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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Gabby Concepcion portrays the respectable heart surgeon, Dr. Adrian Benitez who was once married to society girl, Valerie Benitez (Cameo: Angel Aquino). First few scenes presents the introduction of Liezel Jimenez (Angelica Panganiban) to the Benitez clan as Adrian's girlfriend ...much to the dismay of Adrian's mom (Liza Lorena) and his daughter, Isa (Kim Chiu). Isa had to stay with the couple since her mom has to go overseas for some business-related concern. During Isa's stay, Liezel has to struggle with her boyfriend's teenage girl's bitchiness and sarcastic comments.

    Though Liezel was being disliked by everyone else, Adrian made sure that he gave her everything …including a house and lot at a prestigious village.

    Isa brought a visitor, Gary Angeles (Derek Ramsay) during one family dinner, It turns out that Gary is Liezel's ex-boyfriend who left her to pursue his dream of making it big as a cabin crew.

    Flashback to two years ago, Liezel and Gary were both vying for the cabin crew post. Liezel wasn't able to pass the final test of becoming a crew and then begged Gary to wait for her. Frustrated at her failure, Gary left her without any word and abandoned their four-year relationship.

    Liezel had to struggle with depression. It was during this moment that she met Dr. Benitez who started to pursue his feelings for her. They ended up as a couple until Gary showed up once again.

    Gary started to stalk and pursue Liezel. Liezel then learns that Gary was using Isa just to reach out to her. Liezel discourages Gary and made it clear that she has got nothing to do with him.

    In the meantime, Adrian started to avoid Liezel after a case was filed against him by a dead patient's family. The tension strained the couple's relationship hence Liezel went with her friends to a vacation up north to clear up her mind. It was too late to back out upon learning that her friends tagged Gary to go with them.

    Later on, Gary and Liezel started to clear things and were able to resurrect their old relationship.

    After just having gone back from their vacation, Adrian apologized to her for his ill behavior and then proposed marriage to her.

    Confused, Liezel met up with Gary and mentions to him about her situation. Gary proposed to her as well. They have agreed to meet up at the pier station at a certain time.

    Liezel arrived first …and waited for Gary to show up. The day ended without her sighting him in their agreed place.

    Broken-hearted she went back to Adrian and accepted his proposal.

    On their wedding day, Liezel was visited by a lawyer who has news about Gary.

    This is where the twist begins (hence, I'm not telling).

    The flow of the story is good although it's really not that sufficient. There were things which weren't explained (like Isa's sudden change of behavior towards Liezel, etc.). The movie has beautiful actors/actresses for the role but I wasn't exactly pleased with their acting.

    Gabby Concepcion seems uneasy about his character. Angelica Panganiban is okay …save for her "crying moments" where one second she'll be crying then smiling the next moment. Derek Ramsay so far, is fit for the role. It's a good thing that they considered Kim Chiu to act as bitchy Isa … but still, she's still not convincing as a villainess (like something about her delivery is lacking).

    Isa's friends: Matet De Leon, Ketchup Eusebio were funny, their scenes were good icebreakers for the movie.

    I loved how the movie ended though: proper and practical.
  • My summary above is NOT meant as criticism of "I Love You, Goodbye". Many millions of folks love romance novels such as those put out by Harlequin and would adore this film. Yet, sadly, many of these same folks are not the types to watch a foreign language movie. If you love these stories and are willing, however, you'll probably enjoy it.

    Lizelle has moved in with a handsome surgeon (Adrian). However, warning signals abound, as although he loves her, his family situation is NOT ideal. He's got an ex-wife who his family adores and a daughter who immediately hates Lizelle. In fact, it seems like everyone hates Lizelle--but she takes it all in silence. Additionally, while Adrian cares for her deeply, he's also a knucklehead who tends to pull within himself when he has problems--and freezes Lizelle out in the process. Into this VERY vulnerable state arrives Gary--Lizelle's old fiancé. AND, Gary is trying to get to Lizelle by dating Adrian's daughter! What will Lizelle do?

    As I said above, this plot is pretty familiar for romance novels. And, if you don't like them, I certainly wouldn't recommend this film. Not especially deep but enjoyable. I do wish, however, that the film didn't all rely on Lizelle being weak and not speaking up to demand more from the men in her life or to demand more for herself--it seemed to take forever for her to finally do this. This weakness does undermine the story, though it is still a mildly enjoyable romance nevertheless.