruit her to the vampire fold as she already had vampire blood in her veins all along. She is not taken with the idea of this and runs off only for the film to end like they run out of ideas and money.

    Unintentionally funny in parts. Not scary at all (even the gore is pretty lame). Don't bother.
  • From the trailer i was sure that this movie it worth but the truth is it doesn't worth it at all,is a totally waste of time...!!!

    I am telling you this cause i've see about 1000-movies and most of them thrillers!

    That's from me, and i am sorry for the director- writer and actors!

    Just awful. The movie makes no sense whatever. Plus the sound goes from inaudible to ear blasting with no warning. They do this to create excitement, but it's just a dumb bad cinematic convention.

    Most of the time it's so dark, you have no idea what's happening -- oh, and then there's that pesky shaky cam. It's awful. Who thought it was a good idea to blur the screen ensuring nothing would be seen?

    The acting is non existent. Mostly screaming. I actually watched the film through and still don't know what the plot is. And the movies drags and drag and doesn't ever seem to end! Stay away at all costs!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I confess I am a vampire movie buff. I don't like certain vampire movies that are just ugly looking unintelligent zombie vampires. Rather I enjoy a vampire movie that contains some lore and back story that explains why the vampires are there, who they are and what they are up to in the movie.

    What I liked about this movie is that it appears as though a bunch of dumb teens are just dropped off in a wharehouse complex full of mindless zombie vampire automaton's ready and willing to consume the teenagers in a burst of blood and gore. In fact thats exactly what does happen to about half of them. Then some storyline appears when the head vampire shows up, explains what she is doing here and why these vampires are all in one location. I really liked that some story was brought into the movie at this point. We learn that the mother vampire has collected vampire children that are orphans and placed them all in this wharehouse complex in the middle of nowhere as a means to train them how to kill, how to survive and how to feed. This is fantastic! One by one the teens are killed off until we reach the final teen who for some reason has been able to survive the onslaught of vampire attacks. It is then that we learn that the protagonist is not only a survivor, but someone special who has abilities and powers not dissimilar to the vampires themselves. We learn that her heritage is tied to that of the vampires and that she is 'special'

    Fantastic twist at the end! While this movie isn't a blockbuster, go into it expecting a solid B vampire movie and if you enjoy these types of films then I think your hunger will be satisfied!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You can't really blame Amber (Courtney Hope) for wanting to leave her old life. She hates her jobs, her parents are useless and her friends are exactly the kind of idiots films like this can rarely do without: beautiful, beer swilling, joint smoking, lightly horny teens. So she decides to leave. She and her shallow pals hitch a ride in the back of a truck, which they are told is not strictly legal a practise, and so naturally, once in the back and sharing the space with driver Bernard's (Bruce Payne) cargo, they're swilling beer, smoking joints and getting intimate. Tuneless rock music, the wallpaper of such twits, is ubiquitous. So when Bernard displays erratic driving and shows no sign of stopping at their Chicago destination, or anywhere else, a little designer panic cracks their collective veneer.

    I'm being overly crusty: these youths are no worse than the swathe of other film-makers' ideas of what the young are like. It is just so frustrating that the audience is asked to sympathise/empathise with such dull, mundane, always cocky braggarts. No variation, nothing to say of any interest; they're feeling bored because they are boring, put pretty enough for any real heartache to appear – rightly or wrongly – as entirely superficial.

    Curious, they investigate the cargo and open one of the many boxes. Finding it leaking blood, they are then less than happy to find the truck stopping at what appears to be a slaughterhouse. Soon we meet Bernard's boss Veronica (Saxon Trainor). She is a pouting diva who, if she had a moustache would be twirling it. Unluckily for the hapless pretties, she is the head of a group of vampires.

    This film is well produced, it ticks all the right boxes, the abattoir environment is very effective and the idea of it being a breeding ground for vampires is a good one. But just imagine if the gang of good guys weren't idiots – imagine if they actually had personalities and were likable? Only Amber emerges as someone interesting and memorable, and as the ending reveals, there's a very good reason for that. Enjoyable, but contains little to separate it from other slasher films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Prowl is a low budget kind of dull vampire flick that pales in comparison to even the vampire TV shows on now a days. The script almost nonexistent with very little dialog in the film, and mostly shots of the actors with dirt and blood on their faces.

