Earl Hurley: Don't make decisions thinking you're a low life. Make decisions thinking you're a great man. At least a good man. And don't be a goddamn pussy.

[first lines]

Jerry Lee 16 years: Can you tell me a story, Frankie? Tell me something good. Make me the hero. Maybe I can get the girl.

Frank - 14: I got one. A long time ago, you and me were fighter pilots in the war. The Flannigan brothers. We were famous. One morning we were heading over to Germany when we got ambushed. You and me versus 20 German fighters. It was a mess. Real dog fight. It was touch-and-go, but we were winning until a Nazi came out of the fog and started firing away at you. Luckily I came down and blew the son of a bitch up. "Thanks Tiger-5", you said over the radio. Problem was, your plane was hit and your controls were stuck. You were heading towards Iceland, and there was nothing you could do. You disappeared into the clouds.

Officer: What kind of car to do drive, Mr. Flannigan?

Jerry Lee: It's a Chevy Caprice.

Officer: Where is your car?

Jerry Lee: It's been stolen.

Officer: Why didn't you report it?

Jerry Lee: It's a real piece of shit.