    The story starts with Amber(Courtney Hope) trying hard to get out of a small town and start a new life in Chicago. Amber and her friends take off in a friends car which breaks down and the get a ride on a truck which takes them to a warehouse home to many vampires.

    The acting is typical for an After Dark film the direction and editing are horrible though. To much choppy editing and awful shaky camera work that is way overdone.

    Grade D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had no idea what "Prowl" was about prior to watching it, and I had no idea that it was a vampire movie. So it was somewhat of a surprise to me when the nature of the movie was revealed. At first I thought it was a horror movie about the young people being abducted and then tortured by the truck driver. But the movie was more than just that.

    For a vampire movie, then I will say that "Prowl" is a step up from the usual teenage nonsense that passes as vampire stuff these days in movies and in TV series. The vampires here are fierce, feral and bloody, not charming teenagers with sparkling skin and big hair. And that was a refreshing thing to see.

    However, the movie wasn't particularly interesting or entertaining though, sadly enough. The story was rather shallow and didn't even end in a proper way. That ending was the worst I have seen in a long time. And just who in their right minds gets into the back of a stranger's truck?

    The effects in the movie were alright though, lots of blood to be seen. However, most of the time the vampires are just moving about in a blur, making it difficult to see them in great detail, and that was a big nuisance actually.

    It was a surprise to see Bruce Payne (playing Bernard) in the movie, and especially speaking with that odd accent. He was one of the bright moments of the movie. Saxon Trainor (playing Veronica) was also doing a good job and helped keep the movie afloat. I have never seen her before, but she was good in "Prowl". None of the young people in the movie were actually remarkable or memorable in any way.

    If you like vampire movies that step outside the norm that passes for being vampires in 2011, then you might want to check out "Prowl", just don't keep your hopes up, because it is a shallow movie experience with only a few good moments along the way.
  • Wuchakk28 October 2012
    Released in 2010, "Prowl" is about a young woman, Amber, who desperately wants to leave her small town. She talks a group of friends into helping her get to Chicago, but they have serious set-backs on the road and worse when they make it to the big city. Horror ensues.

    The plot's thin and the second half marks time a bit, but I felt "Prowl" was well-done for a TV movie. Each of the three female protagonists are good-looking in their own unique way, especially Ruta Gedmintas as Suzy. There's some decent suspense and frights and the ending features a twist that I didn't see coming, even though the clues were there from the beginning.

    The film was shot in Bulgaria and runs 81 minutes.

    GRADE: B-
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Amber dreams of escaping her small town existence and persuades her friends to accompany her to find an apartment in the big city.

    When their transportation breaks down, she and her friends gratefully accept a ride in the back of a semi.

    But when the driver refuses to stop and they discover the cargo is hundreds of cartons of blood, they panic.

    Their panic turns to terror when the truck disgorges them into a dark, abandoned warehouse where blood-thirsty creatures learn to hunt human prey.....

    The first thing that sprung to mind in this was, my, hasn't Bruce Payne got fat? I know thats a shallow thing to say, but i couldn't believe it.

    Typical horror film with vampires, but it works in a funky 80's sort of way. Reminded me a little bit of ghosts of mars, when we finally came to the warehouse, and the vampires were effective, but not overused.

    The only bad thing about this movie was the twist at the end, which was pointless and not needed, and it sort of ruined the film a little. If they had made the film a little more macabre for the ending, it would have been something.

    But they gave a character safe passage, which didn't really work for me.
  • selumt016 July 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    -Spoilers Included-

    First of all, I would like to say that I'm a huge fan of 'After Dark Films' been a follower for quite some time now, but this film was just above average. The pace wasn't just fast enough for me to click on: it went from (fast -when around 20 minutes through the whole cast is dead- to extremely slow: when she finds out she's one of them) I have to admit the acting featured in the film is quite good, the script, the effects and the filming techniques, but it just missed some spark. It may be a cheaper rip-off from 30 Days At Night, but if you're interested in gory vampire films, I would recommend you to watch this, if you can survive being awake!
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